Brookings report

Name of Richard Hoagland's known to those who are interested in the problem of the search for intelligent life in the universe. Is the creator and chief independent research center to monitor the activities NASA (National aeronautics and Space Administration), which is called the Enterprise Mission. Its mission — to find out what the discoveries made by NASA in solar system over the past half hidden under a classified "Top Secret."

A grand spectacle

According to Hoagland, on the Red Planet are the ruins of ancient buildings

According to Mr. Hoagland's Mars rover Curiosity («Curiosity") became the main character a grand spectacle. Whatever NASA tried to hide the true purpose of human Mars mission, the truth still comes up outside.

According to Hoagland, NASA long been aware that the Red Planet has the ruins of ancient buildings, once created by the efforts of intelligence. However, the features of the extraterrestrial civilizations exist in the universe. It is in order to find out whether these ruins are abandoned or under them life goes on, and go to Mars, many spacecraft. Richard Hoagland has to make a little trip to the past to understand why NASA is trying to keep secret some sensational, indicating the presence of intelligent life in outer space.

Journey to the Past

It turns out that back in 1950 the Brookings Institution in Washington on assignment NASA conducted a special study and prepared a report entitled "Forecast consequences for humanity of peaceful activities in space", more commonly known as "the Brookings report." Among other things, it evaluates possible "consequences of detection in the solar system forms intelligent extraterrestrial life or artifacts, confirming its existence in the past." The report recommended that all unusual to classify the data that can be derived from the study of the cosmos. At that time, according to Richard Hoagland, NASA already had a set of data, which began immediately if not destroy, then securely hidden from prying eyes.

Riddle Mountain Sharp

And Curiosity mission gave unexpected results, keep that a secret, do not seem to be possible. As you know, the rover down on the Red Planet near Gale Crater, over which rises by 5.5 kilometers cone of Mount Sharp, which is designated as a NASA ancient giant tetrahedral formation. The perimeter of its base of more than 32 kilometers. Judging by the pictures, Curiosity transmitted to Earth, the mountains form a very unusual and suggests the idea of its artificial origin. By the way, close to the mountain is a huge pyramid complex, similar to what is in Giza.

The rover will soon "break"?

Finds that the rover?

In August, NASA held a press conference on the project Curiosity. The head of public observers of the activities NASA Kate Kouing phone a question to one of the leaders of the project as the agency receives photographs from Mars, which instantly laid out in the Internet, given that they can be "highly controversial"? And if they have a specialist, instantly analyzes the images in order to detect anomalies on them and man-made structures? What will the staff NASA, if you suddenly find anomalies "bio"? The answer was very vague — that unless someone something in these pictures imagined, even classifies it down to your imagination.

Richard Hoagland says he will not be surprised if in the near future NASA rover declare failure or loss of communication with him. After all, the human race through the mission Curiosity had fallen so much evidence of the presence on the red planet, or in the depths of life, even a little, and катастрофическиепоследствия promised in the "Brookings Report" will be in the offing. Why do people worry unnecessarily?

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