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This phenomenon has long been asked to draw attention to themselves. Once you feel that your time has come and the endless farewell to materiality, with coarser energies that surround you, have to go to the back. In front of you, sooner or later, this will cryptic "Nothing."

There are levels of consciousness, which I do not know the name. I know that some of them cognised.
Certainly not all, but something you passed. Each time the next level, in which you do once your first step is thinner and less rich in detail. Each new level is less gross objects, perhaps, that you have to learn. But the volume of the new section of track, more and more. Or more correctly, you yourself feel more spacious inside, when they enter into new layers consciousnesses.

Here nobody will issue a diploma courses of the previous level. This transition is not always commit itself immediately felt. Threshold is felt only when you've made a few steps to the next level. Only then, looking back, can you testify in front of that part of the path traversed and the relief road has already changed your …

And once you come closer to the mysterious, but beckoning "nothing." It is inviting. This feeling in me for a long time and cause even joy. Though I know that knowing is "nothing", will have an enormous wealth within himself.

Once in you will start to show it is "nothing", you will feel that you become invincible, transparent and invulnerable … This is similar to the particles of matter, which are still open scientists. Once considered the smallest atomic particle. But science has discovered in the last decade, many other elementary particles, which are much smaller than an atom. Were discovered particles that are smaller in size, have no mass … And some of them did not even really impossible to measure or record.

The material world, revealing its secrets to man, clearly shows that his fine structures are hidden, perhaps, the most important particles — the building blocks of the universe. A kind of DNA of the universe. One day science will find his theory that explains everything. One day humanity will reveal the interactions of matter, will dock at the various theories and answer one question — how everything is arranged. It might be found, the so-called God particle, find their confirmation various hypotheses and theories, open minds genius of humanity …

Maybe it will happen one day science will discover "nothing" as the most important element of the universe. In the meantime, we — people without degrees are given the opportunity to know "nothing" in a different way. "Nothing" can not miss it, or it is clearly one begins to emerge. When my condition began to reject bored, already know, I was looking for a new place to explore. All this is happening exclusively inside. And in front of me was "nothing." Like space universe, but inside me.

This item does not come easy. Any Swiftfire, the edge of thought, a hint of a definition … Only something of the above appears in you, "nothing" is hidden, is out of reach. You can already a long time to think, you can not be distracted for a long time, focusing on a new subject, which may very divine world. But it is necessary to create the slightest Swiftfire consciousness and the desired object escapes. You realize that you stand in front of him already. Here it is, just reach out your hand, but … Not so here is simple.

"Nothing" is very similar to some inner space, which for many years was closed to you. I remember learning meditate,
suddenly discovered that I do not let up. I can penetrate deeper into yourself, but someone my limited penetration. I ran into the invisible ceiling and could not help it. The upshot is that I was not interested meditate.
It was only in 5-7 years, the ceiling was gone. Once I discovered that inside there are no more restrictions. Perhaps this was due to the growth of the collective, just can not say …

But since then, opened infinite scope for internal work. And now I began to feel that, so far I have mastered only the lowest layer of the inner sky. Learning to climb high, found here "empty air" and in these conditions, we need to learn to "breathe" in a different way, "fly" in a different way, "eat" in a different way … Everything is different. Here you meet the "nothing", but it is the ocean, which consists of the oceans.

Just on the horizon, it is possible to talk to someone, talk and then "nothing" reminds himself. It appears certain richness that you do not take as long as distracted by conversations with others. And you yourself also deprive themselves of these conversations.

Sam begins to limit myself internally from all that is just trying to get into your mind. And the thought here, it's harmless, because you have to think like a log, which floated on the river. Their unnoticeable impossible. Get rid of thoughts is not sostavlet
labor. But that thought, you will drop all that just starts to get into his head. This and any plans and feelings for someone, and emotions, and different kinds of feelings and desires to act in various areas of society …

Literally everything is pushed for this "nothing", which is absolutely not yet thee cognized.
And you know what's right, it's time you learn the mysterious vacuum in which you will discover the fullness of your own making. All of the missing will be found thee in this "nothing." In science, there is such a thing as a paradox. Here, you're just faced with a paradox.

Primitive not hard to understand. The "nothing" is nothing and nothing can be found. By its very name seems also clear. But this is the paradox — the "nothing" has it all! And here is not that stepping into the "nothing" you will find a bunch of unknown objects, particles, fields, or something … Stepping into this area, you will find yourself to others. On so many others, that as long as I do I can not explain myself, how exactly and what are the suitable definition.

And if I read somewhere, one would assume — with the head of the author is bad, send him pills. But this is happening in my own life, today and every day. And the last time I can not tear myself away from this persecution. And intuition stubbornly insists only one thing — it's time to learn what you can not describe, characterize, formulate, give the approximate shape.

As soon as "nothing" appeared in my life, it started to save me. Of all, it saves. No hints on depression, the decline of states, blackout … On the contrary, everything becomes clear and comfortable. One thing not like — I do not have such insight, subtlety to like this immediately to master it. And the theory is, as usual, already runs on. Practice is not enough. And it looks like I'm stuck here for a long time. Too thin object.

I realize now I need all of my life force, all the skill to be that "nothing." Its versatility is amazing. Eventually begins to become available in the definitions. Just like today, for me, "nothing", it's including some ability to keep away, do not miss a anything extraneous. Nothing prevents, not of that nature, can not get inside. You get ready base for God within yourself and your security service cleans your inner space with the utmost care.

It's time to clean out the dust, to strive for absolute purity. The significance of the "absolute," is working. Earlier you satisfied "with respect", but now only absolute. Forces on it, I feel there, but the desire to spare. We'll have to move in that direction with all that is not relieved from the shoulders. But there's a will …

Five years ago I would have been surprised to hear about such abstractions of consciousness, but today it has become evident in my life. "Nothing" is gaining ground hard and I try to go
to meet in this world, which is hidden from the human world — the world of the highest. All anything — confidence in it is huge. While there is a feeling that this "nothing" I am not allowed to look at everything as it should. Or rather my views and do not give the same. Submission … From this, too, need to get rid of. Be out until the end of all time and will open that world.

It must be said that the opening of the "nothing" gives an incredible incentive to live and learn. And because of this there is some special joy. With it, you and come quietly to himself. From the outside it is not visible to anyone. Nothing has changed outwardly, but inwardly … And again on the horizon alone. But that does not bother otherwise, bored.

You can not say that the efforts made, the work of another order. But the "plow" should incessantly, waking or sleeping. Without it, nothing will … I do not know, maybe somebody will present on a plate all at once. I do not see any other way than through a fine job inside. Attention all the time drills various parts of the inner world. And it finds always finds something …

To sum up this chapter: "Nothing", it is possible that very awareness of our inner void that needs to be cognized individually. Something huge, which does not admit to himself not eternal,
temporary. Well protected space filled with amazingly thin, the eternal field. Very comfortable and pleasant for those who try it to taste. In any case, my senses tell exactly that. Mystery of his own spirit, merging into the world top.

I had no idea that the world is so thin versatile and interesting. Sometimes I do not understand something. Sometimes there are no right words to describe this or that state. But the main thing that they are, and every time they are new. People who have taken the path of self-knowledge will then do what is constantly surprised at how many wonderful things work in the universe, most of which is open, when you look inside yourself …

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