Severe drought could destroy the culture of the Australian Aborigines

Gwion culture, which lasted about 10 thousand years, suddenly broke off right at the time when, according to geological data, to the northwest of the continent was attacked by a great drought.Sample culture Gwion paintings (photo TimJN1 / Wikimedia Commons).Australian drought, which lasted one and a half thousand years, could lead to the decline of ancient indigenous cultures.New research has shown that the geological traces of drought in the north-west Kimberley region of Western Australia with the same gap in the history of the local rock art and the emergence of new forms of the latter. Read more [...]
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Secret area. Heritage stellar newcomers. 15/02/2013

3 years ago under the beam roof farmhouse in Bavaria found an old backpack, which contains some magnificent object — a model of a human skull made of a single piece of rock crystal. This is one of the skulls taynstvennyh gods, who owned the Maya. According to an ancient legend, there have been made 13 …
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Strange thing. Children of the Gods. 15/02/2013

Why are leaders of the ancient tribes, kings, emperors, were convinced of the divine nature of power? What is behind this myth? Kerala, India. Shri Padmanabhaswamy. It found one of the largest treasure in the history of mankind. Treasure valued at $ 22 billion. Statues of the gods of gold, jewelry, dishes, inlaid with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. A huge amount of gold and silver coins. They are not even counted, and weighed directly into bags. What is most surprising - the authorities have left a treasure in the same place.Category: Hypotheses Read more [...]
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Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for January 5, 2013

ZetaTalk for January 5, 2013 I just watched the documentary "The Secret KGB UFO Files". It spoke of a UFO crash in Russia in 1968, and how forensic experts dissected the remains of an alien. I searched on ZetaTalk, but could not find relevant material on the subject. Would the Zetas care to comment on the authenticity of this video? [And from another] [And from another] Stunning shooting UFO crash site Read more [...]
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Glaciers are more dangerous than previously expected

01/08/2013 According to a new study by the University of Bristol (English University of Bristol) has learned that due to melting glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica could significantly raise the level of the sea and it will be much larger than previously thought. The study, published Jan. 6, 2013 in Nature Climate Change, in its way is the first. Ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland contains about 99.5 percent of the Earth's glaciers and if they start to melt, the sea levels will rise by 63 meters. Ice sheets are the largest potential source of future sea level rise. With modeling Read more [...]
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When do youth?

They say, and, not without a certain optimism that in 40 years, life has just begun. Now, apparently, more to say, in 40 years, life is approaching its middle. And to be more precise, according to a study that will determine the perception of youth and old age, the age at which to stop calling themselves young, at 40 years, 8 months and 2 weeks.But that somewhat alarming, the British, among which were surveyed, believe that aging occurs when people reach the age of 59 years, 2 months and 2 weeks.During the survey, commissioned by the Ministry of Work and Pensions, has been studied opinion 2171 Read more [...]
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ZetaTalk questions and answers, 29 December 2012

Q: On Sunday night at 1:45 (23 December 2012), I decided to wash the dishes, looked out the kitchen window and saw the moon quite briskly moving north. Behind my house a lot of trees, and within 15 minutes I was able to watch as she approached the branch, hid behind her and re-emerged. When I first drew attention to it, she could stand over the sink and look at her. 30 minutes later, as I write these lines to keep up with her, I had to come to other windows. Judging by its speed, it will be just north about 45 minutes. Must be fluctuation is very strong. How the moon can turn sharply by 90 Read more [...]
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Adam and Eve — the fruit of genetic engineering?

One of the greatest mysteries of mankind - this question of where, in fact, come from humanity itself. Religion and science are arguing about this for a long time, but maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle ... Why would a man virginity? The Bible says that God created the earth, animals and people - from the dust of the image of God. Darwin's theory, which we passed through a school as absolute truth, says that man evolved from apes. But during the life of Darwin, his theory was subjected to strong criticism, and since its introduction, it is just a theory, but not the ultimate truth. Too Read more [...]
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BBC: End of the World

Scientists have long concluded that the apocalypse more than likely. Another thing is that none of them can say for sure exactly when it will happen. New disaster film based on the hypothesis advanced by experts hyper-realistic computer graphics offers us witness four possible apocalypse. This is beyond our natural disasters like the tsunami or the incredible power of a giant meteorite, and those which had a hand in the man himself - a bad science experiment or the development of modern chemical weapons. Four tragic scenario predicted by scientists, are decorated in a "documentary Read more [...]
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Zhirinovsky — It's not a meteorite, and the testing of new U.S. weapons

Speaking in the Duma, Zhirinovsky said "no not falling meteors, which tested a new weapon - the Americans." "Kerry wanted to warn on Monday, Lavrov sought. Lavrov - a trip. To warn that it would be a provocation, it can touch and Russia ""Never never never falls. Space - a universe where their laws, there is nothing ever falls. When falling, people are doing it. People - the warmongers and provocateurs "- convinced Zhirinovsky. In the MOE insist that what happened - is a consequence of "meteor shower". "Instruments of space monitoring recorded Read more [...]
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Jamal: Iran may already have nuclear bomb

Iran may have received a bomb from three possible sources: nuclear weapons are in Pakistan, North Korea and Armenia. Writes about this in his blog, philosopher and politician Heydar Jemal. In his view, it would be good to appear at the Iranian nuclear weapons because "today it has the effect of stopping."According to Jamal, the Armenian branch of physics was a prominent Soviet military nuclear complex. "Academician Ambartsumian offering direct contact with their American counterparts in the late Soviet period. Father of H-bomb - sugar - was married to an Armenian with a strong Read more [...]
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Parallel Worlds. Part 2. Measurement. Dreams. Fantasy.

We successfully (though not without trepidation) survived 12/21/12. Now prepare to be optimistic for the New Year. And what a new year without fairy tales? That's one of the new, highly ScFi, tales. Although the efforts of modern science, the line between fairy tales and reality becomes more conventional. String cosmological theory (in the form of M-theory) can not do without the 11-th dimension. Where possible, and have all the information about our world. And this world is not more than a hologram materialized. Physicist Kaku discusses ways to successfully moving to parallel worlds. Read more [...]
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