Whether to wait for the Last 12/21/2012?

Some time ago, statistics released very funny statistics. Thus, in 2009, the year you receive the "2012" search engine Google gave out 170 million pages on various topics. Today in the same query Google gives 25 billion pages.Readers have long plagued us with questions on the subject in December 2012, the year are asked to explain what was happening, but unlike other writers, we do not take it upon myself to say that we know everything. However, we follow the theme for ten years minium. We believe we can share some of my findings, for the 21 th December soon.Thread the end of Read more [...]
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Cuisine: Intermediate Rarefied and Handgrip the Guiltiness

External clip, June 1996Cuisine: Intermediate Rarified and Grasp the GuiltinessYes, say Doc and Connie Hatfield, the mankind is make for PC bellyacheBy Wendy Marston"It's the scent of sage-green afterwards a summertime thunderstorm," intones the marvelous man with the Stetson and the eloquent rap warp. "It's the fearless cringe run afterward oxen to juncture them for a repast."No, this isn't an arty advertizement for a new sword of aftershave. Read more [...]
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Richard Hoagland: NASA Mars hosted a grand performance

Name of Richard Hoagland's known to those who are interested in the problem of the search for intelligent life in the universe. Is the creator and chief independent research center to monitor the activities NASA (National aeronautics and Space Administration), which is called the Enterprise Mission. Its mission - to find out what the discoveries made by NASA in solar system over the past half hidden under a classified "Top Secret."According to Mr. Hoagland's Mars rover Curiosity ("Curiosity") has become the main character a grand spectacle. Whatever NASA tried to Read more [...]
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The domestication of cattle tied to its depletion in nature

Israeli archaeologists have discovered that the domestication of cattle and pigs was preceded by depletion of their populations in the wild. The paper was published in the journal PLoS ONE, and its contents can be read on the website Past Horizons.Scientists conducted a study of the dynamics of populations of wild pigs and cows living near Shaar Golan Yarmouk monument of culture. This is a Neolithic settlement of several houses arose about 8-9 thousand years ago in the north of the Jordan Valley. It is best known among archaeologists for its ceramics and characteristic figures of baked clay. Read more [...]
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Geoengineering, chemtrails, HAARP, the world order, the time lines and the Rapture, Part 2.

I've done my own experiments on genetic modification. I wanted to find a means of reducing modifications, based on the concepts discussed with David Wilcock in 2005 and connected with the Russian experiment in torsion fields and their role in the modification of the DNA. And I achieved some success. From genetically modified organisms, placed in a torsion field, translates "inherited grain" DNA is removed and returned to artificial changes back original coding and shoots original DNA. Now achieved a 15% success rate, but it is important that the principle of works. One thing that Read more [...]
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The eruption of Fuego kicked out of the 30 houses thousands of Guatemalans

on September 14. In Guatemala due to the volcanic eruption of Fuego, which translated from Spanish means «Fire» 30 thousand people were evacuated. Residents of neighboring villages sent to temporary shelters. Source: LeadSource: Slide.News.Sina     Satellite image of the eruption of Fuego. NASA/Terra Read more [...]
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Geoengineering, chemtrails, HAARP, world order, timelines, and ascension, part 1.

On the radio show, I had heard of Alfred Lambremonta - expert ekzopolitike. He considered negative "temporalatth line "as a kind of" synthetic quantum environment "created by the Grey aliens. He argued that the negative time-andLine entirely "artificial." Since I worked as an engineer in the project Phoenix III (Better known as part of the Montaukskogo Project, related time travel), I know first hand what was going on, and what they tried to do. Apparently, they used the knowledge gained in the course of experiments in geoengineering. In the 20 years that have Read more [...]
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The Early Material

Reassessment, July 1997The Early FarceK2 Loadmaster LongbedK2 Loadmaster LongbedNot dissimilar the tarriance collection of Prise Carter, the charms of the aluminum-tubed, external-frame haversack seemed to go southward roughly the clip Reagan appeared on the aspect. You think those low-tech packs: Tiring one mat blood-related to husky on a impanel of Sheetrock. I lief jettisoned mine when more well-situated internal-frame packs came aged. That's why Read more [...]
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Record heat in the North-West of European Russia

on September 13. Coming, albeit short-term «Indian summer» has observed temperature records in the North-West Russia. The air is warmed up so that on 12 September the average daily air temperature by 4-6 degrees exceeded the climatic norm. Set new records maximum temperature: in Kingisepp (Leningrad region), 26,0, in St. Petersburg, 25,5, in Pskov, 26,3. If in St. Petersburg the current record of only 0.1 degrees above the previous (1972), the Pskov record still blocked (in 1994) by almost a degree. Source: Meteoroloji Read more [...]
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Carbon Black superstar threatens Earth and the solar system?

One user posted YouTube video, which convinces the audience that the earth goes Carbon Black super star with a planetary system and zakryuchennym carbon cloud. And, supposedly, all the major disasters of the past have been caused by the arrival of this monster.Here's what he wrote: "Video speaks for itself and is very clear. These are not small little comet Elenin, BUT supermassive black carbon stars CARBON, called by different names according to the ancient. It 3 to 5 times the mass of our Sun (it's only mass itself, not including black carbon cloud zakryuchennoe around it). Read more [...]
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Reality — the program results. Space — this is one huge computer

According to the latter concept, which is currently considered by scientists, space - is one huge computer, and everything that is going on inside him, it can be read by the terminal processing of information.According to the traditional view, the world is composed of particles that are connected to each other by certain forces. However, according to quantum theory, such relationships are nothing more than a set of fields that can properly describe only methods of quantum physics.That is where there is a computer. Of course, as a concept, rather than a box that is instantiated on the table. Read more [...]
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Walter Russell, the era of hydrogen

Presentation at the annual meeting of the Eastern Electronic Association May 13, 1939, New Iork, hotel "Pennsylvania." Hydrogen is a key component of synthesis gas. The report can be interesting for professionals working with the techniques and technologies for the production of synthesis gas. Gentlemen, hydrogen - a substance generated in large numbers in the upper layers of the solar atmosphere, as well as contained in large quantities in the Earth's upper atmosphere at an altitude of above twenty miles. Earth's oceans are inexhaustible stores bound hydrogen, which can Read more [...]
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Sprain of Arc

Out-of-door mag, June 1996Wrick of ArcThough Alaskan Jeff Magnate captured the 1996 Iditarod Chase Sledge Dog Backwash conclusion Border with the second-fastest sentence always recorded, the rowdiest urge at the postrace junket was reserved for disqualified five-time achiever Turn Swenson, who was elect by his beau mushers as the "about inspiring" competition. Swenson was a dupe of the supposed Stagnant Dog and You're Out Normal, a newmeasure Read more [...]
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Like plants, people can be recharged energy from other people

A group of researchers in biology at the University of Bielefeld (Bielefeld, Germany) made a breakthrough, showing that plants can use alternative sources of energy from other plants. Perhaps this discovery will seriously affect the future of bioenergy and, ultimately, provide evidence that people are similarly "charged" energy from other people. The research team, led by Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse (Olaf Kruse), first received confirmation that one of the plants - green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii - not only involved in photosynthesis, but also use an alternative energy source to obtain Read more [...]
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A Not-So-Golden Chute

Dispatches, July 1997C A R E E R SA Not-So-Golden ChuteYour humiliate spell guides: early cycling greatsBy Andrew TilinWhere the retired pro wheeler? Multiplication were roughneck sufficiency spell sculpture out a office in the peloton, but now it moldiness genuinely be grueling to shuffle ends fill: No 401(k), few front-office jobs, and you don't evening irritate living the team-issue cycle. Gratefully, the resolution may be as ending as the raceway Read more [...]
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21/12/2012: We are all going to die? Version Odessa scientists.

According to popular belief, December 21, 2012 we will have an end. This date the Mayan calendar breaks, describing the current era of human existence. Consider some of the popular doomsday scenarios and how they are possible to predict the timing. Bloodthirsty planet One of the threats to humanity allegedly comes from wandering through the solar system, the planet Nibiru. According to one of the pseudo-scientific theories that Nibiru orbits the sun at a very eccentric orbit with a period of several thousand years. And that's just the December 21, 2012, it will fly very close to the Earth, Read more [...]
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December 21, 2012 — the end of the world? Is there scientific evidence that the predictions?

The Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012. On this day, a parade of planets, there will be disasters and the face of our planet will change. Many expect the Apocalypse, the complete destruction of the Earth or the rebirth of humanity. Is there scientific evidence that the predictions? Proponents of the theory that on December 21 will be the end of the world or the rebirth of humanity, guided by the Mayan calendar, which is not really finished. Researchers say the Maya civilization that ends one phase of the calendar and the other begins. Finished 13th Baktun (time unit of the Maya, which is Read more [...]
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Floods and landslides have killed at least 20 people in Northern India

on September 14. Dozens of houses collapsed on Friday in the result caused by heavy rains, floods and landslides in the Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, killing at least 20 people and four were injured, reports the website of the Indian television channel NDTV, citing local authorities. Twelve people were killed in the district Rudraprayag, eight — in Bageshwari. Several people were buried under the rubble, rescue workers conduct their searches. As a result of landslides was also blocked a number of roads, reported failures in the electricity supply. The local authority appealed Read more [...]
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Government: Do Unto Endangered Species…

Out-of-door clip, June 1996Government: Do Unto Endangered Species...With the environs up for grabs, God air in a k armyBy Peak DonahueAnd on the one-eighth day, abaft he had created Gingrich, Pogy, and over-the-counter democratically elective foes of the surround, God beheld Intercourse...and created Christian root enviros? So it would appear--at least to the rank of the mainstream jet cause, thrilled to abruptly be fight aboard the Evangelistic Environmental Read more [...]
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The territory of misconceptions

For many years, physicists, astronomers, anthropologists and archaeologists argue about, from whom there was a man, as the universe was born, why the solar system is not arranged in such a way as everyone else, and who have made our world so.
Category: Hypotheses

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