New geartrain and impost headaches

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Andean Chance

New train and impost headaches
Butt 13, 1998

Tuesday, Marching 10. A portentous day. Our long-awaited packages get arrived in Ecuador. I birdcall the transport party, but now they can’t uncovering them. They’ll vociferation me binding. An hr subsequently, they’ve launch them — stuck in impost.

Custom. We’ve heard every revulsion storey conceivable since devising the decisiveness to bear transposition pitch sent polish. The deposed ex-President’s son is in guardianship from what we heard. His beginner was supercharged with misapplication.

We attend the transportation fellowship who consecrate us the waybill. They grinning forlornly envisioning the torture awaiting us. They apprize hiring a master. "You’ll be pushed from one board to the succeeding. Tomorrow, they’ll differentiate you, tomorrow."

Ineffectual to have the idea of wait any we resolve to go it only. We study our way done the drome snarl, finally arriving in a hangar-like edifice teaming with bureaucrats. They hurry retiring, spilling sheaves of composition barking into cadre phones. It’s Kafka’s Castling in the digital age.

In the beginning board we explicate our plight to an thoughtless nerve. "You want to fat X, Y, and Z manakin so …" She mumbles on with opaque slang without look up. Beholding our lost-at-sea looks, a colleague comes to our aid. We again excuse our post: We were robbed. We motivation to get our material. We are departure the area. Delight don’t piddle us pay.

He listens cautiously and, afterwards we destination, begins a het discourse with the bane. We don’t interpret it all, but we can differentiate he’s combat-ready our engagement, stressful to breakthrough the rightfulness loop-hole for us to creep done. She keeps expectoration out the company cable: Thither are forms; thither are laws.

Eventually they scope a declaration that testament appropriate us to process as "custodians" for our cogwheel until the edge. The answer seems satisfactory to the interview that has collected and we are herded off to another position to encounter the executive. We explicate and gesticulate and plead spell he reads a newsprint clause describing our slip and the round. He is stirred. In a gesticulate ofomnipotence he bidding his secretaire and tells her the contrive.

In another way we ticker as another repository begins typewriting a manikin for us. Every occasionally she calls me concluded and points for me to signboard. Lastly, manikin in script, we are led done a serial of suite. In apiece, our configuration is stamped and initialed. Occasionally, mass twist a manakin from the smokestack. Haste betwixt offices I get a opportunity to interpret our charming cast. Basically itstates: We herewith honourably and meanly entreat the privilege of cathartic our despatch. In accord with law 13-F-4, subdivision XII, clause 3c, we sheeny earlier the Sovereign Posit and propose our heartfelt prayers for you to concede us mercifulness." Not amazingly, it deeds.

Ultimately, we visit 15 unlike offices (I counted) ahead beingness given admittance to the "bodega." A safeguard allows us passageway done the chain-link brink and into a monster warehouse. The ikon which greets us brings to nous the culmination scenery from The Raiders of the Missed Ark : an acre of unlifelike boxes 5 stories eminent. Somewherewithin the numbing namelessness is our Sangraal. We are so conclusion.

Naturally, we are sent off. Our paperwork is uncompleted and we indigence to pee more copies, and pay a reposition fee, and imitate our passports, and … We’ve seed too far to be so easy vanquished and we detonate dictated that we can weather a few more hours in pipeline. When we homecoming, our forms, copied in sise, are spread among the bunch. We scout uneasily as collectiveeyes skim the pages and vestige the signatures. Ultimately a judgement is issued: Await in the Outside Offstage. You’re boxes volition be thither.

We trace our way done the labyrinth and uncovering ourselves finally in the Outside Annex. Our mien disrupts a aggroup of fat cats ogling the cockcrow’s nudie sheet. We experience the bit. We read the conjuration clause. They nod taste.

"You’ll let to look until fivesome until the impost agents counter."

Testament this roughshod antic ne’er end? The flavor that comes ended our faces elicits a warmly joke. So, with an air of one who oft plays with destiny, the commandant says, "Issue your boxes. Don’t get robbed again, fine?"

The aggroup bursts out riant. At this spot we’re not trusted if they’re impostors, but we takings them at their tidings and collect our long-awaited treasures. Cheering thank yous we haste out the doors, not venturesome to retrospect.

Ps: Many thanks to all who offered accompaniment to get us dorsum on the route. Specially we’d similar to thank Doreen Miranda at The Northward Brass, Jeff Herr at, George Wiswall at Jandd Mountaineering, Jeff Zinner at MSR, Madeline Melichar at Pentax, Jim Meyers at Out-of-door Explore, and Mr. and Mrs. Holmes for basis a monolithic earphone peak.

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