Pyrokinesis — burned alive

Since time immemorial, there are cases where people turned into a handful of ashes in just a couple of seconds from the fire suddenly broke out, which was of unknown origin. It was found that the flame temperature at the time of human spontaneous combustion as three thousand degrees. But interestingly, located next to the likes of flammable items such as paper, linen, wool and so on, the flame is not affected.

A case where a man, lying in bed, started blazing flame, but the blanket and sheet remained intact. That happened in 1992 with Ron Praystom, who lived in Sydney and worked as a firefighter in the city. In 1950, Mexico tried Mario Orozco, was accused of setting fire to his wife, which he made in the presence of a large number of people.

Here's what really happened that day. That evening, hotel guests, the owner of which is the wife of Mario, dinner on the first floor. The room lit up two dim lights and glow of the fire coming from the fireplace to cook a delicious goose.

Mario rotating spit, a young maid Spacing customers bottles and dishes, and the mistress to keep order while sitting in a leather armchair. Such a peaceful idyll was broken suddenly scream. The landlady, rolling his eyes and open mouth, twitching in her chair, her body ran the flames, and after a few seconds, she was gone. Her clothes are sprinkled ashes lay on tselehonkom chair. The police broke into the room, immediately arrested the husband landlady.

But not always self-ignite people's bodies are burned to ashes. One such case occurred in Mongolia in the middle of a country road was discovered a local shepherd who suffered from the fire. His found his mate. His whole body speckle, and it felt like a solid resinous mass. No trace of flames near was observed, and the temperature at that time was equal to — 15 degrees. Partner shepherd told interesting details of what happened:

"I drove ahead of the herd, and when he returned to his partner, he saw him sitting on his haunches on the road, and his pants were down. Most likely it defecate. After I approached him I saw that he was black as coal. I ran for help to the nearest village. His family wanted to put it on a wooden stretcher, but they became smoke. We had to wait for as long as the body cools down. "

Mate burnt man arrested immediately and charged him with murder. But when the investigator came to the prison, he found a pile of charred bones instead of the suspect. His body partially preserved pieces of meat. Find an explanation for what happened and failed.

In 1969, Dara Metzel sitting in his car suddenly caught fire, and it burned to the ground in just a few seconds. Passers-by tried to help her, but to no avail. When it was over, people saw that the seats and lining machines remained untouched by fire.

Around the same time, found another man burned in his own car. His name was Michael Lifshitz, he was a resident of Texas. His hands and face were burned, but the fire of his eyebrows and the hair is not affected. Since his car was in the garage, the police believed that the victim has decided to end his life by suicide, poisoning gas exhaust emissions, but that's just a car body was so hot that when to be touched, burned hands.

Another fantastic thing happened to her two daughters spouses Melby, who lived in Canada in the province of Alberta. They lit up at one and the same time, though are far from each other in different parts of the city. The distance between them is greater than one kilometer.

In 1991, Charles Dyuteyne, a resident of Dijon, who works at the hardware store, I decided to celebrate the New Year together with their owners. After drinking a little wine, he decided to lay down and went to his bedroom, which was on the second floor of the store, and in the morning he found his master dead. The floors downstairs were all covered with soot, and the unpleasant odor and pungent intercepted his throat. Police later found her body next to the kitchen table, or rather its a pile of charred bones and ashes. Other places in the house fire was detected.

In 1989, no less mysterious event took place not far from Munich. Thirteen year old girl named Utah played the accordion, after a while, her father heard the heart-rending cries of the girl. He immediately ran to her and saw that she was rushing through the room in flames. At this time the skin girl burned by 30 percent, and her father received second degree burns to the body. Later, the girl told me that at the time when she played on the instrument, it suddenly all sides flames.

In 1993, residents in the spring of Orellana, gathered in the church for the Sunday service, as a sudden they shook to the core one show, which they were witnesses. The priest, preaching dedicated hopeless sins, said that all the waiting hyenas fire. His remarks caused a shiver of the believers, and they are clearly presented, that they might occur. They began to build zealously pray for this to pass them.

But the sermon was interrupted by an unexpected cry is shouted the priest, frozen while in the pose with the construction to the top of his hands. In a second congregation saw how out of his chest began to escape the flames, and he was like a pillar of fire. People panic, they rushed to the door trampling and kicking each other on track and so they could not see the fact that investigators later found. Clothes lay on the ambo priest, and she cherished the nutria handful of ashes — all that remained of the priest.

The incident sparked a wave of speculation and rumors. The believers were convinced that God had punished a priest for his transgressions. Some believed that he sold his soul to the devil, others said the priest loved pornokassety view, for which he was punished. It was even of the opinion that instead of a priest in the Church of Satan was. After police interviewed all the witnesses and finding nothing, they closed the case.

Pyrokinesis or "devil's fire," can not be considered the fruit of fantasy — it is a real fact, but that's only in terms of chemistry and physics of this phenomenon is impossible. We all know that one in two thirds water, and in order to make it on fire you need a lot of energy that the human body is not present. Even to hold cremation desired temperature equal to two thousand degrees and the time it would require at least four hours. But in order to become a bone ash still have to keep them split up.

Cases of spontaneous combustion of humans is very rare, in our century recorded approximately nineteen cases. The scientists on this issue have different opinions. Some associate inflammation with internal state of the individual, it was noted that many of the dead from the fire had severe stress.

Others believe that the mysterious phenomenon appears near the impact of ball lightning. Its energy comes into the human biofield, it leads to the fact that a person starts instantly ignite.

Recently, many scientists believe that the source of energy in the human body — a thermonuclear reaction. They believe that during certain conditions in human cells there are some electrical processes that are similar than those that occur during the explosion of the atomic bomb, which in no way reflected on the next matter, ie, plating machine, clothes and so on.

"The Earth Chronicles," Monday, 1/28/2013

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