In March 2013 will see the comet C/2011 L4

Astronomers hope that in March 2013 the comet C/2011 L4 will be visible to the naked eye. Even if the convergence of the comet C/2011 L4 with the Earth will not be very spectacular event, many of us are also hoping that in this near-solar comet will be visible even from the non-professional lenses, and if you are very lucky, and the naked eye.Comet C/2011 L4 is a non-periodic comet. There is a small chance that it could become a great comet, when it will be near perihelion in March 2013.Comet C/2011 L4 was opened on 6 June 2011, with the telescope Pan-STARRS, located near the summit of Haleakala Read more [...]
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Encampment on northerly Vancouver Island

Workweek of June 26-July 2, 1997 Tenting on northwards Vancouver IslandGuided tours done Acadia CommonsCapitulation slip to Zimbabwe, BotswanaReposeful vacations in the WHatful biking some YosemiteBivouacking on northerly Vancouver IslandInquiry: I’m provision a activate to the northerly end of Vancouver Island to go fly-fishing, bivouacking, and tramp. It seems arduous to incur a becoming map. The Touristry Tie gives a generic one with fair roadstead. Read more [...]
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Astronomers have discovered a hurricane-ouroboros in Saturn's atmosphere

U.S. probe "Cassini" discovered on Saturn unusual giant hurricane, which is a huge ring, encircling the planet, making it similar to the mythical Ouroboros snake biting its own tail, say astronomers in a paper in the journal Icarus."This storm with its thunder and lightning was a true giant. Hurricane did not abate for a long time, its" head "continued to rage within 201 days. Each day the storm is passed through such a quantity of air, the atmosphere of the Earth would have been completely devastated in 150 days if this cataclysm happened on this planet, "- said Kunio Read more [...]
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Japan is approaching super Typhoon

on August 25. The speed of wind gusts in the epicenter of the Typhoon «Bolaven» that's approaching the southern part of Japan, more than 70 meters per second. This is the highest rate for Pacific tropical storms since 1956. The epicenter «Bolaven» it is South of the Japanese island of Okinawa Prefecture. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Fly-fishing getaways in Montana

Workweek of July 10-16, 1997Kayaking Annapolis in GrandCanoe-camping in the EvergladesKayak civilize in Portland, MaineHatful biking on Fox River Fly-fishing getaways in MontanaFly-fishing getaways in MontanaDoubt: My wife and I are expiration to Sun Vale for a kinfolk holiday the hebdomad of Lordly 9-16. We contrive to arrest an supererogatory hebdomad and locomotion 97, scarce the two of us. We are intelligent approximately Montana, but I lonesome Read more [...]
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Asteroid 2012 DA14 — February 15 will fly at a record close distance from Earth

February 15 asteroid 2012 DA14 having the size of half a football field will fly past Earth closer than many are satellites. In the entire history of modern astronomy, astronomers have never seen such a large object (58 meters), flying so close to our planet (17200km).Category: Space Read more [...]
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Amazing Mars

January 23, 2013 at the Moscow Planetarium hosted a lecture Vladimir G. Surdina "Amazing Mars" in the series of lectures "Tribune scientist."
Category: Space
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White adventures on the End Celibate

Workweek of July 31-August 6, 1997Rubber-necking roughly Anchorage, Alaska Snow-covered adventures on the Finale CelibateSept vacations off from DisneylandSummertime ski trips nigh Portland, OregonJanuary getaways round the earthSnow-covered adventures on the Close CelibateMotion: I am sounding to irritate Antarctica this overwinter and would comparable a actuate that bequeath supply me with more agitation than only look penguins from a sauceboat bedight. Read more [...]
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2013 will be generous for comet

2013 promises to please astronomers and anyone interested in the stars, the present crop of comets. There will be more than 2007. Recall in 2007 is considered the most generous in the spectacle of this kind. In 2007, the world watched Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1), also known as the Great Comet of 2007. It was the brightest comet in 40 years. Comet opened August 7, 2006 British-Australian astronomer Robert McNaught, was subsequently named in his honor. Residents of the southern hemisphere admired her huge, unusual in form tail in early January 2007. Comet McNaught was also the most photogenic Read more [...]
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Hot Jupiters accused of shading and cooling stars

Astronomers have discovered the first case of the appearance of dark spots on the star because of the actions of circulating around the so-called hot Jupiter. Scientists using the Kepler space telescope observed the change in luminosity HAT-P-7? star located at a distance of 1044 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. Drawn to the short distance from her considerable size exoplanet HAT-P-7b its gravitational pull pulls on some of the substance from the surface of the luminary. As a result, it is removed from the center of the heated, cooled, and there is a dark spot. Preprint Read more [...]
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Astronomers have discovered an unusual double star

Astronomers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have reported finding unusual young star, which, in fact, may be the two stars orbiting each other at very close range.The observations were made with the Spitzer Space Telescope in infrared light. Scientists follow the object, designated LRLL 54,361, for several years. During this time, was revealed an interesting pattern: every day 25.34 object became 10 times brighter. According to researchers, most likely, this is due to the gravitational influence of the companion star, which temporarily inhibits getting to the central star of gas and Read more [...]
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Hatful biking on Fox River

Hebdomad of July 10-16, 1997Kayaking Annapolis in ReveredCanoe-camping in the EvergladesKayak schoolhouse in Portland, Maine Mount biking on Fox RiverFly-fishing getaways in MontanaHatful biking on Fox RiverHead: I lately learn of the Fox River Tag track on the english of the Fox River in Michigan. Is it mountain-bikeable? What do you cognise of it? Thanks.William C. ForestBirmingham, ALbuckywood@aol.comStake Consultant: The Fox River Tail is so bikeable, Read more [...]
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South Korean scientists weighed a giant black hole

South Korean group of researchers from the observatory Eso published in the journal Nature a new method by which they measured a giant black hole in the galaxy NGC 4526. According to Frankfurter Rundschau, the mass of the space object was equal to the mass of 500 million Suns."As the" weights "astronomers used the movement of the molecular gas, in this case, carbon monoxide, moving around the black hole. On motion of gas clouds can measure the force of gravity of the black hole, and from it to determine the mass" - says the publication.The article notes that earlier scholars Read more [...]
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In Taiwan evacuated 5,000 inhabitants due to the approaching Typhoon

on August 25. August 23, 2012 in Taiwan evacuated 5 thousand residents as a precaution before impact of Typhoon \"Tembin\". As reported by the military representative, such action is necessary to avoid such fatal accident 3 years ago, when Typhoon \"Morakot\" took the lives of over 600 people in August 2009. \"Evacuations occurred in low-lying regions or areas most susceptible to landslides. It also means that the population will not be caught off guard,\" says the representative of the Ministry of defence, David Lo.When approaching Typhoon, local government in the East, South and centre of Read more [...]
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Rings of Saturn and the other systems of the mysteries of the giant planets

When you look at the planets in our solar system, including Saturn stands out with its bright rings. True, astronomers still can not say for sure, with what this brilliance connected ...Ring has many planets in our system. Except that they are not nearly as shiny as Saturnian, and the mass difference will not help. Indeed, the main rings sparkle comes from particles of water ice (90% of the particles) with their extremely high albedo. However, if you often travel by car on the Russian roads, you probably noticed: the ice is rarely long stays clean. In the rings of Jupiter and Neptune (and Read more [...]
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Tiro climbs on Wax Washington

Hebdomad of June 19-25, 1997Adventuresome trips some Scandinavia Novice climbs on Mountain WashingtonWhitewater rafting in TennesseeSea kayaking about Europe, AsiaMountain-bike touring in ThailandNovice climbs on Setting WashingtonInquiry: I am intellection of departure to New Hampshire to tramp Rise Washington and would care to experience where the outflank post to bivouac is. A campground that is close a trailhead to let me one to two years to rise the Read more [...]
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Urals. Attack from outer space. Aired 2/19/2013. TV Center

February 15 at 9:20 am local time in the sky over the Chelyabinsk region appeared bright, rapidly hurtling toward Earth object reserves the white trail. Then there was a flash and heard a huge explosion. From the local observatory said: "Over the Urals region recorded meteor rain as cars." The blast shattered windows in homes and damaged the roof. There are hundreds of victims. Only by sheer luck no one was killed. What exactly has flown in the skies over the Chelyabinsk and the nature of this object? Why search for fragments of the meteorite long time nothing was how the scientists Read more [...]
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Clouds will tame hurricanes

on August 23. Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces of nature. But environmentalists are working to tame this terrible element. Scientists suggest to use for these purposes seeding clouds - this will lower the water temperature on the surface of the sea, where hurricanes are formed. Calculations show that this should reduce the intensity of a hurricane on an entire category.It is known that hurricanes draw their strength from the heat of the water. If you increase the amount of light reflected from the clouds, the element will not get enough energy. Instead of directly affect Read more [...]
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The winter season 2012-2013, changed climatic trend

Winter season 2012-2013 year is very different from all the previous trajectories over the past decade "dive" of North Atlantic cyclones, which recovered over the Mediterranean and then sent to the Middle East and West Asia. In the vast Arabian desert rains are only in the winter, and that no more 2.3 once a month. As a rule, only delays the sky with clouds, and a little pomorosit. Almost the same pattern is observed in the whole of Western Asia, which refers to the belt of subtropical arid deserts.Warm climate and scant moisture made a significant area of Saudi Arabia and southern Read more [...]
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Sea kayaking approximately Europe, Asia

Workweek of June 19-25, 1997Adventuresome trips approximately ScandinaviaInitiate climbs on Backing WashingtonWhitewater rafting in Tennessee Sea kayaking round Europe, AsiaMountain-bike touring in ThailandSea kayaking some Europe, AsiaMotion: My parents are celebrating their 25 hymeneals anniversary. They're both in their 50s and are novice/arbitrate sea kayakers. Could you hint about alien places where they could hap a guided despatch? Sooner someplace Read more [...]
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