Pyramids Krasnoyarsk

Rows of megalithic masonry are seen here and there, any resident or guest of the city, facing the side of the Red Ravine, easily distinguish these neat rows of huge gray blocks. Russia is well known to everyone in the Krasnoyarsk chapel — the picture adorning banknotes. Pull out the gold coin out of his pocket, expand and enjoy. However, in perspective, in which the given image towers, difficult to know where exactly it is located.

Exactly, stands the Chapel of St.. Martyr Paraskeva on cone-shaped Guard atop the mountain, which is now in the middle of one millionth of Krasnoyarsk. And once served as a mountain top observatory in the Cossacks — was there larch frame tent. Burg as Krasny Yar (palisade walls, towers with guns, church, house, tower voivode) located at the bottom, at the foot of the hill on the bank of the Yenisei River at the mouth of the river Kacha …

Portrayed so two names: who says, nipple guards, and who-chapels. And there is a version of that on top of the hill country, for many years before and after the Cossack guard Orthodox chapel, a sanctuary unknown Siberian naroda.Ichto general hill this hill is not as ancient pyramid … They talked about it in any of my publications. From there, a newspaper page, and begin the journey.

The newspaper "Evening Krasnoyarsk" (1) 2005.

I stand, his hand resting on a huge block of stone. He's almost my height, and although its margins crushed and broken off, the unit is in the form almost a regular cube. Stone was cold, warmed by the sun, and feels like an ordinary concrete slab.

A dozen of these blocks form a smooth series, they appear out of the ground, providing a sort of giant artificial masonry walls. Is Chapel hill hides the remnants of ancient structures of the mighty long-vanished civilization? Krasnoyarsk chapel on top of the mountain (piramidy.

Rows of megalithic masonry are seen here and there, any resident or guest of the city, facing the side of the Red Ravine, easily distinguish these neat rows of huge gray blocks.

The ranks are almost parallel, so that the mountain actually looks like a gigantic pyramid that poluzasypana ground. Of course, to be like a pyramid and the pyramid, not be the same.

Familiar geologists, which I asked the question, pointing to the rows of stone blocks, answered without hesitation that these rock formations have nothing to do with artificial masonry, and is an open-edged stone body of the hill. I did not argue, because the hypothesis of the artificial character of the hill seems absolutely fantastic.

You should have left this "mystery Krasny Yar" April Fool's fun bike, but I got caught in the internet about the Chinese pyramids. It turns out that the famous Egyptian wonders of the Nile Valley in China have their brother in the central regions of China in the middle of agricultural fields a few kilometers from the large city of Xian are dozens of huge pyramidal structures! One of them has a height of about 60 meters, that is only half the size of the largest pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

For a long time European science did not even know about the existence of the pyramids, but in 1997, an amateur archaeologist Hartwig Hausdorf failed to obtain the consent of the authorities and investigate mysterious structures. Profusely illustrated article about his trip Hausdorf placed on the pages of the American magazine. However, in fact, information about the Chinese pyramids appeared in 1945, when an American pilot filmed pyramid on film, but academia is not interested in the message of the military. And in 1960, New Zealander Bruce Kafi found the diaries of two Australian traders who visited the province of Shensi in the early 16 century and described the pyramids — the information archaeologists also considered speculation. Finally, in March 1997, Hausdorf arrived in China — mysterious constructions, he found just west of Xianyang (settlement 30 miles from Xi'an). The pyramids were built of mud bricks, their slopes covered by trees, so that at first glance you will not define their artificial character. However remnants of walls and murals testify to their ancient origin. According to researchers, this is the tomb of the ancient Chinese emperors 2.3 thousand years old, but to excavate the PRC authorities banned.

As one of China's leading archaeologists Prof. Xia Nai asked why no one conducts research content of the pyramids, he replied: "This is a job for the future." Meanwhile, Dr. Hausdorf in three or four miles from the "city of the pyramids" found another pyramid that has a shape similar to the pyramid of the Sun in Teutiuakane, north west of Mexico City.

He writes: "Most of the Chinese pyramids are like their Mesoamerican counterparts. Impossible not to notice that those who laid the blocks so smoothly? When the Mayan pyramids have been discovered in the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula, they looked exactly the same as the Chinese." Hausdorf shot a 18 minute film about the Chinese pyramids, and from that time the legend became a scientific sensation.

And this insightful story made me think: maybe you should not believe the skeptics geologists, but must check everything myself? And here is our little expedition, armed with a digital camera and a hammer, he traveled along the slope of the Krasnoyarsk pyramid.

As you can see rock formations really look at the remains of the ancient walls of the vertical cracks are with surprising frequency, separating monolithic rock on the right block.

We took samples, maybe this is a fossilized ancient concrete, similar to the one from which the stacked pyramids of Egypt? We are interested and thin layers of black substance covering the surface where some units, like the remnants of some kind of resin, which is when the stones were fastened. When specialists do the analysis, you can clearly answer the question: are these series of huge stone remains of the ancient walls.

However, being on the side of the mountain chapel, you know — a huge hill can not be entirely artificial. Is not that the very top of it, is now the Chapel of St. Martyr Paraskeva. Protuberance on the top of a hill is really what that suspiciously smooth and pyramidal. Not by chance that this triangular silhouette with onion dome and tower of the chapel became a graphic symbol of Krasnoyarsk. The top of the mountain — a favorite observation sites, tourists come here, the guests of the city. On the internet site "places of power" unknown author said that in ancient times there was a sanctuary, a shamanic shrine, and now here sosre366 mikrokollazh — Chinese Pyramids — from the web dotochen energy center of Krasnoyarsk. This, of course, is fantastic. However Cossack outpost once stood here, and if so, then we can assume that in the ancient mountain located defenses what that Siberian civilizations.

Place over the Yenisei, vending founder fort boyar stones look at the remains of the ancient walls — vertical cracks go with surprising frequency, separating monolithic rock on the right block and giving the impression of artificial structures boards (formy. For Marina, it offers an excellent podium: "View from the Top!"

Andrew Dubno, no doubt, could in prehistoric times to attract other governor and city planners. It is known, for example, that 2500 years ago, a tribe of southern tagartsev settle Minusinsk basin far to the north — their graves are found in Krasnoyarsk. Besides these Scythian blacksmiths and farmers, lived here when other powerful people, in the slope of a hill in the 20 years of the last century, was found a treasure of silver items since Kyrgyz Khanate. The ornate medieval beauties are still kept in the collections of Museum.

And what about the most ancient times! There
is a theory that in the era before the Flood (when cosmic catastrophe has destroyed almost all life on the planet and has caused glaciers), the climate was very different — very warm — and many living things different then the huge growth. I've read quite imaginative works, he says, lived in the antediluvian era of giants, which was mammoth at shoulder level — such as we bull or cow. These people have a giant pair of words in the Bible, and some romantically minded amateurs ascribed mythical giants create megalithic structures of huge stones — like Stonehenge, Arkaim, and others, that there are some places in the world. So the temptation remains of walls in our chapel hill ascribe to the same antediluvian giants.

This, of course, speculation. Much more likely that in our area there are traces of the Aryans, the move from the Indian subcontinent into the mainland, or the remnants of the ancient civilization of the Hyperboreans, as reported by the Greek historian.
Either way, the Siberian land hides many secrets, and, who knows, maybe one of them is covered by our side?

PS When I wrote an article for publication, one friend said: "Twenty kilometers from Krasnoyarsk is a mountain — quite typical pyramid!" Krasnoyarsk A tourist who visited Egypt, promised to give to research a piece of the pyramid of Cheops, otlomlenny "in memory". I hope that we will be able to solve the mystery of the Red Yar and get to the truth.

Comment specialist.

Nikolai Makarov Polikarpovich, head of the Department of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Krasnoyarsk regional museum, Ph.D.: The information in the materials-Paul Poluyan hypothesis seems interesting — these versions are always excite the imagination. However in terms of archeology and geology we are seeing here is not likely to artificial walls, and stones of natural origin. These outcrops are found on Torgashinskom ridge, and in other places. However, the sensations of Siberian archeology can bring a lot. On the same hill Guard found a rich burial Kyrgyz — unique silver cups and buckets, jewelry saddles, guns …
In the Krasnoyarsk region and Khakassia survived from ancient times of the fortifications, like the Chinese wall — little-stone walls, the so-called Oglahtinskoy serf system. But they were building in places that require defense, not on the side of the mountain. In any case, need detailed archaeological research and excavations.

According to the book: Paul Poluyan. Hunt for UFOs. Vortices in time

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