Is there still life after death?

Is there life after death, there is life after death — is, as they say, the science is unknown. Still, it is — this science — restless looking for the answer to this question. With neurosurgeon from Harvard Medical School, Alexander Ewen, something happened that caused him to believe in the existence of life after death. In 2008, the year he was sick rare disease — bacterial meningitis.

"If you try to create an experimental model that is closest to the state of a person's death, the bacterial meningitis is the best suited for this — quoted company doctor National Geographic (here and all the quotes on — approx. Aut.). — This form of meningitis is under attack the entire outer surface of the brain. "

The cerebral cortex, that is, the part that makes us human, Alexander was simply "turned off." Seven days after brain death a man came out of the coma, and miraculously for a month returned to normal.

"I saw the world as if through the eyes of a mole. It was not clear to brown and red colors, I remember the roots of the head. Suddenly I found myself at the point of butterfly wings, flying above the beautiful meadow, and there were many butterflies. Then we left this universe, and went to the place that I now call the kernel. We flew through the darkness, but I was not feeling the presence of God … "- says Ewen.

Just nothing new in his words there. These stories tell the thousands of people who looked into "other side." Bruce Greyson — psychiatrist at the medical school of the University of Virginia who has studied more than a thousand cases of death-experiences.

"All the people in that state which is called the transition existential psychology, have seen about the same thing — says Bruce. — Persistent feelings accompanying this state — a deep sense of peace, a sense of impermanence of the body out of the meet soft light, carrying the warmth and love. Often people talk about the meeting with some omnipotent being. "

Just a hallucination

Many scholars regard these phenomena as hallucinations. And they, in turn, are the result of the physical stress on the brain due to lack of oxygen. Without knowing it, the U.S. Air Force in the seventies of the last century have confirmed this theory. The scientists subjected pilots huge congestion during rotation in a centrifuge. In this case, the blood rushed to his legs, suffered brain anoxia, and the subjects lost consciousness. Many of them said that they had seen at this time of bright light, others have argued that left his body and looked down at him.

"People who lose consciousness, with similar symptoms, but none of them meets the road of the dead, — said the psychiatrist. — The problem is that all of these physical arguments do not explain the complex passages of memories and feelings, when the brain is incapable of complex thought. Maybe it's the last dream of reason? .. "

The search for truth requires scientific proof of the existence of the soul. Is the soul a myth or is it a fundamental element of the universe? This question is related and the other, equally important, what is intelligence? And where did he come from?

Proof of God's Existence

It seems that with the philosophy of Nietzsche just totally confused and without the "misguided" the souls of atheists. Practicing anesthesiologist, the leading courses in the mind at the University of Arizona, Dr. Stuart Hammer might want to instruct sinners in the way of truth. And also to prove the existence of God. Physically, but there is not some kind of conclusions.

"Anesthesia patients do not dream, they lose their sense of time, anesthesia" carries "the consciousness, but the brain is active, and there is something mysterious," — said Dr. Stewart.

Any one year, watching their patients, Hummers pondered this phenomenon. Fifteen years ago, he met with the physicist Roger Penrose, with whom they have developed a radical theory of the brain, a theory which has developed into a scientific proof of the existence of an eternal soul.
It is based on the so-called microtubules — education within the cells of our brain.

"If you look inside the brain cells, you will find the structural components similar to the bones of the body, that is, determine the architecture of the cell microtubules. In our opinion — it is something like a computer processing information at the molecular level, "- says Penrose.

Such a system allows the brain to function more like a quantum computer. Moreover, this "machine" performs a fundamentally different way than your usual. For what is the brain? Any expert will answer-set of individual neurons. When a neuron sends a signal to other neurons, there is a "domino effect." It is a classic representation of the brain. Penrose and Hummers — these "apostates." They believe that an important part in the work of our "smart" body play quantum processes.

"For example, if there is neural activity in the right hemisphere, it is doubled by quantum processes in the left hemisphere — told them. — These neurons are connected, although separated. "

The researchers argue that the change of microtubules in one hemisphere can affect microtubules in another. According to quantum theory, any point, even in a vacuum, can provide information. "The very structure of the universe contains quantum information, which means that the information in microtubules can connect with the universe outside of the brain — Hummers and really believes that our souls are made of the very fabric of the universe. — I think that the mind or pro-torazum existed since the Big Bang. "

In its death throes, in his opinion, microtubules lose "quantum", but the information in them is. It was she, and assigned to the universe. If the patient comes back to life, and quantum information can return to the microtubules, and then come back to life can tell what they saw. Simple, clear, and that there's no philosophy. It is a pity that not all scientists agree "believe" in God, and after such arguments.

Is there a soul in the robot?

In 1907, Dr. Duncan MacDougall suggested that the soul weighs about twenty-gram. He defined it, weighing the body the dying of tuberculosis. Opening it, however, has not been confirmed. Biology Professor Christof Koch believes that what makes us human is not related to the individual atoms. This is the result of a unique organization of brain cells. "The human brain contains about one hundred billion nerve cells. Each of them is in itself a very complex single neuron as a mindless, but when they interact with each other, there is a self, "- concludes Koch.

But in this case, obviously, the eternal "I" can not exist. The soul, in this case, can not be eternal and experience their bodies.

Professor Steve Potter developing brain, which is half alive and half — the car. The team takes a plotter neurons derived from embryonic rats, and grow them on miniature electrodes. When the brain grows, the scientist sends the information through these electrodes, and the brain responds. Themselves electrodes connected to a computer that is connected to Gibratu — robot, controlled the living tissue of the brain. Like any living thing, Gibrat studying, learning information.

But the question is — can it ever be reasonable? This was by no one. How about the fact that in principle this for such a thing — the mind. And how can we give them robot is not vested with that peculiar to man — feelings? Well, to know what happens after this very reason dies (if it dies? — Approx. Aut.) Can, it seems, only the Line.
But is it necessary to know?

Magazine "Niked Science" February 2013

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