In the Kyrgyz part of the Tian Shan is located mysterious Ala-Archa

Observed that some abnormal phenomena, such as the appearance of UFOs, often observed in the sparsely populated and rarely visited regions of the people in the mountains, jungles, deserts, in the far north. One of the "anomalous" regions — the mountains of Tien Shan, where the persistent reports of encounters with strange …

In the Kyrgyz part of the Tian Shan is located Ala-Archa, who was once a favorite place for visiting climbers. Few of them have not seen a UFO or is not found signs of Bigfoot. Now visited by climbers here not so often, but not mysterious accidents still can not do.

Employees of the local rescue squad and mountain villagers claim that UFOs appear above the gorge almost every night. More often it is flying at a high altitude lights, which at full speed abruptly change direction. Sometimes you can see the machines themselves. In general, they appear in the vicinity of the peak of Free Korea. Some even believe that in the depths of the mountain is the alien base.

UFO circling near the top of the Teke-Tor. In the late summer of 1991, several climbing teams were observed in the vicinity of the mountain unusual sight: five huge spherical metal objects-down "from the top and to the horror of witnesses, began circling low over the ground. Then, picking up speed as they raced off in the direction of Aksai spur.

At the beginning of the same year witnessed no less exciting spectacle were members of All-climbing fees. Near the peak of the Crown were four gigantic, almost a mile long, cigar-shaped object. They are more than an hour hung over the mountains, glistening glossy black sides. Sometimes separated from them "cigar" smaller, which fly again merged with mothership. In the end, the big ships began to drift slowly to the south, until out of sight.

Happened here and landing of flying saucers. Recorded two episodes, when an unknown man approached the vehicles, as if he heard his call. One of these episodes occurred in 1984. A group of five mountaineers noticed an unusual object in the sky. Intrigued, the people began to interpret each other, which, they say, it would be good to consider this thing up close. Suddenly, the ship made a sharp turn at high speed and went straight to them. The unexpectedness of all fell into the snow. Lenticular UFO hovered for a few minutes just three meters above the people and, before flying, highlighted their pink ray. Fortunately for climbers, the incident pass without the consequences.

Repeatedly people watched the pilots of these objects. The case witnessed by a dozen people, occurred in 1992. Making the climb up the steep slope to a height of about four thousand meters, climbing squad saw just above slim, a very high figure of a man in a silver suit. Growth stranger identified in 3.5 meters. He was standing on a very narrow ledge. How he got there, it was impossible to understand. Before him — many-abyss behind — cliff. He stood still and looked at raising people. They were seized with fear. Ascent stopped and began to descend. One of the climbers was carrying a camera, take a picture but for some reason he did not even come to mind. A few days would rise again by the same route, seized cameras and film camera, but a stranger on the ledge was not.

Gateway to the bowels of the mountain

Among climbers visiting the Ala-Archa, go stories of mysterious disappearances in this area that are associated with UFOs.

In 1981 he did not return to the camp group led by Boris Vasiliev. All six people in the water sank. And in those days over the mountains circling the unusual pink balls. On another occasion, in 1987, two climbers, returning to the camp, claimed that in a snowy mountainside automatically opened into a large cave entrance with round metal walls and from there flew at high speed oval object with portholes. Mysterious "gate" then long closed, although none of them are no longer crashes.

Climbers noted this place on the map and went there the next day. More of them have not seen. Marked space was searched several times, but no people, no "gate" was not found.

Memorable incident in the late 1970s. By based out unknown climber, who was surprised to not find here their comrades. He was even more surprised as he looked at the calendar. According to him, was to be in 1968. It appeared in February 1968, he went to the area of Mount Teke-Tor and spent the night there in a sleeping bag. Nothing unusual, he did not watch, except fireball that flew pretty far away and disappeared. Waking up, he waited a long time companions, who had gone to storm the mountain tops. Before their arrival, he returned to base. It turned out that during the night people "lived" a few years! He was sent to Alma-Ata, and his fate is unknown.

Guest Night

In the Ala-Archa (as, indeed, in other places of the Tien Shan) can be found and a snowman. This strange, covered with dense hair humanoid creature from time to time and see the climbers, and the instructors and staff rescue service. Senior instructor of Poltava and Nazarenko saw him many times at different points in climbing routes. Cryptozoology scientists call it relic hominoids and arguing over who is:-preserved Neanderthal Pithecanthropus or even more ancient Australopithecus?

Bigfoot is nocturnal. In the 1980s, he often came to the hut of climbers on a distant hillside Teacher. People watched from the windows as he clearly visible in the moonlight, was walking by the hut in search of food and rummaging through drawers and stuff. Once this "master of the mountains" climbed to the roof. She sagged under his weight, and people were afraid she might break through the monster and was not among them.

However, marked and times when he went into the hut. One such visit took place in the winter of 1990. Scary hairy giant under 2.5 meters tall appeared in the doorway, and then went inside. People were shocked. No one could move. For a while he stood in the room, looking around, and then went out, touching his shoulder and leaving the door frame on it a bit of their hair. Her analysis showed that the hair is not human and monkey.

Hominoids, like many other animals, protect their territory from intruders. Those he considers people. He tends to scare them, get away. Often, climbers, sitting around the campfire at night and hear strange whistles, screams or cries, which are not able to publish people. It happens that the darkness will fly a stone thrown at someone's strong hand, and hit exactly in the middle of the fire.

Bigfoot can read minds?

Incumbents mountaineering camp convinced telepathic yetis. For example, it is almost impossible to find, if you are looking specifically. He has always shown a sudden, when people are not ready for such a meeting. And he can not indicate to catch up on people fear.

One group of climbers making the transition to the slopes, covered sudden panic. Abandoning their equipment, all ran off to the camp. Only half a kilometer men came around, stopped and started asking each other what happened, why it was so scared. Later examination of the scene, the instructors found litter climbers and large traces of bare feet.

In 1980 in the Tien Shan, in particular in the Ala-Archa, the expedition arrived, whose purpose was, if not caught, but at least shot on film or photograph the hominoid. The search did not lead to success. Bigfoot like felt that he was being sought. All the while the members of the expedition were prowling in the neighborhood, about him was not heard. Searchers found the prints of bare feet, made from plaster casts of them, with that and left. And just a couple of days "boss" again cast a vote or show up himself.

Things are even worse if people are comi
ng in order to shoot. Instructors remember the days when they stayed on the basis of two of these "hunters". Many people feel bad, some headaches, and the strongest of all — the hunters themselves.

Besides UFOs and Bigfoot, in the Ala-Archa observed ghostly figures, and shifts in time, and other anomalous phenomena. All this, however, does not prevent climbers do what he likes, and even enriches their lives in the mountains, some new, unusual sensations. After all, here is an opportunity not only to conquer the mountain, but also to touch the mystery.

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