Chupacabra — a mysterious creature that sucks the blood of animals

Have you ever seen that you can not explain, for example, animals that live outside of nature, as it were? Or, perhaps, have heard stories about these creatures that come out of nowhere, leave strange marks on the ground and look at you with burning red eyes.

Such beings are outside the scope of science, have been seen numerous eyewitnesses. Talk about them since ancient times. They are a source of night terrors and the myths and legends around the world. Monsters of the skies, forests and deep waters were part of an alternate history for thousands of years.

The appearance of one of these creatures were registered in the period from February to July 1975. in Puerto Rico. At the time, found dead in farm and domestic animals have died from wounds odd neck, which seemed to have been inflicted with a sharp instrument. Most of the killings were in the early morning hours. Some owners have claimed to have heard screams or flap. Later, by the nature of the wounds on the body of animals that monster was named Chupacabra (translated from Spanish — "goat sucker").

Another similar case occurred in late March 1991 in the same city. The couple heard the sirens from fear two Doberman male and female, and then there was a strange sound, like a properly working phonograph. This sound was circling around their house. Her husband went out to explore the yard, after all was quiet, and it is currently faced with two creatures and a half — two meters tall, gray. They had big black eyes. Almost imperceptible little nose and mouth, like a small cut.

A few minutes later the man saw that bitch unharmed, and male — is dead, and "empty" inside. It was as if someone had sucked all the innards through the eyes. Themselves sockets were empty. Within the skin remained intact only the bones. Man threw the remains male in a nearby ravine, where researchers, several months later, they have not been able to detect.

In this year in Puerto Rico and the surrounding area, such cases occur frequently. People who have found themselves on the "crime scene", often seen Chupacabra. Eyewitnesses described it as being a humanoid half to two meters tall. Their eye color changed from orange-yellow to black. Basically, as well as their body. Often witnesses heard a hiss monster, from which many do badly.

But chupacabra attacked not only the animals but also to the people, though she did not eat them. Since May 11 creature with claws threatening people standing at the bus stop, in the heart of San Juan. After one of the officers approached the monster, it is up in the air and ran away. In mid-May, a police officer wrote in a report that the sugarcane cutter has suffered a heart attack after he was attacked by "a giant bird."

Basically everyone who saw Chupacabra, describe it in two ways. The first of which is: being is like a lizard, with scaly skin, sharp thorns or needles, has a forked tongue. It screeches when alarmed and leaves behind a terrible stench, as a result of witnesses begins to feel sick. The second description. Monster gray, about 1.5-2 meters high. It has a large head, big black eyes and a large mouth full of sharp teeth. Also emits a sulfur smell.

Despite the fact that the first chupacabra appeared in 1991, mention of it flashed in the media only in 1995, when Puerto Rico was for two months killed the sheep, goats, cows and chickens. Many people have claimed that being "sucked the inside of his victims through the eye socket." This is how the exterior of one of the witnesses, "… it was the height of about four feet. Big head, lips smaller mouth, teeth and red ovoid eyes. Skin like a dinosaur .. His body was small and skinny. Completes the picture of the clawed hands, webbed bat wings and powerful hind legs, created, as it turned out, for jumping. "

After this incident, many stories began to appear in different parts of the world. In 1996, according to a report in Sweetwater, chupacabra was spotted west of downtown Miami. In the same year, on the evening news mentioned the story of the mysterious creatures that kill animals in South Florida. Gave their distinctive sulfur smell.

They also observed in Mexico, New Mexico and Texas. They were seen in our country, as reported by the Moscow News in April 2006. In early March, the Central Russia saw a creature that kills animals and sucks their blood. Thirty-two turkeys were killed and drained overnight. A little later in the same manner were killed 30 sheep. People found them dead without drop of blood.

In autumn 2010, it was reported from the village Anuyskogo that in the Altai region. Rabbit hutches there had been systematically attacked. In this case, the rabbits were bled, not only, but also laid on grades — males, females and cubs at a time.

By the way, this year there were three cases of Chupacabra attacks on humans. Two of them — in the Rivne region, and one …. 20-year-old Maxim Godonyuk, who lives in the village Glinyantsy Vinnitsa region told of how this happened to him.

Maxim once, returning home from work, I heard the cemetery squabbling and howling dogs. Suddenly the door opened, as if by a gust of wind, and the guy jumped from behind something, put the legs and stretched his neck. "I'm sure" — says Maxim — "that saved me the light from the headlights of passing cars." The animal was frightened and ran away.

Back home, the guy was shaking with fear. His mother handled carefully wound and the doctors the next day appointed injections. According to the victim, he was never afraid of anything, because they do not believe. Now that road goes only in the afternoon.

The incident shocked the whole village. Boris watchman guarding a nursery school, spoke about what he saw the night a strange creature, "dvuhnogoe, his head is huge, striped wool! Fleeing it Topalo like a horse". Kindergarten building is located near the cemetery. And the villagers believe that the Chupacabra lives there.'s just catch it while hesitant, afraid.

The next occurrence of the unknown substance was recorded in spring 2011. Nizhny Novgorod media claimed that the villages were attacked chupacabra. As proven passed information about that in the last few years, several times in the Nizhny Novgorod forests obscure people found skeletons of animals — with hollow ribs, bone, located on the back, ridges, with an incredibly long neck and powerful hind legs. True, no one to give the skeletons could not.

In the autumn of the same year of the Bashkir village Kurd it was reported that the chupacabra for a month kill a fairly large sheep. The villagers were afraid to release the children in the evenings at home. And in the village of Pike Tula region were completely drained of blood pets such as rabbits and poultry. Forward meat being paid no attention.

The same time, dated and another appearance Chupacabra — near Novosibirsk. In animal being attacked also by night, made one fatal bite and suck blood. This time Chupacabra finally beginning to its name, it was the attack on the goats.

In 2012, the Chupacabra showed up at Moscow. According to the information received, it is being attacked on a farm in Kolomna and a little later in the Mytishchi district. They said that dozens were killed sheep. Drawing attention to the obvious facts, such as anemic, some experts were sentenced — Chupacabra.

A little later, the villagers presented Sennoe this Chupacabra, it is a corpse strange animals. Because before that for months put to death by unknown pets, it was decided that this was the mys
terious chupacabra. True, the hunters said quietly that the creature was too similar to the Jackal, in recent times inquire from the Caucasus. But this version was considered uninteresting.

Last August, the Chupacabra again attacked a person. This time for a tenth of the village Bobrik (Ukraine). Being severely scratched his hand and scared him. That evening grader returned home from school. Suddenly jumped out of the bushes unknown beast, strong-smelling sulfur. According to the victim, he strongly resembled a kangaroo, but it was higher for growth. Face being the boy did not have time to consider because of the strong fear.

Predator just managed to touch his hand claws teenager apparently did not cause harm because the feared headlights passing car. After what happened in the village was introduced strict mode. Residents afraid to go out and do not let their children after 10 pm. If they do have it, they go two or three people. Claw marks predator local doctors have described as "belonging to an unknown substance."

Do not leave his antics in the new chupacabra coming year. January 15 she appeared in Teikovo Ivanovo region, killing two rabbits. People say that the owners are lucky, two rabbits — is not enough. But it is clear that this creature multiplies rapidly and earning a possession. And who knows what will happen next?

"The Earth Chronicles of Life", Saturday, 01/26/2013

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