The victims of the earthquake off the coast of Costa Rica became two people

5 September. As it became known, the earthquake off the coast of Costa Rica without victims did not come: the Red Cross reports on two of the victims. Seismologists have recorded earthquakes of a magnitude of 7.6. On the Pacific coast was declared a threat of a tsunami — it was canceled just a few minutes ago. Source: Lead  Earthquake in Costa Rica 6 September. The incident century Costa Rica earthquake of 7.6 caused several landslides, destroyed many buildings and forced seismic services to announce the possibility of a tsunami. Impact killed two people from the province Read more [...]
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Resonant earthquake on the island of Santa Cruz, February 1, 2013. Seismic anomaly.

Under the action of cosmological factors on the spread of Jupiter, Mars ingress to Pisces, in range of the gravitational wave Neptune is seismic activity. On the islands of Santa Cruz with the 30 January 2013 earthquake are resonant magnitude 5.6 - 6.0. During the night of 1 to 2 February 2013 - 22:16:38.0 UTC-on the island of Santa Cruz was another resonant magnitude earthquake, 6.7 at a depth of 20 - 36 km. Observed seismic anomaly. Illustration.Earthquake on the island of Santa Cruz with January 30 to February 2, 2013.Data.MagnitudeMw 6.7RegionSANTA CRUZ ISLANDSDate time2013-02-01 22:16:38.0 Read more [...]
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In the Pacific Ocean can be generated the next tsunami

Magnitude earthquake 6.7 happened on the island of Santa Cruz in the Pacific. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a bulletin on the possible origin of a local tsunami.Undersea earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred on Saturday in Santa Cruz Islands in the western Pacific Ocean. According to ITAR-TASS referring to the USGS, the earthquake occurs at depths 19.9 miles under the sea floor. The epicenter was located 56 kilometers south-west of the port Lata (Solomon Islands). Following a major earthquake in the same area of the ocean followed by two repeated tectonic jolt magnitude Read more [...]
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Strategies: How to Attain In-Line Efficiency

Remote mag, Borderland 1996Strategies: How to Reach In-Line EfficiencyBy Dana SullivanIf you're intelligent roughly trading linear place for in-line skates now that thither's asphalt where splosh victimised to be, a late field conducted at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst says you're ache. The discipline, which byzantine 41 technical skaters, compared the gain in aerophilic seaworthiness from in-line skating with the addition from track. By the end Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in the virgin Islands

6 September. Virgin Islands and Karniski region joined the growing list of seismically active zones. Territorial emergency management Agency stated that noticed the increased number of aftershocks, do not worry. From Monday until today, there is a small constant earthquakes. More than 50 small earthquakes were recorded near the virgin Islands, according to VITEMA (Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency). The force of the tremors was in the range of 5.2, 4.6 and 4.7 points.Victor Huerfano, head of the seismic network in Puerto Rico, confirmed that they now show an increase Read more [...]
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An earthquake measuring 6.9 points occurred in Hokkaido, Japan

Magnitude earthquake 6.9 points occurred in Hokkaido, Japan. The epicenter lies at a depth of 103km.
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Layering: Mightiness Extend Shear

International clip, Border 1995Layering: Mightiness Reaching ShearBy Douglas GantenbeinDoes the humanity want yet more hook? The result would look to be yes -- that is, if the inquiry is asked of Deal Hardwear's new demarcation of garments made of Malden Mills's Index Stint sheepskin.This, naturally, raises another motion: Lot who? Mount Hardwear, that's who, a year-old accompany based in outdoor-gear-happy Berkeley, California, already plate to such industriousness Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred in o.Santa Cruz

Magnitude earthquake 6.2 occurred in o.Santa Cruz in 90.11 km southwest of vylkana Tinakula at depth 7 km.
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Earthquake in Alaska, January 31, 2013.

Under the action of cosmological factors on the spread of Jupiter to 31 January 2013 - Alaska, USA-6.0 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 9.7 km.Data.Magnitude6.0 Date-TimeThursday, January 31, 2013 at 09:53:43 UTCThursday, January 31, 2013 at 12:53:43 AM at epicenterLocation55.584 ° N, 134.745 ° W Depth9.7 km (6.0 miles) RegionSOUTHEASTERN ALASKA Distances101 km (62 miles) W of Craig, Alaska303 km (188 miles) S of Juneau, Alaska316 km (196 miles) WNW of Prince Rupert, Canada409 km (254 miles) WNW of Terrace, Canada Location Uncertaintyhorizontal + / - 13.5 km (8.4 miles); depth + / - 4.1 km Read more [...]
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Chimpanzees have been able to plagiarism tools

Chimpanzees are able to watch their comrades use tools, and change their own strategies for their use, if the method of "competitor" is more effective, say anthropologists in an article published in the journal PLoS One. Some animals are able to produce tools and use them to solve specific problems. These include dwarf and normal chimpanzee and "intellectual" leader of the world of birds - the New Caledonian crows. Many skills animal previously considered unique human abilities, but with the new studies list only "people" skills steadily decreasing. Shinya Yamamoto Read more [...]
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Arctic sea ice set another record

Jan Martin Will © on 7 September. After a new record low figure recorded 26 August, Arctic sea ice continued to decline and at the end of August amounted to less than 4 million square kilometers. Compared to September 1980-ies and 1990-ies, it is only 45 % of the area of ice time. Moreover, even at least a week, the ice will melt.According to the National center, the leading monitoring snow and ice (NSIDC), the American meteorological service, throughout August the ice was less than the record levels observed in 2007, which resulted in a new monthly record with the value Read more [...]
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Anthropology: Tippytoe Done the Tumult

Remote clip, Border 1996Anthropology: Tip Done the TumultIs scientific colonialism active and swell in Tanzania?By Kiki YablonAlmost 3.6 1000000 days ago, 3 human-like creatures stood up and walked crossways the dingy volcanic ash nigh what is now Tanzania's Olduvai Esophagus. The smallest walked adjacent with the largest--they power suffer held men.Unfortunately, if the creatures, peradventure our earlier ancestors this face of apes, had lone known that Read more [...]
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Pop singer parrot Makeshev

Many people like to sing in the shower, that's Makeshev parrot sings songs of Soviet times "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "bird of happiness for tomorrow," "Crocodiles — hippos and green parrot", and he does it much better than her mistress.
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Algae were soundproofed refuge fish

Scientists have found that fish use algae not only to mask its appearance, but also as a refuge, hiding them from the sonar of dolphins. The paper was published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series, and its summary results ScienceNow.The researchers then measured how the sound propagation in the algae-covered bottom and empty fields. To do this, the authors used a high frequency sound and sensitive hydrophones. The work was conducted in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, near the city of Port Aransas.The authors studied the propagation of acoustic waves in two frequency ranges: 100 kHz, Read more [...]
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Fox Your Consistence Angle Some

Remote mag, Abut 1996Befuddle Your Torso Slant RoundWith canonical callisthenics, you can leave the gym fees--and get your own scoop exercise equipmentBy Ken McAlpineThe gym I'm in nowadays is dissimilar. It's cheery, it doesn't scent, and a pushover tousles the elms. Thither are no troglodytes hogging the machines. Thither are no machines.I'm perched supra the scallywag bars at the playground about the quoin from my family, doing dips at the behest of Read more [...]
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Forgotten for 30 years in the closet turtle survive without food

Area of expertise of the Brazilian family found his missing sweetheart in 1982 named Manuela in the box, going through old things in the house. Residents of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro were quite amazed when I accidentally found in his home a turtle named Manuela, lost 30 years ago.Family reunited with Almed favorite after finally decided to disassemble the old pantry, which for years piled many unnecessary things. - We have not seen since 1982, Manuel: then we have in the house was renovated and we thought that the turtle escaped when workers left the front door open. Despite the long Read more [...]
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Equipment: The CompuTrainer

Extraneous clip, Butt 1996Equipment: The CompuTrainerBy Oliver Starr Preseason rites such as indoor preparation sustain led many a bicycler to believe February and Marching the cruelest of months. The humdrum of spinning to the bourdon of rollers can shuffling vacuuming the rug look a preferred rec-room action.The CompuTrainer, notwithstanding, provides the advanced bicycler with synergistic recreation of well-nigh Mystlike magnitude--and an precise quantity Read more [...]
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The scientists filmed the dolphins rescued his brother

The first case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult specimens Korean scientists have recorded during the observation of cetaceans in the south-east coast of South Korea. During monitoring of cetaceans near the south-eastern coast South Korea Scientists have made a surprising discovery - the first documented case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult individuals, according to RIA Novosti. Scientists are cases where one or two adult dolphin tried to save her baby. However, collective concern for the adult in these mammals is celebrated for the first time. Biologists have Read more [...]
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The cat was 320 km to go home

With her incredible journey cat Holly was a sensation and confound scientists, who can not explain how the cat managed to find their way home once in 320 kilometers from home. During a family trip cat Holly dropped out of the container for transport, and the family has no hope ever to see it. But after two months of road, exhausted and tired she appeared on the doorstep of a house in Florida. Hostess week nursed a cat, because of its long road legs were swollen and cracked pads on them. After Holly little recovered, rescuer took her to the vet to check whether the animal chip, on which we can Read more [...]
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Severe storms on the Mediterranean

Weather in Algeria 3 September. The storm raging over the North-East of Algeria, led to the death of 20 people and caused damages to 56, according to local emergencies. Clarifies that 9 people died when a heavy rain and strong winds hit the regions Tebessa (600 km to the East, Algeria, Tlemcen (600 km West of the capital) and M#39;power (250 km to the South). Another person was killed by lightning in the region of Blida (50 km South of Algeria), and in addition, 21 the house was flooded. Emergency services went to several regions for the salvation of the people whose homes were flooded because Read more [...]
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