China: Impotence causes more choking, the fog

I started writing this article with a splitting head pain. Around the thick fog in the surrounding dark pant, chest if squeezed under the weight. Disgust, suffocation, anxiety. Do not decide to open the window because of the fear that the air containing toxic particles above the norm, poses a mortal threat. And the fear that, without opening a window, you're likely to die from asphyxiation with carbon dioxide. I'm young and do sports, but even that does not help, this time, air pollution has reached an extremely serious level.

According to the BBC, BBC, 12 January pollution index in Beijing exceeded the World Health Organization, a dangerous level. "Virtue is shrouded in mist, are working for the good of the country and do not breathe" — maliciously joking Internet users. In this situation, they are powerless, asthma causes in their discontent.

In 2008, during the Olympics, some foreign athletes worried about air pollution in Beijing, said that "in Beijing have to come to the respirator." Many Chinese believed these words exaggerating and even interpreted it as disrespect to the host side. If you remember how many people these days are passed around for Beijing in thick masks concern foreigners immediately becomes clear. According to media reports, in the part of Beijing pharmacies will soon be over respiratory protection.

Dirty, poisonous air and it causes suffocation makes Chinese people think about the disastrous consequences of the widespread development and greed of modern civilization. What explains such a strong air pollution? At this point there is no official report or analysis, but it is obvious that the latter case is the result of accumulated problems in the long-term development of the universal. GDP can be as high index PM 2,5 (content in the air of fine particulate matter less than 2.5 microns) — even higher. Chinese people are not only faced with a frightening development model "ride on the BMW and the contaminated water," but the crisis called "live in a villa and die of suffocation."

Reaction to smog remains in the plane of emotions, people are used to act as a victim, which were filled with emotions and morality, the question shifts to other people or the government, but never think about what environmental damage it causes their own lifestyle . Particles, because of which this time there was fog, are mainly the result of coal consumption and vehicle emissions. In the case of PM 2,5 growth rate, we are not only the victim but also the guilty party. To heat the room, we heat the coal, for their own comfort we travel by car, thereby damaging their own lungs. During the fog many refused to travel by car, argued for a "green" lifestyle, and began to fight with the environmental crisis with ourselves.

Compared to the growth of self-awareness among citizens, in this situation the responsible government authorities did not provide notification to the appropriate level, reacted late. Deficiencies in the system of social services also contributed to the fact that citizens have experienced an even greater disappointment. The fact that the authorities have taken little action to resolve the situation, makes people even more choking, hanging in the air than the smaller particles.

In some cities in China could cost more than two days. Despite the timely information and other measures, the government authorities have so far not published a report on the causes of the fog, and the system of care and prevention of long overdue. According to media reports, so atrocious weather still continue to persist, whether in the week to be suspended from school, as public transport should work? Should I try to cause artificial rain to reduce the level of air pollution? One gets the feeling that these issues the government has no answers.

Even more unforgivable people believe that the government has not allowed the public debate and not hear citizens' proposals on how to deal with the fog, and not shown to the people's own efforts. This is not the first time China has covered a thick fog, still fresh memories of how the end of 2011, half of the country disappeared into the haze. What is the cause of smog? What measures are taken by the government to solve this issue? How to work the system of social services, so that it can respond to the situation where the expected occurrence of fog? Judging by the last few days, then, compared with the previous cases, the government has made no progress, he still has no experience, service and proper training.

At the time, London is often enveloped by fog, but thanks to the efforts of a clear, this city was able to solve the problem of air pollution and to say goodbye to the title of "foggy capital." After the great smog of 1952, the British are seriously thinking about its consequences, so there was the world's first law to combat air pollution — "Clean Air Act". Later in England has taken a number of additional laws to combat and control pollution, introduced measures to limit transport emissions, and for failing air quality standards in the regions provides severe punishment. What made our government, when again there was a terrible smog?

Coincidentally, the mist covered China at the weekend, and the government seemed rested. Changing the mode of production — it's not just empty words. Forcing could choke turned bombastic slogans about protecting the environment in derision.

Author: Cao Lin

Category: Atmosphere

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