Americans are preparing for street fights … On its territory?

January 22-26 at the Los Angeles area were exercises to joint actions of the armed forces, police and other specialized services in the U.S.. The training was to prepare the U.S. law enforcement agencies to conduct urban warfare.

It is obvious that any military exercises are not only for show, they are most often caused by conduct or the need to demonstrate the capabilities of the adversary's military potential, or in connection with the preparation of the potential of extraordinary events. Following this logic, it should be noted that the exercises that are held in an American city, suggest the likely application of these skills in real combat conditions.

Another development was the construction of revealing U.S. military base on its "29 Palms" simulated city block area with about the business center of the Russian millionth. According to sources in the United States Marine Corps, this facility includes a 1560 (!) Sham structures. After the information about the construction of the object leaked to the media and the Internet, the U.S. Marines explained the construction of the object of the considerations that it would "allow the troops to improve the skills of warfare that could be useful to them at any time anywhere in the world."

However, some independent American experts believe that the object is clearly intended as a great simulator for training troops for combat operations in the U.S., it is in American cities.

Their main argument is that the characteristics of warfare in a city that is specificity of street fighting, the strongest features of the street is defined development of the country in which they occur. Proponents of this view argue their point of view consistency longtime presence in U.S. cities with building simulations, characteristic of the Middle East, particularly in Afghanistan. A building under construction has all the typical features of the American city, and is among the largest business and industrial centers.
City-polygon contains 7 different regions, it is the "hotels", "shopping centers" and other objects, which, according to some reports, there are special ensemble portraying civilians, whose task is to implement complex scripts that make the process exercise maximum credibility. Scenarios range from skills training security forces action in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations training to interact in a street fight.

The new object is to bring you to the teachings of both 15,000 troops. In the city there is a sham even the river, children's yard area, fenced area, bypass tunnels, shelters and hiding places.

About another similar object MUTC (Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex — Muskatatuksky City Training Center), located in the state of Indiana is known not too much, despite the fact that the object has even own site.

MUTC is located in an area of 4 square meters. km and is the perfect training environment with a full immersion in the combat environment of the city. The new training system based on "29 Palms" is very similar to MUTC: there is also a body of water, schools, hospitals, homes and office buildings.

It should be noted that MUTC relates not only to the armed forces — as claimed by the military itself, the object is the result of a merger of public and private organizations with a common objective to be to provide the trainee personnel as realistic as possible experience in solving problems in urban areas.

What are the goals of the U.S. military in defense of their cities and organizations in their territory scale humanitarian operations can only guess. For the benefit of that in the ranks of the senior military leadership of the United States, there are very serious concerns about the possibility of applying the skills acquired during military exercises in makeshift towns, is building all new facilities like MUTS and expand existing ones.

Some more ideas … Amid rumors proliferating expansion camps FEMA (analogue of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations), supplies to their territory of hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins (see article), the information on preparing Americans for combat operations and major relief operations in the territory of their a city is more than strange and nastorazhivayusche. At least, so says the vast majority of American conspiracy theorists.

By Paul Pomytkin
Category: War

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