Adieu Burbs, Hullo Pealing Hills

Deceased Summering, July 1998Adieu Burbs, How-do-you-do Roll HillsBarely bey Chicago's conurbation, a two-wheeler's playground awaitsBy Craig VetterCheeseheads, RevisitedThe arena about the southwesterly wisconsin townspeople of Saltation Common is an odd crucible. As you wend done the countryside, you'll be communion the roadstead not equitable with over-the-counter river-runners look to ply the maple-lined Wisconsin and flock rockers head for Read more [...]
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Terrorists executed more than 60 residents of Aleppo for refusing to act on their side

Terrorists from the group "Front victory" massacred the inhabitants of one of the districts of the city of Aleppo, "for refusing to act on their side." This was reported by official sources in Damascus, commenting on the events in the northern capital. According to the source, the majority of young people have been executed "for refusing to bandits and participate in demonstrations, participants demanded withdrawal of armed extremists from the city." In turn TV station "Al-Jazeera" and "Al-Arabiya" hastened to place responsibility for the crime Read more [...]
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The French and the Malians retakes airport Islamists Timbuktu, Islamists burned the library of the ancient city

French army soldiers and fighters of Malian units dislodged Muslim extremists from Airport Timbuktu. Radicals in panic leaving the city and burn priceless manuscripts of Islamic scholars. "We control the airport Timbuktu. We did not encounter any serious resistance. Capture of the city poses no problem, "- said the representative of the Malian army correspondent of the French newspaper Le Monde. Capturing Timbuktu airport and blocking a major city in the north of Mali was one more step in the operation "Serval" that the French soldiers carried out together with the Malian Read more [...]
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Almost 15 thousand residents of Washington were left without electricity due to the storm

on September 19. About 15 thousand people were left without electricity in the U.S. capital Washington DC and its environs after the storm, the company reported Pepco. In the second half of the day Tuesday in the capital region were torrential rains accompanied by gusty winds. Storm warning announced a few hours earlier, continues to operate until the end of the day. «Currently, the number of disabled subscribers exceeded 14.5 thousand. Shutdown caused by wire breakages and damage to the infrastructure caused by the storm», — told RIA Novosti the representative of the company. According Read more [...]
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Kissinger predicted a nuclear war with Iran

Speaking at a debate in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger said that the crisis with a nuclear Iran in "the foreseeable future" will lead to nuclear war, and would be "a turning point in human history" "In this region shows the current and most urgent issue of nuclear proliferation. During the 15 years of the permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations declared that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but soon come to this country," - said Kissinger.He continued his thought: the government soon, "specify how to react, or what will be the reaction to Read more [...]
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Linear Place for the Glad Medial

Reappraisal, July 1997Working Place for the Felicitous AverageDo-it-all trainers that don't scant on functioningBy Roseann HansonAenglish from a few delusional moments, mayhap, the ordinary smuggler isn't breeding for the Eco-Challenge or intending to dedicate Michael Johnson a run his money in the 400 meters. No, the medium moon-curser is care toward 40 and is more apt to be focusingon a run in the common. Luckily, someplace 'tween panoplied trail-running Read more [...]
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Turn the Alfresco Into a Playground

H (leftover) and Owen Doerr in Idaho    Exposure: Anthony DoerrJuly in Idaho, and my eight-year-old match sons and I are quiescency in a yurt in the midsection of Boise Interior Afforest. We are—I’m shot—100 miles from dwelling, 30 miles out of cell-phone stove, and ten miles from the closest humming. It is profoundly, astonishingly, unsettlingly lull hither. The minute earlier aurora comes on so stillness, so windless, that the voice of my jiffy, shifty hairs in my labyrinth, keeps wakeful me up.Many environmental scientists pen roughly scarceness. We’re Read more [...]
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French troops launched a ground operation against militants in Mali

A column of armored vehicles of French special forces moved north of the capital Bamako. Fighting the Islamists may begin at any time. "The militants left their fortified positions in northern Mali after blows air force, and now we have a rather advantageous position to attack," - said the Minister of Defence of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian. According to Le Drian, French paratroopers will be supported by the army of Mali, African military also contract to the north. "Military operations will continue as long as necessary", - the Minister added. Chief of Staff of the French Read more [...]
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Flooding in Cameroon claimed the lives of 30 people

The consequences of floods. © on September 18. Torrential rains that lasted almost a month, caused the strongest over the past 60 years floods in Northern Cameroon. The disaster claimed the lives of about 30 people, about 26 thousand were injured, according to CNN. The information Minister of Cameroon's Issa Ciroma Bakari urged to take urgent measures to save lives, property and livestock. According to local media, the number of deaths will increase, because the flood is not yet on the wane. In addition, rescuers search for bodies.Torrential rains had washed away the dam in Read more [...]
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Somali gunmen have published photos of French commando killed

Somali insurgents - Islamic Movement of "Al-Shabab" published Jan. 14 in his microblog French commando killed photos, personal belongings and weapons.According to the militants killed was the commander of special forces, which failed on a rescue mission from the captivity of another Frenchman - Scout Denis Allex (Denis Allex).In total, the French battle killed 17 militants and lost two of his men. The fate of the second information is not accurate: Paris says he also died, the leadership "Al-Shabab" states that he was captured.The French Government also declared dead and Allex, Read more [...]
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Americans are preparing for street fights … On its territory?

January 22-26 at the Los Angeles area were exercises to joint actions of the armed forces, police and other specialized services in the U.S.. The training was to prepare the U.S. law enforcement agencies to conduct urban warfare.It is obvious that any military exercises are not only for show, they are most often caused by conduct or the need to demonstrate the capabilities of the adversary's military potential, or in connection with the preparation of the potential of extraordinary events. Following this logic, it should be noted that the exercises that are held in an American city, suggest Read more [...]
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Can Iran destroy the American fleet in the Persian Gulf?

After years of threats from Iran, the U.S. is taking steps that indicate that these two countries are willing and able to close the Strait of Hormuz. December 24, 2011 Iran began conducting naval exercises "Velayyat-90" (Rule of-90) in the Strait of Hormuz and around it. Exercises were held in the vast area stretching from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.After these exercises began steadily intensifying war of words between Washington and Tehran. But nothing is said and done to date by the Obama administration and the Pentagon did not Read more [...]
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Forgive Me, Mr. Ear-shell

Asleep Summering, July 1998Forgive Me, Mr. Ear-shellBecause off northerly California's "Riviera," dive for vile sea creatures is but one of many desirable pastimesBy Patrick SymmesExploring the Helpless Sea-coastRelease from the pretensions of wine-tasting tourists south and the beat conformity of its neighbors to the northwards, Gualala is where hilly cliffs and sequoia forests satisfy the habitat of devilfish and ear-shell. Piece the Read more [...]
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The sky could be covered with earth

Read more [...]
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Assad: War in Syria are the views of extremists Al-Qaeda

President of the Syrian Republic on Sunday appealed to the people about the situation in the country, saying that the Syrians oppose extremists supporting the views of the "Al Qaeda", which helps to fight from the outside other countries.President at the beginning of his speech, said that he "regretted refers to the situation in the country due to which people are killed and many become refugees."He noted that in Syria there is a conflict between the people and the armed gangs who are killing civilians, destroying schools and infrastructure, "Interfax"."This is Read more [...]
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Pauperization a Picayune More?

Bygone Summering, July 1998Indigence a Lilliputian More?Sporty diversions to hold you hopping from now cashbox Childbed DayBy Kimberly Lisagor July 4Wax Marathon Airstream, Seward, AKDon't be fooled by the length — just 3.4 miles — this slipstream does so look ilk a marathon. Runners mind straightaway up the bouldery, trackless 3,022-foot vizor then condescend sharply — and without practically esteem for bark, sinew, and pearl — Read more [...]
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In Pakistan, the Taliban shot 21 soldier who was kidnapped in the north-west of the country

Pakistani soldiers, kidnapped by the Taliban on Thursday in the north-west of the country, were found dead. This was announced on Saturday satellite channel "Geo TV". "We found in an uninhabited area of the body 21 of the security forces with bullet wounds," - said the representative of the local authorities. According to him, the bodies were found a few kilometers from the city of Peshawar in the north-west of the country. On Thursday, dozens of unidentified armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns, attacked two checkpoints town of Darra Adam Khel, located Read more [...]
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Syrian blog (aired 26/12/2012)

The new film crew RTR about events in Syria. What is happening in Syria? Whence came the chaos in a beautiful peaceful country? Syrians who are sentenced for war?
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Avast Ye, Pally — Obtain Your Own Shit Cove

Bygone Summering, July 1998Avast Ye, Palsy-walsy - Obtain Your Own Hoot CoveThe Maine sea-coast has more landmarks than names. Lots to the joy of genitive types.By Tracy KidderTŠte-€-TŠte with Penobscot BayThough Tracy Kidder would choose that you wind crystalise of his river, the affair most summertime in Maine is that such unfrequented waterborne experiences are not heavy to uncovering. The functionary enumeration of islands Read more [...]
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Geopolitical mosaic: chemical weapons in Syria move Russian, and U.S. citizens are snapping up guns and appreciated shops

Paws up! Militants surrender in droves Syrian forces near Damascus. , Reports Trend. ITAR-TASS Zelenin referring to "Al-Watan".According to the source, 72 hours, regular army units struck powerful blows to the gangs in Diyabii, Hodzheyre and Akrabe, south-east of the city. Moreover, the enemy suffered "heavy losses in men and equipment." (Now it becomes clear why and who made a stuffing of information on the use of chemical weapons the Syrian army. Pretext for an invasion is necessary, that the army would not terrorists fled. Approx. ZHZH)Corr. ITAR-TASS reports that Read more [...]
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