7 biggest mysteries of Mars

Mars, or, as it was known in ancient China, "Fire Star", now many thousands of years to break the head causes the scientists of all time on deciphering all of its secrets.

And probably their excessive curiosity quench not work for a long time, maybe never. For the study of the Red Planet has been involved a certain number of the most technologically advanced spacecraft, but a clear answer to most of the major issues and no.

Let's look at seven of the biggest mysteries of Mars, which was not fortunate enough to solve.

1. "Two-faced" Mars. The reason?

The two "faces" of the Red Planet haunt scientist. How can that be on the same planet? Northern hemisphere of Mars is flat and smooth surface, which is probably the smoothest in the solar system. It is believed that this perfect evenness could be formed due to the location of the reservoir on the planet that was once completely evaporated.

The southern part of Mars is covered with all sorts of bumps and craters. So for unknown reasons, it is raised above the north somewhere for 8 kilometers. Scientists believe that these differences hemispheres of the Red Planet could be due to a drop in the vast cosmic body Mars.

2. Where methane on Mars?

Discovery of simple molecules of methane, we are obliged to Mars. It is in its atmosphere in 2003, the gas detected. As for us on the planet, methane can form representatives cattle digesting food. But what is the source of the gas on the Red Planet? And also, on the basis of the latest discoveries is known that methane on Mars appeared only about 300 years ago. What or who caused it to happen? It is still a mystery. At least until December 3, when NASA will publish a sensational announcement about the discovery of "historic proportions" discovered rover "Curiosity."

3. Can you find water on Mars?

stvo evidence of water on Mars, is pushing the idea that once she was here exactly, if it — is unclear. Extremely low pressure on this planet, suggests that water might be here but could not. But the dark traces of sagging refute the above. What it really is, maybe we'll ever know.

4. Mars had oceans?

Because of the many troughs that are strongly reminiscent of the sea floor, it can be concluded that the waters were here. And plus the deposition of minerals, making this version even more real.

But modern technology can not explain it, because based on the fact that Mars is very low warming sun, water could not be formed there. Scientists suggest that the marine topography on Mars — is the activity of wind power. Version contested, and the truth and did not manage to find out.

5. There is life on Mars?

NASA's Viking 1 — became the first spacecraft to villages without any problems on the surface of Mars. It was on his high expectations in the disclosure of the age-old mystery, there is life on this planet. But our expectation is not justified, it had remained a mystery to unravel that larger forces are trying their best scientists in the world.

In order not to offend our spacecraft to clarify that some of the achievements in his work were still. He found a molecule of methyl chloride and dichloromethane.

Conditions on Mars is even suitable for life — dry, temperature and other factors. On Earth, living organisms found in the worse conditions (soils of Antarctica, the Atacama Desert).

If, however, it appears that there is water on Mars, all doubts as to the existence and living organisms also disappear, because the water — the source of life.

6. Living beings came to Earth from Mars?

Antarctica has opened up new information, when it became a place of landing of meteorites that appear to have broken away from Mars. The reason could be the clash of the Red Planet with unknown space objects.
Structure of meteorites apparently created terrestrial microbes. Many scholars tend to believe that life on Earth was transferred from Mars many years ago.

7. Can people live on Mars?

At the 1969 planned manned mission to Mars. The purpose of the flight was to build a Mars station. But this plan was more complex than at first glance.

The main reasons, which then interfere with plans for were: the problem with a supply of food and oxygen, reducing radiation and others. But just as important was the issue of a psychological nature. The man, realizing that he was waiting for a long life on another planet, simply refuse such venture, recent scientific data obtained in studies rover "Curiosity" show that Mars from space radiation and protects the atmosphere has developed plans for the colonization of Mars, and means people can and will live on Mars in the near future.

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