When you are born, you already get to the illusion. This happens as soon as you turn up in this world. This world, by definition — is illusory. We can say that your task — to detect the illusory nature of your existence. Why is it necessary …

-First of all, the illusion is good habitat for human beings, until you have built new chakras, new qualities and principles. At the appropriate time, and certainly not one life. The value is not the kind of person that you all become men. And while human life has a lot of beauty, yet it is not the final stage of your development. Now you feel it.

-Why would not immediately introduce you to reality? The problem is that the reality does not quite know. Reality should be all of you. Your life is up to a point, like a book you are reading. This reading some books. This reading should eventually end, and after that will begin your establishment. So you all come to the point where all of the books you read.

-Even if you just knew would be the reality, it would not change anything for you. The reality is always mentioned by all the prophets. Unless humanity can be called something else now? All remained still, by and large. Units set aside the book aside and began to learn the reality, going in this way. Units can only get to it. Many of them quickly lost.

-Yes, we talked about the illusion. If reality accompany you from the start, you would have had many wounds on his thin body. Lack of preparation for the meeting with reality, could cause you a lot of suffering. Even now, as some of you may know a little reality, you are not always easy to talk about it to ordinary people. They can hurt knowledge of the real.

-First of all because of the ego, people may feel uncomfortable when they hear you. As you can tell other people what they do not do, for example. Such things can not be perceived human mind. It is you know what you do not do anything in this world. God does all the work for you. Only you will know that this is the case, but not otherwise. But how this can be recognized by others? Try to explain it to anyone. You do not work.

-This is only a small part of reality that you have. Now think how many had to be time and energy to yourself, to become a part of this reality? Many of you are stretched belief, no doubt. Still, you should have received a confirmation of their own, becoming it.

-Reality never hid from people. She was always there for humanity. But have you had the opportunity to see her? See reality without becoming it almost means nothing. Moreover, very often do not make, you took something else for reality. And it's confusing you even more. Which one of you is ready today to say that he has become a reality? This is not easy. Just go for it. I've always said that the method of awakening kundalini simple. You can learn to drive a car for an hour, but to drive it as an experienced driver, it takes years.

-Even though you know that in a few months, after awakening the kundalini, you will not recognize yourself. Yet, a more profound work. Learning to meditate is not difficult. Is not difficult to learn to control themselves, their thoughts. It's not difficult. How will you know the rest, you'll get all the rest, if you are satisfied with a small victory over the illusory?

Do not become saints who are in the subconscious — a dead region of the human world. At this stage, just go the distance.

-You realize how many subtle subject you will know! You realize how much you ought to be subtle, sophisticated personalities? I'm talking about you, those who have become thin, enlightened beings. You have not really people, you are more than people. And you should not get lost along the way, when you leave one destination and has not yet made it to the other, you know?

-Complexity is not in the sense of fine moments. Absolutely not. Once you become a little thinner, you will soon realize it is easy to understand or even more subtle. Then you can easily get it and move on. Then more delicate appear before you. This is followed by an all-pervading energy. Your situation in life, events, tips, other people. You learn to recognize all that is happening to you. You learn to understand the language of the universe, which protects, teaches you every moment.

You will very quickly become a true yogi — people who have a connection with the all-pervading power of love. This will happen very, very quickly with you. You just have to watch and almost nothing to do. You just wish it did not end with you. You entice the process, because the fruits of it — your daily becoming more subtle essence.

-Do not worry about the rest. Once you are logged into this kingdom, the very universe, the universe itself will take care of you. From now on, you get a real diamond. You begin to care about everything. Divine world was right there, as soon as you started this movement. Do not stop and you would be surprised how much help will come to you. Yesterday you were simple, absolutely meaningless people. And now you can not even tell you who you are …

-Becoming a spirit, it is the goal — the lighthouse! It's the only problem. In this spirit, and the establishment of its own is your goal. This is your meaning. That's why you are all human beings. So you all are here. Hold the attention of their target. Everything else is not important. It does not matter ….

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