What is at stake in the climate negotiations in Doha?

The Kyoto Protocol, apparently, would be extended, but with other obligations. By 2015, the country will sign a new agreement, which will take effect sometime in 2020. What would it be for the paper, no one knows. Meanwhile, time is running out, and the hour X closer. Today in Doha (Qatar) opens Eighteenth Conference of the Parties of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 18), where diplomats from around the world will try to discuss the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol, and to lay the basis for a new international agreement to come into force in 2020. What to expect from the Read more [...]
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Bark beetles have caused warming in Canada in the early 21 th century

One of the main causes of sudden warming in western Canada in the early 21 th century was an unprecedented epidemic of bark beetles that have destroyed great part of forests in this part of North America, say scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.It is believed that emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well as deforestation and other human activities are the main drivers of climate change. In particular, the increase in average temperature by 1 degree Celsius in the western and northern Canada is associated with the "contribution" of man Read more [...]
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Mystery of nature: the weak El Niño or neutral phase of ENSO

In September 2012, a positive surface temperature anomalies in the equatorial Pacific Ocean was 0,3 ° C, which is less than diagnosed in August. Temperature of the ocean at a depth of 140 meters was even closer to the norm, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.Osredenennaya Weekly sea surface temperature. © CPC | NCEP | NOAAIn the atmosphere, convective activity was above normal in the western equatorial Pacific Ocean. Easterly winds in the lower troposphere have been weaker than normal in the west and more than usual in the center.Osredenennye by weeks of sea surface Read more [...]
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Birth of an iceberg in Antarctica

In October 2011, when flying over the ice shelf antrakticheskogo glacier Amundsen Sea off the coast of Antarctica, scientists have discovered a giant ice crack "language". The size of its staggering - 29 miles long, 80 meters wide and 50 to 60 meters in depth. When the gap reaches the opposite side of the ice shelf, the huge new iceberg drift go to Pine Island Bay and Amundsen Sea. NASA researchers for about a year observing this phenomenon at a distance with a special highly sensitive equipment.Satellite image of the crack, received on 26 October this year, from the satellite "Landsat Read more [...]
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Apocalypse. New ice age

New ice age will come to Earth in 50 years, which will lead to the most disastrous consequences. A few winter nights freeze the North Sea, the Baltic, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. That first winter cold glacial destroy millions of Britons and Finns, Germans and Poles, North and Central Russia, Belarus, the Urals and the northern states of the USA ... Who did not die from the cold, starve to death: after the terrible cold of winter comes the snow-rainy summerCategory: Climate Read more [...]
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Cause burning of ice in the Arctic

Important environmental problem is the melting of glaciers. Defined a set of problems that contribute to this phenomenon. One reason for the melting of glaciers - is education willow on the ice surface. Climate change on a global scale has led to the fact that in recent years the area of Arctic sea ice is constantly shrinking. Scientists have determined the effect of the so-called "rejuvenation" of the Arctic ice, and those identified qualitative changes are more serious problem. In the analysis of sea ice in the Arctic different age revealed that the ice age is about 1-2 years, Read more [...]
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The Dangers of Global Warming?

Scientists believe that in 100 years, many cities will be under water. The main cause of global warming - the accumulation of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere. The heat that radiates Earth is due in part to go into space, but the gases impede this process, creating the "greenhouse effect."Scientists believe that after three decades of 75% of the world's population will live in the coastal area, and in 100 years, many cities will be under water. According to a report prepared by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, the most vulnerable countries named Read more [...]
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Extreme weather and climate change

Category: Climate Read more [...]

In Oymyakon set a record heat? -22

You can laugh, but this is the highest temperature for nearly a century of observation. Vicissitude of air flow sometimes works wonders, one of which was the record heat in cold pole. Since November 21, Pacific warm so quickly rushed into the inner sanctum of the planetary frost, it is safe from the pedestal of the previous maximum temperature (? 23.8), held out, however, only in 2010. New extremum is now? 22.5.The scheme of the atmospheric processes. © GismeteoThe average daily temperature was? 24.3 and turned out to be 12 (!) Degrees above normal. The warming was accompanied Read more [...]
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Should not exaggerate the margin of safety of trees

Trees can stand for centuries, but many of them are at the same time on the edge: A new study has shown that with increasing drought (predicted result of global warming) of water transport trees will fail.Everlasting majestic forests may seem immortal, but in reality they are on the verge of - because of global warming. The transfer of water from the roots to the top is the xylem - tiny but numerous tubules. The pores on the leaves allow the water to evaporate and this evaporation draws water up the tree with more strength than dry soil - down. But when a certain threshold of dryness "effort" Read more [...]
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In Antarctica, a new crack

Antarctica has discovered a new crack in the Pine Island Glacier. It was detected by the German satellite TerraSAR-X.Picture of Pine Island Glacier, made TerraSAR-X September 14, 2012According to the researchers, in the near future is expected to form a new giant iceberg the size of New York, which will appear next to South America. This is the second crack in the Pine Island Glacier. The first crack was seen last year, but in September of this year, the satellite TerraSAR-X found on the left of the first one more. Large crack width is about 243 m depth in some places - 55 m, according to ABC Read more [...]
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Central Asia is cracking under the weight of the Russian winter

Cold weather in Siberia and Kazakhstan will inevitably auknulos unusually early onset of winter in Central Asia. According to statistical monitoring for the last ten days in the region fell about monthly average snowfall.© Omar Sobhani | ReutersMany mountain passes are buried in snow. Closed roads, airports are idle. Snowplows are sorely lacking.© Omar Sobhani | ReutersMeteorological stations in the high Kyrgyzstan snow depth exceeds 60 cm skiers immediately rushed to the mountains. However, the snow on the slopes of the mass is in flux, as evidenced by a series of coming Read more [...]
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High pressure and sunny with no shadows — the realities of the Moscow Weather

Tuesday will be a little softer. If the temperature in Moscow yesterday, did not exceed 0.1, today portion of air from the Atlantic will raise the temperature to 1.5 ... 2.0 degrees. The difference is small, but many feel it. And the rest - all the same: cloudy, dry predzime. However, the severity of the atmospheric column - not the only thing that puts pressure on the people of Central Russia. Even more distressing emotions is uniformly gray, dense, absolutely no shadows, low oblachnost.Pogodnuyu stability provides extensive powerful anticyclone. Because of him, will be very high atmospheric Read more [...]
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Warming can not be avoided

The World Bank report states that even if all the promises to curb global warming remains a significant chance of overcoming the danger point, after which it will be very hot and bad.Many countries have set themselves to limit global warming to two degrees by the end of the century. But most of the research suggests that we are failing in liabilities. If you do not speed up the transition to renewable energy and the atom, humanity safely slip limit beyond which climate change becomes deadly. Progress report on the subject published by the World Bank. The authors argue that if nothing is done, Read more [...]
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Climate Sochi gives reason to fear that the 2014 Olympics will be too warm

A year later, the Sochi Olympics will start, but now it raises concerns, says Scott Edmonds in an article published in the newspaper Le Huffington Post Québec. "The most important obstacle to the Winter Olympics in Sochi could be a climate" - the author writes.If you think that the climate of Vancouver delivered hassle-organizers of the Winter Olympics in 2010, it is an understatement. "If someone asked me to name the most inopportune city for the Winter Olympic Games in Canada - says David Phillips, senior climatologist at Canada - I would call Vancouver. As for Russia, the answer Read more [...]
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Climate change portend catastrophe

Climate change is happening faster than expected. Already by 2060 g.selskoe economy can come in decline, cities may be under water, and the tropics become uninhabitable zone. World Bank admits that the average temperature on Earth will rise in the next 100 years at 4 degrees Celsius. It will be a disaster: the earth will cover drought and floods. WB offers a traditional recipe - need to reduce carbon emissions, the temperature increased by only 2 degrees, which were listed in the previous forecast.  Severe drought in the Amazon, Brazil. forum.priroda.suAfter 100 years, the planet Read more [...]
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In Askania Nova flowered virgin steppe

Unique natural phenomenon these days can monitor staff and guests of the biosphere reserve Askania Nova in Kherson region. In the eastern part, in the strictly protected virgin steppe, first to bloom, and then even threw one of the representatives of the ear feather feather - feather Ukrainian. Due to this part of the steppe area of 20 hectares into a sea with waves of silver, glorified in literature and folk ballads.- I work in Askania Nova for 22 years, but this has never been seen before. After blooming feather usually begins in April and May, and this cycle is on my mind is not disturbed Read more [...]
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Disappearing ice

American director Jeff Orlowski took a fascinating, intriguing and impressive documentary about the work of National Geographic photographer James Balog. In the film "Vanishing Ice" talking about his unique project. He assembled an expedition to explore the Arctic. Together with a team of like-minded photographer found dozens cameras to monitor the melting of huge glaciers impressive due to global warming. Balogh previously did not believe in what climate change is such a huge impact on the environment. However, an editorial trip to the Arctic has changed his life. Despite the Read more [...]
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World Bank warns of the risk of uncontrolled climate change

Uncontrolled warming the Earth's climate is fraught with disaster, warns the World Bank. He warned that the global temperature rise of 4 degrees threaten food security.The World Bank has warned of the disastrous consequences of uncontrolled warming Earth's climate. The report, prepared by the Institute of Climate Research in Potsdam (PIK) and the Berlin consultancy firm Climate Analitics, states that the global temperature of 4 degrees over the coming century would threaten food security.Severe droughts and crop failures will be common, and global sea levels would rise by 0.5-1 meter, Read more [...]
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Abnormal heat in Chukotka

Chukotka southern winds continue to provide warm air. In these days of November, the average daily temperature is 14-16 degrees above normal. In the east district in daytime temperatures just below 0 degrees. In the coming days, significant changes in the Chukchi weather forecasters do not expect. The average temperature for the day will be above normal. According to scientists, there is a link between the decline of Arctic sea ice in the summer, the loss of ice in Greenland and weather in North America and northern Eurasia. Is not the "heat wave" due to changes in Chukotka area of Read more [...]
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