A new wave of heavy snow struck the northeastern U.S.

The department noted that "in the north-eastern states will drop from 5 to 10 cm of snow." "The disaster will take New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont), where it can fall up to 23 cm of snow," - said the expert Meteorological Department, ITAR-TASS reported. According to authorities, at present 64% of the 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii are not included in weather) covered with snow. "This is not the case for December, usually heavy snowfall come to us only in February. At the end of December last year, only 48% of the Read more [...]
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Tectonics of the Earth and the geomagnetic field

The influence of subduction processes on the distribution of heat flow from the core into the mantle. The spatial distribution of subduction of oceanic plates in the last 300 million years. The darker the color, the higher the rate of subduction. on July 26. In the epoch duration in the tens and hundreds of millions of years of geomagnetic field may depend on currents in the mantle. The processes in the mantle may be responsible for frequent change of the polarity of Earth's magnetic field. Research results on this topic were presented by a group of scientists in the new edition of the work «Nature Read more [...]
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Fall-foliage excursions in New England

Hebdomad of July 3-9, 1997Dangers of visit Bogota, ColumbiaMounting Wax McKinley in mid-lifeIntensifier row camps in VermontHatful biking in San Miguel, Mexico Fall-foliage excursions in New EnglandFall-foliage excursions in New EnglandMotion: Broadly, what is unremarkably the flow of the near salient surrender colours in New England? Specifically, do researchers sustain any estimate when that point volition pass this yr? Thanks for your helper. My Read more [...]
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Why increased mortality among marine animals.

Ultraviolet radiation has led to a sharp increase in mortality of marine animals and plants. This is the conclusion an international team, including scientists from the Oceanic Institute, University of Western Australia. The scientists used a 1784 published experiments on marine organisms, to assess the impact caused by the increase in ultraviolet radiation. The study was published July 26 in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography. So far, the ultraviolet radiation is not considered as a possible cause of global degradation of marine ecosystems. For marine life most affected by UV radiation, Read more [...]
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40 degree heat prevails in Brazil

In a very difficult situation were tourists from frosty Russia, which sent a Christmas vacation at the world-famous New Year's fireworks in Brazil. Neither more nor less than the dream city of the great schemer meets their 40-degree heat. According to the Brazilian Meteorological Institute, December 26, in Rio de Janeiro recorded a national record in December on record? + 43.2. Previous high was 43.1 and held since 1984.© Pilar Olivares | ReutersAfter a hard frost arriving tourists from Russia to be a difficult period of acclimatization. However, the account is not easy even to Read more [...]
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Helicopter-hiking, sportfishing in Goldeneye, B.C.

Hebdomad of Revered 7-13, 1997Whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River Helicopter-hiking, sportfishing in Thickhead, B.C.Tenting, biking approach Duluth, MinnesotaRomanticist getaways cheeseparing Atlanta, GeorgiaKinfolk rock-climbing schools in the WestwardHelicopter-hiking, sportfishing in Goldeneye, B.C.Doubtfulness: I wishing to live some heli-hiking about Thickhead Hatful in British Columbia, that is pickings a whirlybird tantalise to a glacier and Read more [...]
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Typhoon Bolaven leaves Primorye without serious consequences

on August 29. Tropical Typhoon «Bolaven» (Bolaven), who had previously worked on the territory of Japan and the Korean Peninsula, on Wednesday came to Russia, causing many energyware and creating serious problems in shipping and car moving. Regional authorities claim that they were well prepared for a hurricane, and note that the consequences could be more serious. Typhoon «Bolaven» originated in the southern latitudes of the Pacific ocean, on Saturday, he reached the South of Japan and was released on the Korean Peninsula, the wind speed at the epicentre of the disaster Read more [...]
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In 2012. the highest number of adverse weather

In Russia in 2012. had the highest number of adverse severe weather events than in the entire history of meteorological observations. On this day the director told reporters meteorologist Russia Roman Vilfand. He noted that the number of severe weather events this year, 20% more than in 2011. and 10% - figures 2007., previously considered the most unfavorable from the point of view of this year. R.Vilfand stressed that there should not look for a pattern. However, he recalled that in 2012. began with a severe cold in February, which was not observed for 60 years. Then, in a number of regions Read more [...]
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Christmas in Europe come this summer

In Russia, the heat comes from the west. Europe is already covered the powerful cyclone. A warm front comes in from the Atlantic, the temperature everywhere jumped ten to twenty degrees here and there come this summer. This year, the Gregorian Christmas in Europe dawned unusually warm. In France, the thermometer close to a record high. According to the summary of the National Weather Service, in the south-west of the country and at all come summer: in Biarritz and by now more than 24 degrees Celsius, on the coast of the Bay of Biscay people again poured on the beaches to sunbathe. Some Read more [...]
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January getaways roughly the orb

Hebdomad of July 31-August 6, 1997Rubber-necking roughly Anchorage, AlaskaSnow-covered adventures on the Finis CelibateKinsfolk vacations by from DisneylandSummertime ski trips approach Portland, Oregon January getaways roughly the orbJanuary getaways some the orbHead: We birth the month of January to return an lengthened gamble slip anyplace. We both bear gobs of frequent-flier miles that motive to be exploited up. We are rattling mugwump and deliver Read more [...]
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Isaac reached the United States: New Orleans prepares to meet with hurricane

on August 29. Hurricane Isaac crossed the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall on the coast of the U.S., affecting the States of Louisiana and Mississippi. On the way elements - New Orleans, which is 7 years ago suffered from hurricane «Katrina». Then died almost 2 thousand people. The city is once again preparing to meet the element. Source: Lead In the American state of Louisiana declared a state of emergency on August 28. U.S. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Louisiana due to the approaching tropical storm Isaac. As reported on Monday, the White Read more [...]
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Earth is on the verge of a new ice age

Abnormal cold updated records of observations - so cold in December, last week, Russia has never happened before. The average temperature in the country - minus 22 degrees. Pleases only that from the middle of next week will begin warming and New Year's Eve, at least central Russia will meet with indicators of near zero. Scientists also interpreted these signs of frost - no, not the end of the world - a new global cooling (the previous was 200 years ago). What to prepare - it turns out, our correspondent Konstantin Rozhkov: This video was taken in Novosibirsk, a few days ago, when the Read more [...]
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Scientists: Antarctic ice is warming faster forecasts

Antarctic ice cover is heated almost two times faster than previously thought, according to new study of temperature indicators, the magazine Nature Geoscience.There are fears that this trend could lead to a more intensive melting of ice, which in turn will increase the level of water in the ocean, according to BBC.The researchers analyzed the temperature readings from the U.S. Antarctic station Byrd. It was found that the temperature of 2.4 degrees Celsius above average over the period from 1958 to 2010.The scientists claim that this is an obvious point at the global warming. They assumed that Read more [...]
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Naples Plans to Decimate Dog Tail

Naples, Italy, has enforced a eyetooth DNA examination plan—but not to hear more most which breeds are nearly democratic in the coastal metropolis. Kinda, Naples hopes to rid its sidewalks of dog low-down.The design is for every dog in the metropolis—an estimated 80,000—to tend a lineage exam, which volition finally be added to a database of dogs and owners. If a sampling poised on the street matches a dog in the database, the proprietor can nerve a o.k. of more $650.“I live roughly citizenry receive it odd that with all the problems the metropolis has we would center dog Read more [...]
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Melting glaciers in West Antarctica could lead to flooding of the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Tuvalu

Melting glaciers in West Antarctica could lead to flooding of such countries as the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Tuvalu. This is stated in the research scientists at Ohio State University, reports Reuters. "In the western part of the continent's ice temperature increases nearly double faster than we previously thought, "- the report says climate scientists. The average annual temperature at the research station Bird (Byrd) from the 1950's. increased by 2.4 degrees Celsius. The rate of temperature rise in the western Antarctic three times the world average. Rising temperatures Read more [...]
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The ice cap of the Earth has reached the minimum size

on August 28. The area of the ice cap at the North pole of the planet this summer fell to a record low in the entire history of satellite observations. In 1975, when the glaciers were measured for the first time, their area was eight million square kilometers, and now only four. In August, the daily Arctic has decreased by 75 thousand kilometers. Such a pace it can melt. But scientists give pessimistic forecasts are in no hurry.Hot Arctic summer. About plus five, returned to Northern birds, and the ocean full of puppies. Puppies is a professional term. To call these little ice if scientists Read more [...]
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Climate change can occur very quickly

By analyzing the ice cores was found that global climate can change abruptly, just a few years.
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Things to neutralize Rhodes, Greece

Hebdomad of Grand 14-20, 1997Condos for aqualung diverse on BonaireMythic trips to Lagune MiramarWeekend tenting close ManhattanInline-skating tours in Holland Things to neutralize Rhodes, GreeceThings to neutralise Rhodes, GreeceDoubtfulness: I program on passing to Rhodes, Greece, on my own for 10 years in October and need to filling my activate with every potential stake chance that awaits me. Any suggestions, contacts, etcetera.?Tina JordanNorwalk, Read more [...]
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American scientists have discovered what causes the melting of snow and ice in the North

Warming in the Arctic continues to break all records. This process explains the severity of the winter freeze in Eurasia, including Russia, says the report, prepared with the support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA). Snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as sea ice in the Arctic Ocean in June 2012, was at a record low. But the area has increased dramatically in the tundra vegetation and sea surface temperature. As a result, many of the animals that live in the Arctic, on the verge of extinction. In addition, serious grown marine plankton, which Read more [...]
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Winter will again be cold and snowy

Siberian abundant snowfall, the last in October, seems to have started a chain is not a quick atmospheric phenomena that in the coming weeks break the polar jet stream - the flow of air, determines the character of the northern hemisphere winter."As a rule, it quickly goes from east to west, keeping the cold air at high latitudes, and the air was warm - in the middle - says Judah Cohen of the company's Atmospheric and Environmental Research, which is assessing the risks associated with the weather. - The shift of the flow causes the cold air will come to the south, and the warm flow Read more [...]
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