Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for January 12, 2012

Questions and Answers ZetaTalk

A binary star system can be dangerous for exoplanets. Exoplanets with orbits around the world with a stellar companion far away — the worlds that make up the "wide binary" stellar systems — subject to strong perturbations that can even lead to the expulsion of the planet. This research work has been published today (January 6) in the journal Nature (Nature) and will be presented by Nathan Keyb at the 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Long Beach, Calif., on Monday (January 7). [And from another]
Want the Zetas comment on the publication period of the aforementioned article from the perspective of a tug of war between concealment and disclosure? It describes exactly the scenario that draws in the HRP, and the statements are not supported by credible examples, and instead rely on "computer models." This article would be appropriate only after the disclosure of the nearby PX — as an explanation of how it got there, etc. The purpose of this message is not clear yet, like a preemptive maneuver to reduce the harmful effects of the advance. Please Zetas share your thoughts? [And from another] What about this? It seems that now a lot of information coming out. Although over the past few years, astronomers have discovered several exoplanets similar to our own world in one or two key parameters (the same size or the expected surface temperature) they have yet to find a real "copy of the Earth." But that should change in 2013.

Early in the ZetaTalk saga astronomers argued that the existence of the wandering planets theoretically impossible, and they were not aware. Within two years after the ZetaTalk described this process — an elongated orbit, the envelope of the sun both binary systems, astronomers have found evidence for this fleeting world. Now they are proud to say their findings without a single mention of ideas ZetaTalk, from which they originate. Scientific concepts such borrowing ZetaTalk to fine-tune the results of research — a phenomenon quite common and, unfortunately, the failure of the arrogant man to pay tribute where strange merit, is also common.

According to reports in the network, etc., in the images formed by the testimony of the Doppler radar NOAA / NWS in Lincoln, Illinois, appeared abnormal beam "artifacts" and other unusual phenomena. This supposedly makes the so-called experts to puzzle, but when you consider exactly who manages these objects, we can not say for sure. They "do not know what it is", but feel free to speculate: Apparently, in July 12th, one user YouTube captures a similar anomaly, only in the form of a bizarre crescent: ZT Fans know that radars etc. periodically be affected by the Tail HRP, but it looks different — full of theories, but none of them does not bear serious scrutiny. Please, that can inform the Zetas about this? Big Bully various radiations spoil them image maps? [And from another] What is this anomaly on the radar in Mason County? January 3, 2013. This may not be the result of extraterrestrial activity, but a permanent imprint on the central Doppler Radar even Illinois National Weather Service stumped. On their website it was reported that the problem could be caused by a recently built radio tower in Lincoln, but the exact cause is still unknown.

In the past, we explained that the appearance of circles on the radar near the South Pole was the result of bunching, related magnetic. It's sticking to the group was due to the deviation of the Earth's South Pole during the twisting of Earth's magnetosphere near presence of Planet X. What's in Lincoln, Illinois, may cause similar clumping, although in one direction, forming only part of the wheel, not the whole thing?

Deformation of the North American continent expanded the layers of rock in the region, especially along the Mississippi River, where the course will be torn numerous bridges, when it expanded during the New Madrid settlement. Chicago is no exception, as it is located between the weak points in the crust given channel of the Mississippi and the line of the New Madrid fault, passing under the Great Lakes. All of this is stretched to the sides. Seething magma, especially rich in iron, is capable of creating a magnetic field. In this field there is no distinct particles return to the South Pole, which shows a pattern on the radar in Lincoln.

My question relates to this news article published today on NBC News, warning that climate can be "stolen" geo-engineering "the enemy." I noticed a lot of keywords: publication called it X-factors and even list the things, including the discovery of extraterrestrial life, deeply affecting the community. Although all participants Pole Shift ning know that global warming is just a cover for Earth Changes, whether this be another deft recognition? [And from another] According to a new report of the World Economic Forum, it is possible that the global climate is changing faster pace, which are ready adaptable people, which in itself portends shift in climate debate of blame game to practical solutions. In addition to the climate out of control and enemy geoengineering, other X-factors outlined in the report are: ethical dilemmas about new drugs and devices, which can make us smarter, medical advances that could create a world, full of "mass arthritis patients, mentally retarded and, above all, expensive, costing the elderly in need of long-term care and mitigation solutions ", the discovery of extraterrestrial life, which can have serious social consequences.

What will do These elements of human society expects of the little man, common man of obedience when the world turns in a literal sense and destroy their way of life.

  • The religious elite says that if the average person would not follow their rules and rituals, it can be damned and go to hell. They say that they and only they have the keys to heaven. But the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe denied them for centuries, so far as they are right at something?
  • NASA claims to know how the universe works, staring into space, but the average person is not aware of the danger, which came to him in the form of Planet X, the passage of which will lead to the pole shift.
  • Scientists say global warming caused sea-level rise, attributing this sinking in Indonesia, as if lifting the world's oceans could affect the only region in the world, despite the fact that the water is constantly striving for a uniform distribution.

How can the elite, used to respect and even fear of the common people, to maintain its position when the truth crept out? How to be on top of the rapidly changing world, where Zeta-human hybrids begin to mix with the survivors, and those who survived, with scarce health and happiness, and are grateful for all the help they can get? These elites are trying to create the impression that their brain centers are developing ready-made answers to the fog that follows the pole shift, the surviving people remember the data discussion and thought that everything good was somehow the result of actions of the elite of society.

Impressive pictures dust storm made tugboat crew member off the Western Australian media reports flooded today. So far I have never seen anything like the coast of Western Australia and is inclined to believe that this may be due to fluctuations — sandstorm suddenly appeared above the water when the ground beneath it shifted. It seems that several images the sun sets over the water behind the storm, making it clear that it is at a distance from the shore. Would the Zetas care to comment on whether it is a natural phenomenon or the result of fluctuations? [And from another] Squall Line (not part of a tropical cyclone Narell, who must go to the bank today) appeared at sunset on Wednesday night off the coast of Onslow, in the Pilbara region in the north-west of Western Australia. "The storm formed slowly in the distance, then started to become more and more, and then, within two minutes, calm the winds of 40 knots (21 m / s or 74 km / h)," — said Mr. Martin told The West Australian. "It was like a big dust storm lightning shaft — it was a lot of lightning, but little rain." "Forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology said the wind and rain storm forced the throw sand and dust collected during its passage over the Onslow. He said that the appearance of such storms in the region at this time of year is normal."

The first sign of the involvement of oscillations — a sudden change in wind speed, the transition from calm to sudden impulses. The second tip — the direction of the wind. If at sunset, he usually blows from the ocean, then it is not normal to go to the opposite side of the earth. During the day the earth is warming, and thus the air pressure is reduced, so that the winds come from the ocean, and not vice versa. The third feature — is that dust storms can not exist on the surface of the ocean, since the additional moisture that is collected by the wind over the sea water leads to precipitation of rain, which clears the air of dust particles. While the public has not yet received an explanation from any source other than ZetaTalk, all people notice and it becomes uncomfortable.

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