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The transformation of inanimate matter into living — not hopeless delusion medieval alchemists. Man came not from an animal. Homo Sapiens is not the crown of nature, as we used to think, but it is the same principle, as unicellular. Our planet since ancient times has been a kind of Noah's Ark, which is home to the "prototype" of all living things — "every creature." A flu can infect us space. And human civilization is able to colonize planets of distant stellar worlds in much the same as it once out of the universe was brought to Earth life.

More? Please.

Homunculus — grown in the "flask" our brother in mind — not only has the right to exist, and is ready to become the ambassador of humanity in a space virgin.

It would seem that continuing list of sensational allegations, we come to the Volga River, which flows not into the Caspian Sea. However, all of the above — a consequence of the strict scientific hypothesis confirmed by numerous experiments. They are produced in astrophysical department of Physics and Technology Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences Ioffe under a senior research fellow of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Eugene A. Kaymakova.

Postmen life.

These small celestial bodies with enormous shining tails since ancient times people made one superstitious fear. They began to look through a telescope, learn to predict the emergence of many of them in the sky. But unlike the planets, large satellites and asteroids to comets did not associate the development of life. What sort of life — in fact more than half of them are made of ice!

A considerable part of his life astrophysicist Kaymak space devoted pilgrims, and seven years ago [from 1981] suggested: in cometary tails must be organic compounds, especially cyanogen and acetonitrile. Soon, U.S. researchers have found these substances in the tail of Comet Kohoutek.

Interest to biophysicists wandering luminaries increased: where cyanides. There are very likely to occur amino elementary "building blocks" that are the building protein. Cyanide in the light — now and amino acid. In the gas-dust cloud of cometary tail contains methane and ammonia. If you skip the thunderstorm electric discharge through a mixture of gases and water are obtained amino acids — such experiments often successfully done the Miller Ponnamperuma and other researchers beginning of life. Complex organic compounds in comets! So, may be, and nucleotides — the same simple "building blocks", only this time for the chains of DNA. In the emission spectra of comets, these substances are not visible: they are not as volatile. But, by the Kaymakova, their number could reach one percent of the total mass of the nucleus. Not so little: for the core average razmerukomety — already a billion tons.

Amino acids — hence proteins, nucleotides — means DNA, sugars, fats — is not so far away from what is meant by the word "life." It is understood, of course, biophysicists, not philosophers. If the "components of life" is in comets, could not the tailed adventurer be carriers of life?

It is tempting to test the hypothesis. Several years ago, Eugene A. proceeded to experimental verification. Since there can not be a flight to the comet, had to make it artificially.

Frozen solution of common salt. In the vacuum chamber, water sublimates, that is evaporated, not liquefy — the moisture of wet linen, which are dried in the cold. In a cup of frozen solution is sediment: fine-grained salt "Extra." Microcrystallites are so small that they can only be considered in the microscope. Look: here it is, the granule diameter — two microns. Ice in a vacuum evaporated and the salt was left, because its volatility is a hundred million times less than that of water.

Now do the same with another aqueous solution, but instead of salt — amino acids. When a lot of them in balance again, "extra", but not from common salt, and of amino acids. If the concentration is low, the dry residue changes its appearance. No "extras" are no more — under the microscope like structures fox fur. Vertical hairs "grow" very dense, ten million units per square centimeter. Diameter of one — two microns, length — about 2 centimeters. Weighing the precipitate Kaymak sure to stay a fifth of the mass of the solution. That is not made of fibers of one impurity, but also ice. It turns out that for some reason does not sublimate all the water — some remained in the sediment. So what happened?

Rod, "zapelenaty" amino acids, could quickly evaporate. Water, sublimating, goes in a spiral — just as it flows out of the bath, forming a funnel. That is why the thread impurities wrapped ice core in a spiral. Impurity molecules lined up "in the back of each other." That such a construction freeze! Sublikon as named by the scientist.

Protein — it is just the same molecular chain of different amino acids, only their twenty types. Sublikon is like building molecules. We link them or, as Eugene A., "sew" molecule. Then there will be a biopolymer. This research made by sending a beam of light on sublikon. Turned biosublikon.

Here is another very similar experience. Frozen and sublimates low-concentration solution of nucleotides. As "stitched" amino acids form an artificial protein, so combined with light nucleotides — DNA chain. She — a passport and life program a living being.

Third, the most important experience: water solution of amino acids and nucleotides of all types. Sublimation in a vacuum, light — biosublikon. The inverse image of a living cell, for in its spiral contain "meat" and the protein and DNA. And periodic land randomly interspersed with non-periodic, and this gives an infinite variety of information.

In biosublikonah already provided orderliness inherent biopolymers various classes. Now it suffices to put biosublikony the nutrient liquid medium, said the scientist, and it will be very real cells. They will respond to the propagation and sharing. That is life.

English physicist and Vihramasinghe Hoyle found a link between the passage of the Earth and the comet's tail is a pandemic. It would seem that this is it, scientific proof of mystical divination: invalid light causing immense harm.

Now you can fully reap material explanation sinister celestial signs. Interstellar wanderers pummel biosublikonami which defrost in the medium terrestrial reservoirs are enabling viruses and phages.

Is not it just a comet "infected" 3.5 billion years ago the Earth life? True, the violence of all life on our planet began only 700-800 million years ago, that is, 2.5 billion years after the appearance of blue-green algae. How is this gap?

Armed with his hypothesis, clotted cream provides the answer to the question. In particular DNA biosublikona already recorded probable outcome of the evolution, the entire development program.

In other words, the ancient land could crawl next two identical-looking worm. But one already fulfilled their genetic program — became what he was destined to be in the course of construction for biosublikona that ancient cells that began to evolve and get to the worm. Another still on the road, in his DNA chain reads: "go to the people." That is, we are, strictly speaking, never had any fish or lizard [that's for sure — R], or a squirrel or a monkey — only took the time of their appearance.

Our planet, having "party biosublikonov" with "comet transport", immediately stocked fund all future plant and animal species. It has become a Noah's ark, where they lived "ancestors" of the entire future of flora and fauna.

Incidentally, some astrop
hysicists believe that not all comets are very much strictly live at his residence — in the solar system. Honor one can travel from star to star. If so, we may question not only in the earth, but even the origin of the Solar.

And once again filled with new meaning for a long time rejected the idea of the ancients: people and animals have very different roots. Or, in terms of the new hypothesis, biosublikony with different length chains and order of the "building blocks" — beads.

But if the comet — perenoschitsy life, maybe they still inhabit the Earth new biosublikonami, of which over time will develop new forms of life?

Hardly. Biosublikony — it is like meat cubes to the broth. And they eagerly attacked already developed viruses and phages, eating "aliens." The virus is easily understood: eliminate competitors — it is possible that a potentially more highly organized than we are.

We are indebted to the cosmos. There comes a time for people to settle in distant worlds. Even today sends biosublikony on neighboring planet — only podyschi conditions for recovery.

But you can set the parameters of these conditions, the cybernetic system itself will look for them in their new places of residence, and only then "unload refrigerators." Duration of many human lives is not enough even for a flight to the nearest star. But biosublikony successfully will fly everywhere. And develop new homeland in those creatures that are best take root in an unknown world. Rearranging the beads in the chain, scientists will be able to vary the shape and properties of the Earth's envoys. And even provide them with the right qualities.

Finally, when it becomes known to the order of the nucleotides in the DNA of the person, you can try to construct biosublikon come to life in a normal female egg. So realized an old dream of Aristotle and Paracelsus — artificial man. Science, in the old days was mocked fathers homunculus, is ready to become a mother. One of the paradoxes of knowledge.

Maybe our weaknesses and imperfections also given nucleotides? Reversed the beads — and did better than I do?

I want to believe. The more that science allows.

Comment on this article, we asked one of the largest Soviet physicists — Academician of the Tajik SSR O.V.Dobrovolskogo.

— The hypothesis of a possible relation to the origin of comets life E.A.Kaymakov expressed, to my knowledge, the first. Its viability says that it is a supporter of one of the world's most prominent biochemists Ponnamperuma, executive editor of the scientific journal "the origin of life."

It would be very desirable to continue experiments Kaymakova. This is all the more important that makes it interesting logical conclusions, pointing the way dlyadalneyshih conclusions, but the final decision is still the experiment. It is very likely, the experiments could help clarify the question of the origin of life on Earth.

"Moskovsky Komsomolets" August 7, 1981.

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