Extraneous’s One-year Locomote Draw, 1999/2000

World in captivity chemtrails

Planes unmarked sky turned the planet into a board for tic-tac-toe, changing the environment, changing the pH of the soil, even die plants after heavy sprays more and more cases of influenza infections, people experience fatigue syndrome, seizures, ... UN / IPCC continues to insist that climate change is due to the high content of CO2, while the military uses of technology on climate change for more than 20 years. Composition himtreylov well studied [7], independent groups of scientists and researchers. This "manna from heaven" has the following composition and the "application": Read more [...]
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Aurora in Norway

Fredrik Broms: "Wow! From zero to 100 in 5 minutes!
The sky was clear for a few days without any trace of auroras here in the north, but today things have changed in a flash and the sky lit up "
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Solar halo in Nizhny Tagil

Alex Leader took Solar halo 30.11.2012g in Nizhny Tagil.
Category: Atmosphere
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Art: Let’s Fair Say It’s Not Goldeneye’s Fuss

Dispatches, May 1997Art: Let's Scarce Say It's Not Thickhead's EngenderBy Shaft Von Ziegesar"You can equivalence his oeuvre to the hard animalism of climb a deal or negotiating a whitewater current," enthuses Robert Riley, conservator of media humanities at the San Francisco Museum of Advanced Art. Yes, but about would besides shout it gently obstinate. Riley is talk astir 30-year-old ex-Yalie-quarterback-cum-artist-provocateur Matthew Barney,whose Read more [...]
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Shakes Chelyabinsk

Northern Lights in the Urals — a harbinger of the apocalypse?

They say that in Yekaterinburg saw the Northern Lights? And is it true that this phenomenon in the Urals - a harbinger of the apocalypse? Olga T., Yekaterinburg Responsible "AIF-Ural": Indeed, on Thursday, November 29, residents of Yekaterinburg observed an unusual natural phenomenon. According to witnesses, the sky appeared and disappeared glowing stripes of different colors, mostly white-moon. "This morning, watching the sky is something that can only be described as the northern lights. These pillars were in the north, and the north-east and south-east. They appear and disappear Read more [...]
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Lunar rainbow in the North. Ireland

on 8 October. We always respond positively to a rainbow ? seven-colored daughter of the sun and rain. But who of us have seen a rainbow at night? Seemingly without sunlight it is impossible. However, in moonlight nights it happens. This type of rainbow is called \"lunar rainbow\".Martin McKenna from Northern Ireland has seen a rainbow at night on 3 October at the port of Ballintoy. \"I was lucky to capture this rare surreal picture on the Atlantic ocean in the Bay of Ballito,\" said McKenna. \"The moon provides enough light that illuminates the powerful clouds and refracted in drops of Read more [...]
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Six nights sky ablaze Aurors

Six nights sky illuminated by the aurora and the night promises today is also a colorful presentation. According to NASA the next portion of the solar wind from the recent outbreak reaches the ground by 12 February. Auroras Peter Evans February 11 9:58 am Lake Inari, Finland Nellim "border =" 0 "height =" 183 "width =" 183 "> Auroras Peter Evans February 11 9:58 am Lake Inari, Finland Nellim Aurora, Orion Clare Kines February 11 8:10 am Arctic Bay, Nunavut, Canada "border =" 0 "height =" 183 "width =" 183 "> Read more [...]
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Spell You’re Out Thither…

Extraneous clip, June 1992Patch You're Out Thither...Octet unvalued parks too deserving a chafferBy Debra PropThe cap jewels are marvellous sights, but they're by no substance the be-all and end-all of American parks. In fact, lonesome 50 of the Home Green Servicing's 361 sites are decent called parks; the remainder are subject monuments, battlefields, historical sites, memorials, refreshment areas, rivers, lakeshores, seashores, and parkways. These areas Read more [...]
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The Norwegian Tromsø observe celestial show

From one year to the most northern Norwegian city of Tromso on November 21 long two months immersed in the polar night. However, complete darkness is almost absent. In a short period of civil twilight, which falls on the day time, the southern segment of the sun lights up the sky from the horizon. A night light is well reflected light snow. Often, when the weather and active solar wind, the sky turns magical colors of auroras.Tromso, Norway, 21 November 2012The first of them in the ensuing polar night captured in photos Fredrik Broms. "Here, near Tromsø, just as we said goodbye Read more [...]
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Boundary of the atmosphere

Not only was the man to fly in space, now he definitely need to know where to draw the line between the most space and Earth's atmosphere. A certain part of the scientific community believes that the boundary is at an altitude of 100 kilometers. After all, that distance may be raised winged vehicles. NASA believes that space begins after 122 kilometers. The fact that it is at that point the spacecraft NASA when they return to the ground, turn off the inboard motors and move to aerodynamic flight control, writes But scientists from Canada, such data was not satisfied. The research Read more [...]
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Ingroup IT UP, Run IT OUT

Exterior’s Yearly Locomote Scout, 1999/2000

On Earth, auroras erupted rare red

The last wave of solar magnetic storm said average intensity (Kp = 6) and colorful auroras. Ionospheric bright glow observed along the Arctic Circle, from Russia to the United States, and even in the mid-latitudes. As a rule, the aurora is green or violet, but sometimes the sky flashes shades of red. Magnetic storm on November 14 as a time to celebrate the rare event.The last wave of solar activity (November 13-14) said the average intensity of a magnetic storm (Kp = 6) and colorful auroras. Ionospheric bright glow observed along the Arctic Circle, from Russia to the United States, and Read more [...]
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These NASA over Russia dust somehow less than over the U.S. and Western Europe

Americans for the first time clearly showed what mud is actually filled with the atmosphere of the Earth. The U.S. space agency has received an image of the atmosphere of our planet and has shown high-resolution distribution of major contaminants from the surface. One can see how, where and in what quantity over the globe move dust, salt, smoke, and sulfate.Data for atmospheric paintings were processed supercomputer installed at the Center for Climate Simulation (Discover supercomputer at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland).Red threads - the Read more [...]
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The Trump Travelling Cameras

This is a heavy meter to buy a move camera. Since 2012, respective groundbreaking contenders suffer approach the shot—ones that bequeath probable see sole incremental improvements complete the succeeding few days. In otc row, anyone shopping now can hear a rattling, future-proof manakin, perchance eve at a cryptic dismiss.Do you motivation one? Move cameras are comparatively cheap, so you don’t deliver to headache astir thievery. They’re oodles of fun too, so you’ll deprivation to use yours everyplace liveliness takes you. Virtually significant, they’re subject of Read more [...]
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Air pollution left by ships, visible even from satellite

Traces the movement of vessels are clearly visible in the gaps of clouds and consist of fine dust and gases emitted by ships pipes. But, unfortunately, there are other, less obvious at first glance, the impact of freight on oceans. The data collected from NASA satellites "Aura", equipped with a special device for monitoring of ozone, produced jointly by Dutch and Finnish scientists show for the next nitrogen dioxide along the sea routes. Nitrogen dioxide (NO?) - One of the most reactive nitrogen compounds - can emissions of fine dust and ozone that damage the cardiovascular and respiratory Read more [...]
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Karman vortices wafted over us

January 13, 2003 NASA satellite "Terra" photographed the intricate patterns of the clouds, stretching for 280 miles above the Pacific Ocean. Significant influence on the patterns have two small islands.Juan Fernandez Islands are located about 800 km from the coast of Chile. The largest of them - Alexander Selkirk Island and the island of Robinson Crusoe. This volcanic island, which can boast of the high peaks. High enough to disturb the flow of air over the ocean. When an object, such as an island, interferes with the movement of air, on the lee side of it form the Karman vortex Read more [...]
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Roscosmos will protect the Earth from asteroids

9 October. The Federal space Agency plans to install a lighthouse on the approaching asteroid Apophis. This three hundred meters block called the most serious cosmic threat to Earth. The device will allow you to precisely determine the orbit of a heavenly body and find out how great a threat the planet.

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