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BBC Northern Lights

BBC — The Sky at Night. Music: DjSadhu — Flow of Time
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14 of the strangest phenomena of nature

Present to you the 14 most bizarre natural phenomena 1. Bioluminescent "red wave"Under certain conditions, phytoplankton begins to multiply in the ocean with a crazy speed, forming beneath the surface layer of dense algal blooms - so-called "red tide." Day it does not look particularly attractive, but at night on some beaches where usual bioluminescent species Noctiluca scintillans, «red wave" seems to be something just did otherworldly. This comes from the algae blue glow that turns dark ocean into a giant torch. Just imagine how such a luminous wave rolls ashore washes Read more [...]
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The storm tore the roof with Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

6 October. Belarus was hit. Been dead about a hundred settlements Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev regions. But most of all the wind had cleared in the Vitebsk region: hurricane damaged trees and tore the roof with Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk.That's the way (see the video - approx. amended) the monument appeared before numerous tourists. According to preliminary data, damaged about 300 meters of the roof. St. Sophia Cathedral stands on the mountain, on the banks of the Western Dvina, and here were recorded wind gusts of up to 28 meters per second. After three weeks here must begin with the traditional Read more [...]
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Wind — the main threat of the global flu epidemic

Deadly bird flu virus can be transmitted to the wind, do not exclude the scientists. According to New Scientist, usually people get through direct contact. But, apparently, the wind can carry the virus.Dutch scientists from the National Institute of Public Health and Environment investigated an outbreak strain of H7N7 in poultry on farms in 2003. As a result, 89 people were infected, and one died. Computer modeling showed that the wind rose explains why different strains of influenza reached different farms. H5N1 - the most dangerous strain. Since 2003, he has killed 360 people out of 610 Read more [...]
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THE Evaluate Charge

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Air over Rome was stupefying

Italian scientists have made a study of the air in Rome and found high levels of cocaine and marijuana particles, huge concentration is observed near the University of La Sapienza.A similar study of the municipal air designed to detect traces of cocaine in it is carried out in the world for the first time. To study the authors of the project took air samples in Rome, the city of Taranto in the south and in Algiers, the capital of the country of the same name in the north of Africa. In all three cities in the air was also found traces of caffeine and nicotine. According to the scientists, this Read more [...]
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Residents of the Urals village drinking water from rain puddles

October 1,. Do not drink from puddles, the kid will become. For residents of the village Shuruk is the Turin area - the tale as a guide to action. People collect rainwater or trying to enter it from the ditches. The villagers Shutruk saved, who than can. Zoya Lezhnina have lived here all my life, but do not recall. The pensioner every day need about 15 gallons of water - the house cow, sheep, chicken. Says that water takes from the ditch, she waters the garden, watering livestock, and indeed do not hesitate - just another no. Zoya Lezhnina: \"not afraid of Anything! Cows do not perish, and I Read more [...]
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Lunar halo in Russia December 24

Last night in the south of Russia observed Lunar halo. Halo was one very large diameter.
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Unfortunately the quality of the camera can not express how this could be seen visually. Chic was a sight and lasted more than 2 hours. Luminous point near the moon is — Jupiter.

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Loneliness! Enticement! Boiled FROG!

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Rare species Lunar halo observed December 21, 2012

According to NASA Many observers of the sky witnessed double halo around the moon - a ring of light that surrounds the moon disc within 22 degrees. This phenomenon, experts say NASA explained by ice crystals in the shape of a pyramid through which the moonlight reflected in cirrus clouds and got such a light halo. Sound familiar? "The light from Venus reflected off the upper layers of the atmosphere and caused an explosion of swamp gas":)December 21, Harald Magdalena from New Mexico, has witnessed a rare double lunar halo, which you can see in the photo.Category: Atmosphere Read more [...]
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Residents Izhma village witnessed a rare natural phenomenon

Residents of the village Tom Izhma district this morning witnessed a unique atmospheric phenomena. This was reported by the head of the settlement Tatyana Knyazkina.The head of the administration, this night in Izhemsky area could see bright Northern Lights. In the village of Tom it was very clearly visible. In the morning, the local population has been observed over the rainbow, you have time to capture the owners photography."It was just warming, and then gave a sharp frost," - says the reason for going on companion website. Meteorologists explain a rare atmospheric phenomenon refraction Read more [...]
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Solar halo observed in Nizhny Novgorod

Video shot yesterday, and temperatures — 27 and over Nizhny Novgorod "blossomed" Solar halo.

Photos and videos, sent Michael Kargin.

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Milage Madness

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A strange procession of caterpillars

September 27, 2012. Without comments.

Moscow, 24.12.12. The show goes on: subsoblntse and subpargelii

Moscow today.

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Stealing SAFARIS

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Southern lights in Australia

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Solar halo Odintsovo

Odintsovo — city (since 1957) in Russia, the administrative center of the Odintsovo district, Moscow region, the largest settlement and the urban settlement of Odintsovo Odintsovo district.
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Solar halo observed in Moscow

According to the Muscovites in the capital there was a strong solar halo.

Photo and video Eugenia Stifonovoy

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