Geopolitical mosaic: chemical weapons in Syria move Russian, and U.S. citizens are snapping up guns and appreciated shops

Paws up! Militants surrender in droves Syrian forces near Damascus. , Reports Trend. ITAR-TASS Zelenin referring to "Al-Watan".

According to the source, 72 hours, regular army units struck powerful blows to the gangs in Diyabii, Hodzheyre and Akrabe, south-east of the city. Moreover, the enemy suffered "heavy losses in men and equipment." (Now it becomes clear why and who made a stuffing of information on the use of chemical weapons the Syrian army. Pretext for an invasion is necessary, that the army would not terrorists fled. Approx. ZHZH)

Corr. ITAR-TASS reports that under the pressure switched to the offensive of government forces fled armed extremists acting in the suburbs Duma (12 km from the capital) and horticultural plantations Eastern Huta. They broke up into small groups to groups of 15-50 people, who are now trying to break out of the encirclement.

Military sources in Damascus said that the Syrian army "does not force the operation to sweep the area and conducts its planned, everywhere destroying terrorist bases and mercenaries." Command assigned to the task forces "to completely rid the capital and its citizens from terrorism."

Information Minister Al-Omran Zuabi said yesterday at a press conference that "the valiant armed forces of the country will pursue the gang fighters throughout Syria."

The tragedy is being investigated.
Syria is under investigation by the tragedy in Halfa. There blast killed and wounded, according to various estimates, from 60 to 200 people. It is still not clear who was bombed, according to "News."

The opposition accuses the government that caused the Air Force air strike on the bakery. Among the victims were mostly people who were standing in line for bread. But check this statement can not be: the city is under the control of the Syrian Free Army.

Moscow controllers. Israeli resource «DEBKAfile» (source translation — «NewsStreet») hinted December 22, Sergey Lavrov, just does not make statements.

The threat of chemical weapons hanging over Syria and its neighbors to the publication, has taken "an epic revolution." The fact that Russia's foreign minister on Saturday said: "… the Syrian government merged its chemical weapons in one or two places against the onslaught of the rebels, and it is currently under control." And then he said that Russia "which has military advisers, training of Syrian military monitors Syrian chemical arsenal."

Military and intelligence sources (anonymous, of course) that cooperate with «DEBKA», the words of Comrade Lavrov not only translated, but also interpreted: statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, there is a message to Washington that the Syrian movement of weapons of mass destruction in one or two protected space is under the control of Moscow.

What is it happening? It turns out that Russian care about that NBC did not get the grouping «Jabhat al-Nusra», geopolitical daughter "Al-Qaeda." Militants from the organization participated in the December 21 attack on the Islamist government military complex "Al-Safir" with "chemical" and "biological" warehouses.

Naturally, Comrade Lavrov, being an experienced politician, "do not go into details as to how this arsenal was moved and where."

Israeli edition nevertheless notes that his reference to "the Russian military advisers, training of Syrian military," makes it clear: the Russian troops were directly involved in the movement of weapons of mass destruction in places inaccessible to terrorists «Jabhat al-Nusra».

In «DEBKA» no doubt that Russia not only keeps them "under control", but also involved in their protection.

At the same time some "Moscow source" portal reported: Russian military involvement in the Syrian civil war Russian achieves four goals:

1. Preventing war of the West or Israel take control of Syrian WMD arsenals.

2. Prevention of Western military intervention in Syria. In fact, the Russian military exercise now "dual mission" — they protect and NBC, and "the regime of Bashar al-Assad."

3. The presence of Russian troops in Syria in itself — a blow to the insurgency.

4. Russian interference and military presence — the basis for the development of Moscow and Washington agreement necessary for the end of the civil war in Syria.

Prospects for peace deal. Corr. ITAR-TASS Zelenin citing "Mayadin" reports that today in Damascus to discuss the prospect of a peace deal to resolve the crisis. Special Representative of the UN and the Arab League will Lakhdar Brahimi, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Brahimi arrived in Damascus yesterday in the Lebanese border and has already held talks in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Joint Special Representative of the UN and the Arab League said he was not trying to "influence in Moscow" to the position of the president of Syria, "so that he agreed to give up power."

Algerian diplomat is developing the "road map" for the settlement of the conflict based on the Syrian Geneva Document, approved June 30, at a meeting of the "Group of action." Geneva communiqué provides for a transitional government in Syria from the authorities and the opposition, which will hold new parliamentary and presidential elections.

Syrian Information Minister Al-Omran Zuabi recalled on Sunday at a press conference in Damascus, President Assad and a half years ago, first initiated a political solution to the crisis. The minister confirmed that the Syrian government has welcomed the Geneva accords, however, in his words, "awaiting clarification on a number of provisions." Al-Zuabi hastened opposition with the entry in the "serious dialogue", stressing that the government will conduct its "with patriotic factions that oppose foreign interference."

Burned alive. An angry mob stormed a police station in the eastern Pakistani province of Sindh and burned alive a man who was arrested on charges of blasphemy, said Saturday a representative of the local police Usman Ghani, reports resource with links to "Interfax", RIA "News" and "Associated Press ".

Personality burned unknown. It is called "traveler". It is not clear whether he was a resident alien or other area of Pakistan. According to police, he stopped for the night in the village mosque Sita. The next morning, the villagers found the charred remains of a mosque in the Koran, beaten traveler and took him to the police station.

Then about 200 people broke into the police force and brought the traveler. He was again beaten, but this time even set on fire.

In place of lynching were arrested three dozen people. Have been suspended from work marshal and a number of police officers who committed disorder.

"Sea lion" was shot.
In Afghanistan, are investigating the death of 42-year-old commander of a division of the U.S. Navy SEALs "sea lion" Jobe Price.

According to preliminary reports, the soldier was shot. The incident took place in the Afghan province of Uruzgan, transmit "News" with reference to "Interfax".

Egyptian news.
In Egypt, the representatives of the opposition National Salvation Front, December 23 announced their intention to challenge the results of the referendum on a new constitution. It is reported "" referring to the «France-Presse».

According to the movement, during the vote on the referendum there were a lot of violations, and the results of voting at all rigged. The opposition demanded that the Election Commission to investigate violations before the official results will be announced.

"The referendum — not the end — said one of the representatives of the National Salvation Front. — This is just another battle. "

"Feed" reminds that on Saturday in the second round of Egypt was a referendum on the draft constitution. According to the results of exit polls, about two-thirds of voters support this project. Data processing of the papers show that the new document is maintained about 64% of voters. Final election results are expected to be announced today.

The draft constitution, designed by supporters of the "Muslim Brotherhood" is under attack by the opposition. She believes that the new constitution is based on sharia law to limit civil rights for the sake of "religious and moral standards" and infringe on the rights of Christians and women.

"Ansar al-Din," finish the job. As the correspondent. ITAR-TASS Ilya Baranov, Islamists from the radical group "Ansar al-Din" ("The defenders of religion"), coupled with "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb," began the destruction of remaining intact after the summer and autumn riots Muslim shrines in the northern Malian city of Timbuktu. This official said the extremist Abu Dardari.

"There will be no mausoleum in Timbuktu. Allah does not like them. We're going to raze all shrines are located in urban areas, "- he said the agency" Agence France-Presse. "

According to witnesses, the Islamists shouting "God is great" picks break stones, which are composed of the tombs of saints.

In Italy, the dissolved Parliament. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on Dec. 22 to dissolve the National Parliament passes the "" with reference to «Reuters». Election of a new legislature is scheduled for February 24, 2013.

The reason for the dissolution — a government crisis. Resigned on the eve of the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. The intention to leave the job title he announced back on December 8, a few days after the party representatives Silvio Berlusconi "People of Freedom" refused to support his study.

"Feed" reminds that with the intent to run for President of the country in early December gave Silvio Berlusconi, who in October was sentenced to one year probation for financial fraud.

Crisis Berezovsky. On the TV channel "Russia 1" a documentary film accusing Boris Berezovsky in the killing of presidential candidate Ivan Rybkin, and at the same time in a coup attempt. In addition, according to the journalists, the disgraced oligarch behind the murder of State Duma deputy Sergei Yushenkov. This was explained by Alexander Korchnitsky ("").

As the authors of the film, Rybkin, to run in 2004 for president of Russia, were killed — by order of Berezovsky. In this case, Vladimir Putin, who was going at the time re-election, could not participate in the elections because of the death of one of the candidates. And power was transferred to the Prime Minister — Mikhail Kasyanov.

About ready to attempt Rybkin said the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ihor Smeshko: corpse of a presidential candidate should be "soon found near Lvov." Foiled plan, as stated in the film, the staff of Ukrainian special services.

As evidence of channel leads record a telephone conversation between Berezovsky and alleged perpetrators. Killers, according to the records, ask for killing Rybkin 473,000 dollars.

Authors of the film accuse Mr Berezovsky and the assassination in 2003, chairman of the "Liberal Russia," State Duma deputy Sergei Yushenkov. According to the journalists, thanks to death Yushenkov tycoon who financed "Liberal Russia", was able to get political asylum in Britain.

Former co-chair "Liberal Russia" Michael Kodanev, convicted for the murder of Yushenkov says in the film that Berezovsky had threatened him and his family, demanding to remain silent during the trial.

Recently, we recall, the disgraced ex-oligarch (otherwise it can not be called now) has lost a legal battle against Mr Abramovich. Now he is actively selling assets to repay the costs — neither more nor less than $ 150 million. The mansion in the county Surey already sold. In addition Judge Elizabeth Gloster writing unpleasant replied to Boris Abramovich. Henceforth Berezovsky branded as "untrustworthy" and "dishonest."

That's what a start to lose …

Live beautifully … forbid.
China's military is no longer entitled to indulge in some bureaucratic joys of life. They are not allowed to drink at public events, stay in luxury hotels, used cars with "flashers", go to the official meetings of the carpet, furnished with a guard of honor. Even they can not "chat too much" at receptions. Well, the last measure is futile — you will not drink, did not sboltnesh.

As explained by the Chinese news agency "Xinhua", this decision took the authorities in the campaign against corruption.

Senior military officials and officers are also required to monitor closely their wives, children and employees to make sure "that they do not take bribes," reports "Ridus."

Protests in India.
At least 143 people, including 78 policemen were injured yesterday in the heart of New Delhi in the clashes of protesters with the police. The protesters demanded to tighten security on the streets after the rape has received huge response, reports Trend. RIA "Novosti" Alexander Nevar.

According to news agency IANS, among the wounded — some police officers. The clashes damaged more than 10 police buses and vans. Police used up to 250 pieces of tear gas. Law enforcement officers accused of demonstrators in the escalation of violence.

Corr. RIA "News" reminds us that citizens need to tighten security after rape student Jawaharlal Nehru University, on which a week ago abused six drunken men on the bus. The girl is in the hospital in serious condition. On Saturday, she testified. All six of the criminals arrested five policemen on duty in the area where the tragedy occurred, dismissed. The Government of India has promised to set up a special commission to investigate high-profile crimes. After hitting stories in the media, in many cities across the country began a protest and solidarity. People not only need the death penalty for rapists, but also to improve the situation of violence against women.

What started the North Koreans.
The agency "Yonhap", citing a source in the Defense Ministry of South Korea, said that under the guise of launching a satellite to collect information about the weather North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. These conclusions were South Korean experts, examining fragments of the rocket, which North Korea has launched on December 12, reports "".

The experts studied the fragment of 7.6 m, a diameter of 2.4 meters and a weight of 3.2 tons, belonging, as they believe, the first stage of the rocket. Within an object containing an oxidizing — red fuming nitric acid. The same material was used in the development of missiles in the Soviet Union. It can be stored for a long time at normal temperatures.

In the development of the North Korean missiles were used ballistic missile technology «Skud» and «Nodong», and the case has been made of the rocket magnesium-aluminum alloy (AlMg6), the formula of which the DPRK is likely imported.

North Korean missile flight simulation also showed that it can potentially deliver warheads weighing up to 600 kilograms per ten thousand kilometers away. If the calculations are correct Korean experts in the area reached the DPRK will be the U.S. West Coast.

Later, South Korean Navy found three fragments of the missile, launched by North Korea, according to "" with reference to the same agency, "Yonhap".

They have been found in the Yellow Sea at a depth of 85 meters to 151 km from the South Korean port of Kunsan. According to preliminary data, it is a fuel tank, the combustion chamber and the connecting ring. All these objects belong to the lower part of the first stage. The fuel tank shows the number "3".

With the help of these findings, experts are hoping to get more information about the North Korean missile and the target for its launch. Fragments is not brought to the surface.

Marked the end of the world.
Celebration of "doomsday" caused serious damage to several monuments of ancient architecture in the national park of Tikal (Guatemala), said a technical expert park Oswaldo Gomez. This was told Trend. RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamensky.

In the night of 21 December, about 6000 tourists climbed the Second Temple and the South Acropolis at Tikal. This led to the damage levels and stones.

"We will never be able to restore them as they were before," — quoted Gomez Guatemalan media.

New York: The confiscation of weapons? Kurt Nimmo («Infowars») writes that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declares state of New York is committed to the idea of confiscating weapons. Democrat and former Minister of Housing and Urban Development, told the radio station "Albany" that he plans to offer a package of relevant laws in the next month.

"I do not think that sportsmen or hunters will say," I need an assault weapon for hunting — said Cuomo. — Here there is a clear understanding of the question: have the rights of gun owners and hunters have rights. "

Rather, Cuomo will enforce the new procedure, and new grounds for the permitting process owners semiautomatic "assault weapons." In addition to gaining new revenues, these innovations will allow the state to confiscate citizens' guns, do not comply.

"Confiscation may be provided as an option. Compulsory sale of the state — that's another option. But licensing option: have a gun, but did not wear "- said the governor.

Cuomo confiscatory scheme, according to the liberal media, will allow the government to present the firearms of law-abiding citizens.

Don Lemon, an American journalist and broadcaster, after shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, said CNN: «We need to … remove weapons from the streets." Known presenter added: "It should be available only to the police and to hunt for" Al Qaeda "and" Taliban "and not to anyone hunting for children of primary school."

A filmmaker Michael Moore said that the desire to own firearms and support the Second Amendment of racism.

"I think that we are very frightened people, — said Mr. Moore. — I think we scared ever since, as we sailed to these shores. We are afraid of their people … We have become slaves to fear, since, when we realized that we had brought them more than they need. "

Line for rifles. Mac Slavo («Infowars», talked about how the American public has responded to the national requirements of the ban on semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity stores — in connection with the tragedy at school Sandy Hook.

Americans are seriously concerned about the upcoming government measures to restrict the sale, transfer, import and storage of firearms. From now being in the hands of private civilian weapons was considered too dangerous.

While some retailers have decided to suspend sales and even stop all trade in certain types of firearms, while others took up the business with diligence. And sales have increased to unprecedented levels. Shoppers line up to buy weapons, parts or shop for him — those who may soon be prohibited by federal law.

American photographers who have been in gun shops, take off now emptied shelves. According to a shop owner, his outlet sells over one thousand items a day.

Particularly high demand for shopping today. Some enterprising traders pushed up their prices — already three times. But they still make out.

In one shop (Las Vegas, Nev.), people lined up in a long line that she got out of the building and stretched out. "It's like a bank panic" — exclaims the journalist.

Here are in high demand stores for AK-47 for a few days sold more than two hundred pieces.

Stimulate buying also dangerous fears of Americans to the federal government: because it has got billions of rounds of ammunition in the last two years. In conjunction with the crowd, and actively provide training of local law enforcement and the military's "internal" issues measure wholesale purchasing cartridges many defined as "preparation for something bigger."

The more it is the same government is taking steps to disarm its citizens.

A journalist asks: why law-abiding Americans are fleeing into stores or visit special websites and buying weapons and ammo — before coming direct ban on the possession of firearms?

How is it decided in Australia. Will Oremus («Slate», the U.S., the source of translation — "InoSMI") tells of a decision to put an end to the bloody activities of "shooters" in Australia.

"April 28, 1996 a man with arms opened fire on tourists in the seaside resort of Port Arthur, Tasmania. Until the moment of his arrest, he killed 35 and wounded 23 people. This was the most horrible mass murder in the history of Australia.

After just 12 days after the tragedy, the Australian government took an unprecedented step. Under the leadership of the new Prime Minister John Howard, the Conservatives announced that it supported by both parties, the agreement between the authorities and local governments to impose austerity measures on arms control. After a decade and a half after the changes in legislation the results are clear: this law was truly effective. "

The basis of government action was the purchase of weapons. The population was purchased more than 600,000 rifles and semi-automatic rifles (about one-fifth of all firearms in circulation in Australia).

Furthermore, the implementation of the law in the country forbade private arms trade. Each weapon must be registered in the name of the owner. Buyers had to explain the "true cause" of the purchase of any unit of weapons — in the shop. Interestingly, the self-defense is no longer a sufficient reason for doing so.

After the tragic events in Tasmania polls showed 90% of Australians supported the tough changes in legislation.

Of course, continuing Will Oremus, violent crimes involving firearms in Australia did not stop. However, as noted in August, the newspaper «Washington Post», from 1995 to 2006. the number of murders committed with firearms, it fell by 59%. And — note — the number of murders committed without the use of firearms, has not changed.

The sharp decline in the number of suicides — again, note — the use of firearms was even greater: 65%.

Special studies show that the decline in the number of murders and purchase of firearms are closely related. At the same time, and there is a sharp decline in the number of robberies involving firearms. The number of illegal intrusions into private homes has not increased, and it is said unfounded belief that the protection of housing should have guns.

Finally, we can give you another fact: in the decade preceding the tragedy at Port Arthur, Australia, was eleven (!) Massacres. But with the adoption of a new law in the country was not committed a single (!) Such a crime!

However, not all analysts believe in the healing power antioruzheynyh public laws.

In Australia, there have been several other studies on the reduction of the number of crimes involving firearms. Their authors, wrote the journalist, came to the opposite conclusion.

A study conducted in 2006, reported that the decline in the number of murders with firearms after the tragedy at Port Arthur was a logical continuation of the trends that have taken place in society. Meanwhile, the techniques used by the experts were, says fellow Oremus, "highly questionable."

In addition, these same authors "were associated with groups for a permit to carry firearms."

There were other reports and presentations, authors have used, alas, "selective evidence or outright fabricated data." These "experts" are trying to prove that tough laws in Australia do not yiel
d practical results.

All of the conclusions of these writers, however, is contradicted by studies of prestigious scientific journals. Scientists have noted that

"Rate of decline in the number of deaths resulting from the use of firearms, has more than doubled since the adoption of the new law and that the states with the highest rates for buying firearms show the steepest decline in the number of such deaths. In 2011, experts from Harvard University in an attempt to summarize the results of the studies concluded that at the time when, in 1996, a new law, "it is difficult to imagine a more convincing evidence of its beneficial effects."

Not the fact that laws like Australia, will be adopted in the United States. Comrade Howard, the conservative prime minister of Australia, made a decision on the need for a law on arms control, visited the United States after the massacre in Colorado.

"He went home in a deep conviction that the United States needs to change gun laws, and is very upset that the U.S. administration does not want to take this step."

Howard said:

"We are not talking only about the lobbying power of the National Rifle Association and the approach of the November presidential election. It is hard to believe that their reaction would have been different if the mass murder in Aurora happened after the Americans elect Obama or Romney. Culture of firearms in the U.S. is so strong that millions of law-abiding Americans genuinely believe that it is much safer to have a gun, because there is so much to handle firearms, self-defense just need to have your own. In other words, the situation has gone so far that there is no turning back. "

National Rifle Association, we would add, — the main weapon in the U.S. lobbyist. This office has donated over $ 5 million to candidates for election to the House of Representatives and the Senate (2004). This is due to the efforts of lobbyists in 2004 in the U.S. lifted the ban on the sale of assault weapons, which operated from 1994. MYSTERIES of the National Rifle Association are fond of saying: "It shoots guns do not shoot people" and believe that an effective way to counter the rebels and murderers is just the use of weapons against them, and examples of, say, that abound.

Examples really is, and they are many, but lobbyists seem to deliberately overlook the fact that homegrown arrows like Colorado or Connecticut would not have committed murder, not if they had easy access to guns. If the "arrow" had pistols, rifles and ammunition, then the assumption of a possible confrontation effective killer in arms would have been useless. As for the illegal access to guns, which supposedly will certainly razdobudut potential criminals, it is the substitution of the desired real. Assassin Newtown autism, took the pistol, rifle, and stores of ammunition from his Nurse, who often drove son to the shooting range. Very unlikely that this vicious boy, playing in the basement computer games would come out for illegal traders guns.

Australia — it is a great counter-argument to those in the United States called for the Second Amendment and armed to the teeth against the heavily armed.

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