Buffalo rescued fellow attacking crocodile

It would seem, what case to another buffalo buffalo pace which grabbed a stranglehold huge crocodile and dragged into the water to where the accident would have been waiting for certain death. After all, according to the theory of action by instinct he had to flee from danger, but the buffalo came to the rescue and literally planted a crocodile on the horns and threw up. Crocodile that day is clearly not lucky, unlike his victims. Here's a stupid animals on the assurances of scientists.Category: Animals Read more [...]
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Extremist: Payoff That, Mate

Away mag, May 1994Radical: Return That, SpouseBy Todd BalfOf the many surprises at the 100-kilometer subject championships in Sacramento, California, finale February, possibly the biggest was the potency of neophyte Fertile Hanna. "He's a marathoner," says Tom Johnson, the prerace ducky and Hanna's grooming pardner for the close iii months. "I was the guy who talked him into linear the wash." The couple ran unitedly on the three-miledirt-and-pavement Read more [...]
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Scientists declassified main weapon cats

Parasite Toxoplasma gondii able to change the behavior of rodents so that they lose their fear and become easy prey for cats. Parasite of cats can already be transmitted to man. Apparently, it affects the victim's immune system, causing it to produce a compound commonly found in the brain.Perhaps the immune system and the brain evolved, using a similar mechanism in order to control behavior, says Antonio Barragan from the Karolinska Institute. So, normally a parasite must absorb dendritic cells. Thus, other immune cells learn to recognize the pathogen. This writes MedDaily. However, the Read more [...]
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Today at 11 : 00 in Moscow over Novokhokhlovskaya street

Today at 11 : 00 in Moscow over Novokhokhlovskaya street

Dog waiting for the fourth month in the dead of the flood mistress

10/12/2012 In the Crimean Krasnodar region of Russia lives dog, who every day at the same place waiting for his owner, who died during the summer floods.House on Trinity Street collapsed four months ago, when huge amounts of water flooded the city. Flood down the wall, swivel fence and destroyed the station. The water was lost and the hostess. After the fatal night there was only dog Mukhtar. Four months of dog guarding what was left of the house. According to neighbors, Mukhtar behave calmly at no barking, no snaps, and the limits of their possessions does not leave. The news of the Crimean Read more [...]
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Urine: Godly Me a River

Extraneous cartridge, May 1994Piss: Godlike Me a RiverWally Spencer, drone irregular, says he's constitute plenty interred succus to douse the unhurt Sou'-westBy Kit CodyThis could act Nevada into a Garden of Eden," a monocled, corpulence man aforementioned in a Drooping Dog monotonic as he pointed to a projector cover radiance with hydrology information. The context was the get-go Nevada Urine Tip, a conclave of hydro-wonks assembled finis join Las Read more [...]
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In the Crimean dog five months waiting for the hostess, who died in the flood

Worst flooding that claimed hundreds of lives in Krymsk, has left its mark on the fate of not only people, but animals. In a city affected by the disaster, on the ruins of an old house for a few months waiting for the dead his mistress loyal dog named Mukhtar. Lonely dog noticed neighbors. Mukhtar did not depart from the former home of a step, howled sadly, still not knowing that the owner will never come. First dog habitually even guarding the ruins of strangers: barking, no one did not admit to them. But now, sadly only looks at anyone who approaches him. - At this place there was a two-story Read more [...]
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In Louisiana because of the danger of the dam on the Mississippi evacuated 60 thousand people

on August 30. Local police monitor the condition of the dam from helicopters. In some settlements of the U.S. state of Louisiana announced the evacuation because of the threat of the dam on the Mississippi, said on Thursday, August 30, portal of Greater New Orleans. The building may be destroyed due to the floods, which was the result of heavy rains brought by hurricane «Isaac». Evacuation is declared in the County of Tangipahoa (Tangipahoa Parish). As reported by the County, the water in the Mississippi river has risen so much that threatens to destroy the dam Percy Quinn (Percy Read more [...]
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New Zealand dog learned to drive a car

In New Zealand, three dogs have learned to drive a car, according to SkyNews. Three are in a local shelter dogs - Monty Porter and Ginny - trainers for five weeks were taught to drive in a special layout is a cart with a seat, steering wheel, shifter and pedals. When dogs have mastered the driving simulator, they transplanted to these cars, where they trained for three weeks. According to a professional trainer Mark Vette, who previously had to work with birds, rats and deer, dogs are quite capable to remember the necessary sequence of actions to control the machine. "However, they still Read more [...]
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Multisport: Natural to Abide

External clip, May 1994Multisport: Natural to LoseBy Todd BalfBathroom Stamstad's perceptiveness in cycling events is bare: the thirster and more weather-whipped, the punter. The Iditasport, a 235-kilometer marathon roughness cyclists against cross-country skiers in Alaskan blizzards apiece February, qualifies on both counts. And piece this yr's battleground was buxom with bigwigs, including erstwhile Slipstream Crossways America sensation Bob Forney, Stamstad Read more [...]
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Birds use in the construction of the nest stubs to control insect pests

Urban birds can use cigarette butts to "smoke out" insect pests out of their nests, scientists have figured out the Mexican. It is known that birds use in the construction of nests plants containing substances that repel pests. Tobacco leaves also contain compounds that repel insects, especially parasitic mites.Environmental specialist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico Montserrat Suarez-Rodriguez and her colleagues decided to find out whether the city birds use against parasites in the form of tobacco and cigarette butts, the publication Nature News.The authors of the Read more [...]
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Died the world's largest crocodile

The biggest crocodile in the world, died in the Philippines. Seven meter reptile lived in the ecological park in the province of Agusan del Sur, British newspaper "Daily Telegraph". Giant named Lulun was caught by Filipino officials in September 2011. 100 people, led by Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde Bunavana, participated in a large-scale operation. Crocodile named in honor of one of the participants in hunting, who died of a heart attack soon after its successful completion.© Stringer | ReutersThe giant reptile was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Age Luluna scientists estimate Read more [...]
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In Australia, a man-eating crocodile killed a child in front of parents

Reptile grabbed the boy when he was in the company of their parents relax on the banks of the lagoon.Last weekend near the town of Darwin in northern Australia was attacked by a crocodile 12-year-old boy, who was on vacation with friends in a quiet lagoon. In front of a horrified parents reptile grabbed and dragged a child. Intsidet This was the second in the last two weeks.It all happened when the children splashing in the water. There was a loud cry of the boy, who ran on the frightened adults. They tried to hit the child in the animal. Men armed with spears, but they could not do anything, Read more [...]
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Angle Guy

i»?Out-of-door clip, May 1994Angle GuyReviver of rivers, assembler of streams, creator of piscine worlds--when you start thereto, Steve Fisherman is a piddling weirdo for troutBy Donovan WebsterAn April snowstorm is dumping blow on Montana's Bitterroot Reach, and in a backyard garpike dear Missoula, a construction that Steve Pekan has born-again into an billet, the trout are naiant contentedly in their swarm.They skid and switch in the moving pee, a scatter Read more [...]
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Dolphin bitten by a girl …

Entertainment complex, the children are fed dolphins. As it turned out it is very unsafe to do. Dolphin bitten by a girl's hand. The child suffered minor but painful travmy.Etot strange incident occurred at SeaWorld. Orlando. Dolphins never attacked a person, at least until this case. It is hoped that this is just a tragic accident and the dolphin just made a mistake trying to grasp the proffered fish.Category: Animals Read more [...]
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Get Your Judgment Colly

Eve in pocket-sized doses, pic to nature can measurably amend our psychological and strong-arm wellness.     Pic: Photograph by Kahn and Selesnick/Drift StrainPeradventure YOU Think A Sentence when you took in more of the humanity. You were new and the reality was new. As a boy, I would date in the forest and sit nether a shoetree, so poke my pollex and wet apiece nostril. I had interpret someplace that multitude—maybe pioneers or American Indians, I don't think—did this in decree to lancinate their smell for coming back or peril. I held utterly calm, my backbone against Read more [...]
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The earthquake in China killed more

9 September. The death toll in the earthquake in Yunnan province in China has increased to 89 people, 820 were injured. Rescuers evacuated from the affected region more than two hundred thousand people. Damage from natural disasters, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to almost $ 600 million. The doctors are doing everything to prevent epidemics, rescuers and army are clearing the rubble in the disaster zone. Source: Lead  After a powerful earthquake in China waiting for the flood9 September. In China, looking for survivors after a powerful earthquake. Meanwhile, affected Read more [...]
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Elephant pianist

Elephants in Thailand are so musically gifted, never miss an opportunity to give a few lessons on the piano man. And if he will be out of tune, you can and a pair of cuffs provide trunk. This video elephant named Peter unsuccessfully tries to teach piano to take the correct low notes, with his elephant idea of playing the piano …
Category: Animals
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The dog led its owner to buy a lottery ticket for $ 1 million

In Idaho, a dog named Stella helped her master and his friends to win the $ 1 million in the lottery, news agencies reported. Miniature dog literally cornered the owner Steve Hughes purchased a lottery ticket Powerball, which proved advantageous.Told myself lucky host, he was going to buy a ticket, but was planning to do it at another store. But the dog locked the car, putting his paws on lock manual door locks, and its owner had to pass the time at a gas station. A little less than an hour Hughes command tells Stella again, press the button and let him into the car. Meanwhile, now that they Read more [...]
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Giperparazity overheard SOS-signals plants

Scientists have found that biparasitic riders can "eavesdrop" chemical signals SOS-infected plants, which are the addresses to their helpers - parasitic riders caterpillars. The paper was published in the journal PLoS One. Riders called parasitic wasps that lay their eggs in the caterpillar's body - their larvae eat the larvae of butterflies inside and use their body as a cocoon. Destroying tracks, riders help plants survive - this principle is used in some countries to control pests.It is known that by eating caterpillars, some plants produce specific volatile compounds - SOS-signals, Read more [...]
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