Back to school: feet, tail, telepathy …

For centuries next to the man were his true friends — pets. Hunt was the first human occupation of the main means of his livelihood. Domesticated dog, people got to help not only the fast legs, sharp teeth and a great vision, but also the fact that no money can not buy — selfless devotion, love and friendship.

Cats also brought a lot of benefits, eliminating harmful rodents, and for centuries pets have lived side by side with a man, but, nevertheless, continue to amaze us with its mysterious powers.

It has long been known that animals can sense natural disasters, and in the event of danger, the first are struggling to leave a dangerous place, often urging for it and the hosts. In the Italian villages, located near Mount Vesuvius, in each house have lived a cat. At the first sign of the approaching earthquake animals leave the home, and with them go and hosts.

A case when the always calm and affectionate dog began to growl, bark and rush to the door. When she was released, the dog continued to rush from the door and back, and then grabbed his clothes and ran a small child with him on the street. The owner decided that the dog went mad, ran after him with a gun, and then by other family members. Once all had run out of the house as the building collapsed. Dog rescued all of the owners.

During the war gathered a lot of information that the dog or cat before felt the approach of the bombing and ran straight to the shelter, long before they hear an announcement that air raid, this way they saved a lot of lives. Helmut Tribuch, a specialist in biochemistry from Germany believes that cats have a "third eye," located at the bottom of the skull, the "eye" and allows the animals to feel vibrations disturbing the soil and air.

The fact that animals can predict the future, show numerous eyewitness accounts. The best-known case, described by Bill Shulom in his book about paranormal abilities of our smaller brethren, where the author tells the story of a mysterious cat named Fiji. The cat lived with his friend Martin, who was a lonely man.

But one day, the owner of a cat hit by a car, and when Bill came to the cemetery to say goodbye to a friend, he saw there Fidzhita, who was sitting next to the burial pit. Cemetery caretaker said that the cat came and sat on this place even when the pit is not yet began to dig. It follows that the animal felt inexplicably, which will bury his master.

Among other things, animals are capable of telepathy. Owners of dogs and cats have repeatedly observed that their pets sit and wait for the host at the door just when it should come. Studies carried out with the dog named Jaytee from England, showed that he had always sensed the time of arrival of the mistress, before waiting at the door, even if the return was not planned, later or earlier than usual. Notable is the fact that the dog reacted to the mental desire to return home and hostess, in cases when a woman is at a distance of several kilometers from the house.

Professor Sheldrake engaged in animal research, describes an interesting case with a talking parrot named Nkizi who showed clear telepathic abilities. At that time, as his mistress in the next room to view images, the bird uttered the name of the object, which she saw in the pictures, "car", "fruit", "dog", etc.

Also a professor described this interesting event: peacefully dozing in the car cat suddenly rushed at her and bit her hand — woman braked sharply and at the same time before the car crashed into the road tree.

Similar situations with a great variety of animals, however, if the ability to detect the geomagnetic field and the waves would be justified by science, the ability of telepathy and clairvoyance in animals remains a mystery to mankind.

"The Earth Chronicles of Life", Saturday, 19/01/2013

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