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For him nothing is impossible …

Everything just works. God created all of The easiest way for you. Kundalini. She — your salvation, it is — your return, the establishment conceived. You understand that without it you can not penetrate, not connected to the divine world. Without it, all your efforts are futile. All costs will empty your strength, if not awakened in you kundalini. So it was meant to be.

-Is it implied that human beings will develop your brain. You can see that the development of your brain does not give you satisfaction? That with the fact that the brain is developed? Come up with a new TV or a phone? And so what? The brain is endlessly invent different things. That's his nature. You do not mind, you duh! You all are created initially, especially as the Spirit.

-All the rest is attached to the Spirit. Your body attached to it, your abilities, desires, ego … Take from all this is that you as a spiritualized human spirit. These are all the tools for your guidance, to support life, to be able at some point to show you …
Spirit did not take, he does not need it all. He is waiting for one thing — waking accomplishments, penetration, saturation nectar approval you togetherness.

-Each of you will, when it connects to its nature. You do not feel the integrity of themselves. As you have a lot of separation, many pieces are mixed inside. You constantly fight with each other. You are uncomfortable with themselves. You always expect a threat from outside. Even from themselves you expect a certain danger. You do not run to the full extent, even by themselves. That's what happens to you.

— The awakening of kundalini will give you link. First of all communication with the source that created you. You may not know all the details, you can not completely understand how it all works. Does not matter. No matter what you do not know much about it. These things will gradually become known you. Now it is important that you choose to do this with you. You had the wisdom to see and feel that your time has come.

-You do not know what will happen to you, you are still not sure what lies ahead will be fine. But you do not know this without trying. How can you judge that you have not known? You finders, you researchers. Try it, because everything else fails. That you have created that runs at least a few centuries? Look at it this universe. This is billions of years does not fail! All these thousands of years the universe runs like clockwork.

-These are your issues, what, how? You do not ask questions when you are fooled. But why did God need to hear them when he called you? It's yours, it's not for other worlds, other beings. It's all invented just for you — the people! It is your right to do so. Many of you believe, but this belief is so weak.

-All this time, humanity has had a weak faith in God. Do you believe, but somehow with caution. At the mercy of God and yet hedged. What if he will not hear, and suddenly does not work? Drop doubt kills all your faith. How can you think of him? He's brilliant in his qualities! It penetrates everywhere. For him nothing is impossible, you know? If He created you, then how will he give you? Do you believe this?

-The only thing that separates you from him, is you. Only you can avoid it. Can pray to him day and night. You can sing Him everywhere and everything. Your voice will not be heard if you stay inside the blank. If you decide that a belief in the pronunciation of his name, you're mistaken. If you decide to serve Him in the observance of rituals, you are mistaken.

-It is easy to observe the superficial, at the right time to pray, to come to a common prayer or preaching. This is all easy to observe, many people like the lifestyle. But where in this your establishment? Did you get? You just enjoy this arrangement believer. The so-called believers. I'll tell you what the person who believes in God, and every day closer to Him.

-When you get the experience of Kundalini awakening, you'll find something. Initially, it will be hard to believe. Then you take it for granted and wonder. Then you fasten it to myself and finally — never have traded it for something else! That's when you wake up in a real faith in God Almighty! Gradual enlightenment, awakening your qualities will give you light. You'll see. And when you see yourself as you are organized, as arranged all around, that's when your faith is awake.

-This is a great thing, I tell you. A person in whom there was a belief in the Almighty God is so different from the others. Behind him is always a force greater force. It's all around him, it's like a halo, a halo. It never fades. If you meet such a person, you know, before you a man whose faith led him to the room where God lives! He is now close to God Himself!

-Eyes, look into my eyes, true faith is always visible in his eyes. Such people are completely fearless. They are not afraid of anything at all. They can not be hurt, they can not be killed, they can not even insult. Their faith absorbs any aggression, any praise, whatever absorbs such faith! It is not the people, it is a bundle of energy, which until recently was one of you — simple, sinful every day.

-Now, having found his faith, he turned into a super-being. And he will always speak of God and only Him. He'll tell you about the Mother, be sure he will talk about his mother, who created it. This knowledge of the truth now will determine his speech. Think and talk and attention … All will be directed only to the world of eternity. Where arrive celestials. This is the only thing you hear from that person.

-These people get the rest of his faith. You will see that there is something in these people that attract you. This is nothing to prompt your own nature. Your spirit dies with it. He expects that's here and you stand on the way. Essentially you expect from yourself that moment when you decide to take this step. You are just one step away from the main events of his life.

It is so difficult for many. Why do people hesitate to it?

-Fear, the fear of man. You are used to matter more to the lowlands. You are surrounded by a lot of the dead and you will create only dead things. You do not start a life. Living inside you and it scored dead. You accumulate dead convention, dead, empty all kinds of things you have accumulated. Your spirit as in dense fog. You do not see it.

-Therefore, awakening — the only way. You will not find any other way to know yourself, to know God. No other way is not there. You can try to go the other way. You might find a piece of gold on the road, but you will never find a treasure chest. It is hidden deep. To become rich, you need a different way.

-Ask those who have made the move. They will tell you what happened to them. What a difference in their lives. As they are transformed. As the matter was to serve them as gods fulfill their desires, as the Universe itself is now an assistant with them. Ask them about it. Their story will please you.

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