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Found giganstkie power cables, coming from the Sun in deep space?

Some video footage posted in YouTube, using Google Earth image. The authors reveal the giant cosmic energy "cable" or "pipe." Part suggests that this may be an artifact, the result of "matching images" used Google, while others believe that it is some alien technology ... One of these "cosmic cable" comes directly from our sun, that does not speak in favor of the version of "image stitching" program Google. Author of the video suggests that the "cable" - part of the force field of energy supply and non-physical forms of electrical (plasma Read more [...]
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The main reason for the war is war

The theory that war appeared only with the development of civilization, is the Achilles' heel "- there is evidence that the first war took place 12 thousand years ago, when human society is just beginning to take shape, and there was no property or territories for which would be worth fighting. War was characterized absolutely all civilizations and all types of economic relationships that existed on earth. According to a study Weslean College, from 3600 BC there have been about 14,600 wars. As a result, killing more than 3 billion people - for comparison, in 2001 the world population Read more [...]
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HAARP: discover the secret island with a mass of plants Technology Nikola Tesla?

Researcher, "Reverend Michael Hopkins" (a pseudonym) made an amazing discovery. In the South Pacific, she found a point from which a powerful radiation. Setting position, she first discovered unnamed island, about which nothing is known, and then another, where, most likely, is the base of naval forces of the USA. To get lost in an ocean island has a modern infrastructure, an airport, a lot of buildings, including residential area, storage facilities for petroleum products, and most importantly, the buildings with recognizable settings are very similar to those known in the system Read more [...]
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Anatomy of the Apocalypse

Several blind men decided to find out what is this animal like an elephant? One felt a leg and the other examined the trunk ... and so on. And because everyone's opinion was true! Most interestingly, they did not understand what kind of animal is the elephant! Apocalypse on everyone's lips, but what is it really can not understand anybody. I would like to get an answer just two questions: 1. Where did the mountains? 2. Where did all the water for the flood? Maybe the answers are hidden in the apocalypse? Let's assume that the Bible is right: "And God has put greater light Read more [...]
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Scientists have developed the first DNA molecule in the oceans

A hypothesis to explain how the very first DNA molecule can replicate in the oceans. Until now it was thought that this was impossible, because the huge volume of water bound DNA will be diluted. According to modern concepts, the first molecule, which subsequently gave rise to living organisms, are DNA or RNA. These molecules have the ability to copy (future reproduction) and gradual changes (mutation process). One of the cornerstones of hypotheses to explain the very early stages of the evolution of these molecules, is an explanation of how and where they could have been synthesized and Read more [...]
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Evolution fists

As research by American scientists, the evolution of the human hand - the best proof of his ... aggression. In the discussion of human evolution, the researchers always consider changing structure of the hand, comparing the man's arm with a monkey paw. It is obvious that hands can make more subtle and complex motion than a monkey paw, used primarily to move and work with large objects.The most important factor for the development of the human species has the ability to hand squeeze. While still in the ancient hominid thumb was opposed others, it is almost not used: long fingers were more Read more [...]
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Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for February 9, 2013

Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for February 9, 2013 I am very curious as to a power cut during the Super Bowl - a pure coincidence or was arranged on purpose? [And from another] http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/04/us-nfl-superbowl-lights-idUSBRE91300U20130204 Because of the problem with the "electrical load" sensor has engaged the chopper, which led to a partial suspension of the power sports center - " as intended "worked security feature" to isolate the problem. " The reason for the anomaly is unknown. It all happened after the energy-intensive shows singer Read more [...]
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Military Secret № 168 Aired 12/24/2012

Category: Hypotheses

End of the world came up with the CIA?

Thread the possible end of the world, which in the Mayan calendar has come 21 December this year, ousted from the world agenda almost all other news. Serious newspapers and television programs, pundits and fortune-tellers, even politicians are seriously discussing the news. And, oh, the chief medical officer Onishchenko said that rumors are detrimental to health and their distributors should be judged. Dm. Medvedev said confidently that the end will be, but he said a lot of things. "AN" is not able to bypass the hot theme of the party and said to the professional researcher of the Read more [...]
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Is there a fate for a man?

The ancient philosophers and sages have pondered the question "Does the fate of a man" who "it determines" and "Can a man by his actions to change their destiny or fate of another person." In Christianity, a staunch supporter of the doctrine of fate was the Frenchman Jean Calvin, who lived in the XVI century. According to him, God deliberately made people unequal from birth: one is condemned to be poor and unhappy, and someone to rely untold wealth and power. His opponents argued that this approach to the fate of a man against the very belief in God, for such things Read more [...]
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Sun, as the Stargate

Fantastic hypothesis that we live on the edge of some kind of "road space" appeared almost 40 years ago. Its authors - our famous fiction writers Strugatsky brothers. It was stated in the story "Roadside Picnic". In the plot in trying to present himself as a "cosmic road" could "operate" on the basis of the ideas of the famous physicist Hawking, subject to a number of real observational data on the Earth and in space. It is also assumed that large objects "visible" only at the time of arrival or departure. The movement of these objects Read more [...]
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World drug mafia and banks. Part-2

In a previous article, we noted, the drug mafia has three hierarchical levels. At the third level are solved such strategic objectives as 1) "money" cash, 2) placement proceeds from the sale of "goods", and 3) providing "cover" of the drug mafia operations, and 4) the creation of favorable conditions for the expansion of drug trafficking in different countriesWORLD drug mafia: STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES AND REAL OWNERSOn the first and second objectives, we plan to tell in our next publication. As for the third problem ("cover" of the drug mafia operations), then Read more [...]
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World drug mafia and banks

In the media topic of drugs popular today. One of the most debated aspects of the problem - the banks' participation in the "laundering" of "dirty" money received by drug traffickers. In exchange for "money" banks get good commission. Externally it looks like the banks and the drug trade - just two quite sovereign parties mutually beneficial deal.Externally it looks like the banks and the drug trade - just two quite sovereign parties mutually beneficial deal. Banks have drug dealers "service", just as they provide services to industrial and commercial Read more [...]
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Islam about dreams

Dream - an event that is directly connected to the soul. This is the same mystery, uncertainty, mystery. In the Qur'an, Allah commands the Great: "They will ask thee concerning the spirit (soul or Jibril). Say: "The Spirit - from the command of my Lord, and you are allowed to know very little about it" ("Isra ', 85).Therefore, the full meaning of dreams, the mechanism of their formation, the events, which have an influence on him, not fully disclosed. Sleep is fundamentally different from waking, so many laws and regulations do not apply to him. For example, the Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a gene-predictor of the time of death

U.S. researchers have identified a genetic variation that affects the body clock is so strong that it can specify at what time of the day most likely will come the death of a person. U.S. scientists have discovered a genetic variation that can affect the human biological clock, so much so that even can "predict" the time of day when the death for it is most likely, writes The Daily Mail. "Internal biological clocks regulate many aspects of human biology and behavior. They also affect the time of onset of acute clinical conditions such as stroke and heart attack," - said study Read more [...]
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Why are the days and the years fly by so quickly?

Perhaps, many have noticed that the last few years with the passage of time was something wrong. Days and months are flying rapidly, overtaking our capabilities, and we will be less time to make. One would think that day has just begun, and lo and behold, is already over!Before we "enter" in the third millennium, as the twelve years already ran, and we did not notice. The previous explanation of this phenomenon, which, they say, the older a person becomes, the more flies his life, is irrelevant. Now the rapid flight of time to notice not only the old people and even teenagers and Read more [...]
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Scientists have a new hypothesis of the origin of life on Earth

For many years, scientists have puzzled over the question, trying to find out how life could have arisen in all its variety of inanimate matter. Researchers from the University of Santa Fe presented a new interdisciplinary theory to explain the mystery of the universe.Life on the planet emerged simultaneously with the formation of an independent ability to develop, and the ability to fix carbon, which is very difficult. The fact that carbon dioxide, which is in its structure in the world, is a very stable compound, therefore, to use the carbon system must pass through the stage of unstable states. Read more [...]
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Activation of UFOs is the end of the world

Since Azerbaijan esoteric researcher Vagif Alekperov commented on the expectations of the December 21, 2012. According to him, the date of "the end of the world" in human history, there were many, but they all ended up in error. And this time, in spite of gloomy forecasts, our planet is plunged into darkness, will not break apart from a collision with Nibiru, and we will still continue to use electricity. Regarding the description of specific events in the Mayan prophecies unfortunate, then, as noted esoteric, known to those skilled in Mexico found the so-called stone "back of Read more [...]
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Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura — Time Travel

Different variations of conspiracy theories about time travel, agree on one thing - the U.S. Government as a result of decades of research have developed a technology that can circumvent the laws of the space-time continuum. The investigation begins with a meeting with Alfred Vebrom (also known as Alfred Lebremont Vebr), who Jesse describes as "a lawyer 'Ivy League', former White House adviser and present an insider." According Vebra, time travel is "the deepest and darkest secrets United States." Despite the fact that Jesse is familiar with Vebrom and inclined Read more [...]
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The true structure of the Earth

There are places on earth, covered with legends, speculation and predictions. Anomalous zones. And the map of these zones, twelve zones, among which the famous Bermuda Triangle, Kailash in Tibet, both poles, and others, have long made up. Form these areas, famous in the first place, magnetic anomalies, strange, icosahedron. And not surprisingly, many ocean ridges and other seals, go along the edges of the dodecahedron, in addition to this icosahedron. At points close to the vertices of an icosahedron, gravity is reduced, and where does the dodecahedron edges - is raised. Has the properties Read more [...]
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