Argentine scientists have discovered in Antarctica, ancient remains of the largest penguin in the world

Argentine scientists have discovered in Antarctica, ancient remains of the largest penguin in the world, the growth of which reached two meters in height. Experts have established the age of the animal, which is about 34 million years. According to paleontologist Museum of La Plata Carolina Acosta, "calculations indicate that it is a penguin, the largest known so far, both in terms of growth and weight." The scientist noted that the biggest of the now living on the planet these kinds of animals - is emperor penguin, whose growth may reach 1.2 meters. A giant penguin has large muscular, Read more [...]
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Restored center of the Mayan civilization

Mexican archaeologists presented a newly rebuilt city of the Maya civilization. It is called Tsibanche. Scientists believe it was the center of one of the highly developed cultures of Mesoamerica. The history of the city is covered with many mysteries that still did not solve. Although for two thousand years it flourished, about the year 1000 AD the inhabitants inexplicably left off. Today, visitors can see here the burial chamber and the wall paintings, which date back to Caan - one of the most powerful ruling dynasties of ancient civilization. [Sandra Balansario archeologist] "The Read more [...]
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Gamble: To the Terminal … the One-Brick-Short-of-a-Load Way

Remote clip, December 1997Chance: To the Terminal ... the One-Brick-Short-of-a-Load WayA aggroup of unfearing "expeditioners" rings in the new twelvemonth with an aery ravishment on AntarcticaBy Susan EnfieldFollowing Meter You Look Same Whining on a Day Hiking, Believe This"The get-go clock I climbed with Erik," says oldtimer Yosemite crampoon Hans Florine, "I watched his understructure raceway to an inch-wide handhold, and Read more [...]
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4000 years preserved skeleton chest artifact incredible value

If you found this in your own garden, you would have to think twice before you throw it away. Inconspicuous amber beads found in the Dartmoor National Park, 4,000 years, and they are valued at a premium. Archaeologists have discovered a prehistoric burial, where the breast bone rested peacefully amazing in its historical significance artifact. Amber beads have announced the discovery, which occurs only once in a century. Skeleton itself is very well preserved, and, besides jewelry, historians have found the bones, teeth and the remains of textiles. Expert on Bronze Age Dr. Ben Roberts of the Read more [...]
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Scientists are unraveling the mystery of dogs aged 1000 years

Mexican scientists have begun to examine the mummy of ancient dog, was discovered in the 50's of last century. They hope that this will help shed light on the hunting traditions of tribal people. The age of this mummy - 1000 years. It was discovered in 1953 in a cave in the semi-arid region of northern Mexico. While in this country various archaeological finds - not uncommon, but found the dog here for the first time. Previously, these were found only in Peru and Egypt. Isaac Aquino archaeologist from the Museum in the city of Torreon, which houses the mummy, says zamumifitsirovalos Read more [...]
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Yakut scientists were the first to explore the brain mammoth

Yakut scientists in February to hold craniotomy mammoth found in the Republic of Yuki, and possibly the world's first examine the mammoth brain, reports the Academy of Sciences of the Republic."At this time we are on the verge of a sensational discovery - the world's first scientists the opportunity to study the structure of the brain of a mammoth. Condition previously found mammoths do not allow for the study of the brain. Even while keeping the brain skull was missing due to drying or putrefaction. Visited the damaged parts of the skull" - said in a statement referring to the Read more [...]
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Chieftain Fix Ne’er Sailed Hither

Exterior cartridge, December 1997Skipper Falsify Ne'er Sailed HitherIt's a yearn demarcation from the jack-tar to the swarms at Waikiki. So tangible Hawaiians header for the far sides of nirvana.By Turn CarrollIvory SportfishingThe occult hitch, where liquor exist and enemies get fishhooks"I'd hoped it would be wild-eyed," recalls one abashed seasoned of a multisport jeopardize. "But astern the tertiary minute of flock biking, my fiancë Read more [...]
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A gift from the past

Unusual finds Kazakh archaeologists found on a section of transport corridor "Western Europe - Western China". During the excavation of one of the mound was found nerazgrablennoe Bronze Age burial.The tomb, built of large stone blocks processed, were found three pottery, wooden tray (Astana for meat), as well as articles of gold and bronze, earrings, pendants, badges, caps, beads, bracelets and plate. According Smailova Juma, director of the archaeological "Kazarheologiya", which took up the excavation at the site, is the first stone tomb nobility aging four years ago, has Read more [...]
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In Scotland, found 28 stones with pits

Stones from the pits in the UK have found before. But archaeologists to date has not been able to find in one place about three dozen such stones. A collection of 28 stones, some of which reach a width of about 3 m, found in the north of Scotland, reports Scotsman. They all had a lot of cuts, some of which were surrounded by circles and lines. According to experts, the age of holes can be about five thousand years.Not far from the place it was found buried with a small cairn, and traces of the ditch in the form of a ring, which may indicate the existence of a henge.Such stones with depressions Read more [...]
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Sea ice in the Antarctic reached a record high values

Denisovtsy imported materials for tools and ornaments

Denisovtsy - representatives of a new subspecies of ancient people, previously observed in the Denisova Cave in the Altai, - have been actively involved in the metabolic processes that have taken place in the Paleolithic era, wrote "Interfax-Siberia"."The Denisova Cave found stone bracelet, and it is well established location of this material - 250 km to the west, in the Ore Altai. This rare and unique material has been deliberately brought into the cave, "- said the agency deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Michael Shunkov.He emphasized that Read more [...]
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Follow-up: Enchained to Your Desk? Not Anymore.

Extraneous Clip, October 1998

Followup: Enchained to Your Desk? Not Anymore.
By Scrape Northerly

JACKETS | Purchasing Veracious | THE Former Hooey | BOOKS

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Human ancestors knew about alcohol for another 10 million years ago

According to ITAR-TASS, it showed an American study. Experts from the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville (Florida) traced the evolution of the human enzyme responsible for the metabolism of alcohol, alcohol dehydrogenase-4, and found that this enzyme appeared in the common ancestor of human, gorilla and chimpanzee about 10 million years ago.To conduct the study, experts have recreated alcohol dehydrogenases-4 extinct primate species. First they studied the DNA from 27 modern species of primates, and then began to move in the opposite direction. As a result, they were able Read more [...]
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In Ukraine October came with record heat

on 3 October. Warm summers does not want to leave the territory of Ukraine. \"July\" records of heat, continuously rising in late September, does not end with the onset of the second autumn month. The tone of the October heat sets the capital of Crimea, where daytime highs consistently above the 30-degree mark, and at the same time and still daily extremes. Not far from Simferopol and seaside resorts. So, in the black sea, on the West of the Crimean Peninsula, October 2, set a new maximum month +31,7. The previous record of October was +28,8 and was recorded in 1999. In the continental part of Read more [...]
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In the north of Sudan, archaeologists have found many of the pyramids

Evidence of the close relationship of the ancient cultures? the great Egyptian and Meroitic kingdom? discovered in northern Sudan. In dry Nubian Desert, archaeologists have unearthed 35 pyramids, built around two thousand years ago. Since 2009, the experts of the French branch of the Sudan Antiquities (French Section of the Directorate on Antiquities of Sudan) are studying an unusual necropolis of ancient African civilization Cush, Egypt's southern neighbor. On the history of the country or the Meroitic kingdom of Kush know less than the homeland of the great pyramids, but historians do Read more [...]
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My Eccentric of Gomorrah, Aspen Is

The Downward-sloping Composition, December 1996My Case of Gomorrah, Aspen IsYes, all you naysayers, skiing and caviare do mixBy Craig VetterAspen Lot, the sizzling core of schuss-n-glitz, celebrates the favorable anniversary of Rhytidoplasty 1 this yr, and contempt the jealous faultfinding of critics and rivals, the billet alone gets improve with age. And this flavor, as the cockcrow ignitor spills onto the sundeck, as the gullies and faces fleck up with Read more [...]
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Kostroma archaeologists have found an ancient settlement

Another monument of archeology in the Kostroma region has more. Archaeologists Regional Museum officially announced on the eve of the opening. During the expedition last fall, they found an ancient settlement in the village in Teterinskoe Nerekhta area. After careful study of the artifacts found there experts have decided to present them to the public.The finds date back to the 12th century. Basically, it's pottery and ironwork. Among them are the unique things. For example, like this horse ice-going spike. Until the 16th century in Russia horseshoes hardly knew and used such a device Read more [...]
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January sunsets and sunrises

Winter in Turkey dominates cloudy, which was fully manifested on January 4. The past the horizon the sun continued to highlight the high clouds from below, colored sky in futuristic red and orange tones. See this summer in the Mediterranean? rare, and in the winter, when the weather is predominantly cyclonic (wet) nature, the effect of scattering makes the most vibrant colors of the sky.Kosaeli, Turkey, 3 atdhfkz 2013 © kemal etikan | Spaceweather.comSomething else entirely? cool colors? predominate in the photo taken at sunrise over Lake Michigan. Frosty weather, set on the northern Read more [...]
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In the Irtysh caught the black piranha

Italy began the restoration of Pompeii

07/02/2013 Italians began a large-scale restoration of the city of Pompeii, which was destroyed about two thousand years ago by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It is expected to work on strengthening and restoration of the ruins of the 66 hectares. At this stage, opened two restoration sites. On the program were allocated 105 million euros, of which 42 million listed Brussels. The rest of the sum paid to the Italian government and the authorities of the region of Campania. Work will be performed in five steps: diagnosis, strengthening buildings, changes in service to the public, CCTV and improved Read more [...]
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