Electric people

For the first time the phenomenon of "electric people" was investigated in 1846 godu.15 January this year a French girl named Angelica koten, who recently turned 14 years old, had to go through a strange state, lasting no more than quire minutes. As she approached an object, they immediately bounced away.

Even very heavy furniture from a light touch of her hands and started jumping around the room spinning. The French Academy of Sciences formed a special study group to study the case, and in the February issue of "Journal de Debat" report was published in this group. According to them, the power possessed by a girl, was similar to electromagnetism. That is the conclusion they came because the compass in her presence is spinning in all directions. Under the action of electromagnetic forces girl repeatedly struggled in terrible convulsions, and her pulse rate at this time reached as much as 120 beats per minute. Angelica so afraid of this, not even once ran away from home.

For the first time such a "high voltage" syndrome was seen in 1786. Beginning this year, cases of people attract or repel objects were observed more than once. So in 1890, doctors examined Jenny Morgan, having "high electric potential." People were afraid to meet her, and those who do not know or have forgotten about her abilities, sometimes even fainted at the manifestation of this phenomenon.

Often high electromagnetism promotes the appearance of "man — a magnet." For example, F.Mak — Kinstri once felt a "charged". This happened to him in 1889. As a result, he could not move at a slow pace and stop or his feet stuck to the surface, and in order to unstick it was necessary to resort to the help of passers-by. Another case of "man — magnet" was recorded by physicians of Maryland in 1890. Louis Burger tips of his fingers was able to raise a glass jar, in which there were two kilograms of metal powder.

Just know many cases in which people literally began to glow. So in May 1934, the case was reported, which occurred with Italian Anna Monaro. While she slept, her breasts came out of bright light blue. This glow lasted a few seconds with a few interruptions.

One psychiatrist hypothesized that Anna Monaro could shine because of that her body is electric and magnetic organisms that are highly developed, began to emit lights. Another doctor thought that this is due to the emergence of "electromagnetic radiation", based on the appearance of chemical compounds that are found in the skin of Anna Monaro.

In medical cases luminous people associate with pathology. For example, in women, aching breast cancer from the body came a bright light in which a meter could see a clock face. The only case of this glow healthy man was seen in 1869. This case was described in the magazine "English Mechanic."

One woman said before going to sleep, that one of the fingers of her right foot began to glow, and when she rubbed it, the glow grew, and began to move apart fingers. In this case, from the foot of an unpleasant smell. Even at the time when the woman dropped her foot in a basin of water and tried to wash it with soap and glow odor persisted. This phenomenon lasted about 45 minutes and was witnessed happening husband.

Science as well-known case of the luminescent glow. Typically, this is due to the biochemical reactions that occur in the human body or the appearance of living organisms. In principle, any living organism characterized faint glow, but it is not always glow explainable by science.

Electromagnetism is also common to all living organisms, and it is connected with the finding of a large number of charged particles that have magnetic properties. But when a magnetic field have a very low intensity and can not cause any displacement of even very small metal objects. Why do people suddenly increase the magnetic field in the hundreds or thousands of times? What turns him into a walking light bulb or a magnet? Science is still not known.

"The Earth Chronicles," Sunday, 01/27/2013

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