Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for January 19, 2013

Questions and Answers ZetaTalk

Can the Zetas comment on the military intervention of France in Mali? After Libya, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, France has the following African countries (now with the support of the UK) — the elite of watching yourself another home during the pole shift? Interestingly, the same day as the interim President of Mali asked France for help, they soon managed to land troops and the fighting started the next day — the feeling that they were only waiting for this a suitable pretext.

We have already talked about the desirability of Africa after the Pole Shift. Although there will be outbreaks of Ebola and from there comes the AIDS epidemic, the continent itself will remain above the waves after the rise in sea level, which is expected within two years after the pole shift. Europe will turn into a series of islands, and flooding of land in Russia until the Finnish cause millions of people to seek refuge on any unflooded land areas. Many European countries, such as Denmark and the Netherlands, literally disappear. In such circumstances, Africa beckons. France led efforts to rid Libya of Gaddafi and we can expect that they will continue to seize every opportunity to create a bridgehead in Africa. They are better than some other potential visitors, and in the future between them and those who take them at perhaps a true partnership.

I know that others have asked about the shooting at Sandy Hook, and that this issue seems to sort things out and exhausted, but videos like this here # circulating on the Internet and, seems to contain original footage and interviews. Whether rooted in what happened any details not mentioned initially?

If the country deride members of the movement "The truth about September 11", although the facts on their side, is it any wonder that there are conspiracy theories when on the right to bear arms? Evidence that 911 was a "domestic" crime abound. The day Dick Cheney spent teaching in the District of Columbia, so that those who wanted to send fighter jets to intercept the planes were confused. Whether the attack was real or part of the exercise? One member of the Bush family has been appointed head of security at the Twin Towers shortly before attacks. The buildings were destroyed by means of controlled demolition with explosives, which was installed a few days earlier. But does this mean that every conspiracy theory true?

During the Bush administration had made numerous attempts to enter the war. FBI found that "random" sending bird flu virus in 1957 to 4000 laboratories around the world in the Bush era was not an accident, but no one has been charged. Numerous attempts to detonate a "dirty bomb" in a U.S. city were disrupted us, without the knowledge of the public. When Obama such plans do not exist, but those who oppose his control over the White House, would say otherwise. Everywhere cries for a split and impeachment. Where were they when the freedom of the United States really was in danger?

Those who wish to convince the public that Obama wants to take away all the hunting rifles and pistols, relish shooting in Sandy Hook, pointing to media reports from the scene and the initial application of forensic medical expert, as well as to film the police combing the woods and arrest anyone caught. On the day the information was broadcast Live,
outperforming the facts. Adam thought his brother Ryan on the basis of documents that Adam had with him to teenager could buy things that require the status of an adult. Until recently, Ryan had a room in his parents' house, so that Adam had sufficient access to the garbage room or brother.

If the day of the shooting media had reliable information on the identity of the arrow, then the medical examiner could hardly be sure. Until all the bodies have not been moved and until an autopsy was performed, made by this expert assumptions
about the weapons used were hardly conclusive. In addition, the aggressive search and seizure in the woods all those who walked there should not be a surprise. Once it became clear that a very smart boy with Asperger's, armed with guns from the arsenal of his mother slipped into the school directly before
closing the doors at 9:30 am and led the systematic shooting at their targets with precision, which is known to be found in people with this syndrome, the development of conspiracy theories only accelerated.

After the dust settled and collected facts loomed logical and consistent motives and methods. The house was kept an arsenal of weapons. Adam's mother took his son with him to the firing range for training. Adam was very smart, and, subject to Asperger's syndrome can control their emotions during the shooting. He expected to get away with the documents of his brother. Adam was expecting soon to be an adult and will inherit money, previously controlled by his mother. She was in the process of filing, can allow it to continue to manage these resources, and thus has signed his own death warrant. Bits of information hit the media until the true facts can hardly serve proof conspiracy theories.

I have for some time thinking about the path of Planet X, and I remember that in one of the videos on YouTube Nancy mentioned the scorching heat of the Earth will be drawn to the Planet X at 30 million miles during the week of rotation stoppage. I understand that in recent weeks, will play more of the drama, such as the approach to the Earth Venus and Dark Twin and their subsequent escape; Strong fluctuations will cause violence of the weather around the world, and 3 days of darkness, 6 days of sunrise west, slowing the Earth's rotation , as the Earth will be attracted to Planet X, Second Sun will become commonplace, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong, but do not say the Zetas about the heat, as the serious threat of recent weeks. When the Earth to Planet X will attract 30 million miles per week of rotation stoppage (for such period of time is a huge distance), and our planet will cross the orbit of Venus, will feel a normal person scorching heat during these dramatic events? Encounter a person with any side effects when the Earth will be much closer to the sun? Does heat destroy most plants on Earth, or cause deadly forest fires, such as those that have recently gone through Australia?
[And from another] Collision of Worlds (an incredible story) tells us about the wonders of Joshua, who, in pursuit of the Canaanite kings in Bethhoron, made the sun and moon to stop. And the sun and the moon stood, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher — "It was a sun of heaven, and hasted not to go about a whole day" (Joshua 10:12:13).

Why not stop the rotation week fry the Earth, when it will draw closer to the Sun, within the orbit of Venus? Legend says otherwise — though on the sunny side of the Earth will be hot and cold on the dark side, the extreme temperatures do not go beyond the limits of what a person is facing. We give reasons: the distribution of extreme airflow temperature, convection hot air, and the desire to areas of high pressure to the low pressure.

Vast dust cloud of Planet X, which by that time will be between the Earth and the sun, protect the Earth from its direct rays. Then it will be a short time period, a little less than a week, when the Earth will experience a stop rotation. It is known that the temperature in the shade is markedly different from the temperature in direct sunlight. The dust cloud will reflect the light from the sun, sparing the Earth. If those who have to endure a week of rotation stoppage will not be aware of this process and its final outcome, they probably will assume that the rotation has stopped for good, though it is not. This is another reason why the public should enlighten.

I would like to ask a question. In late December, I noticed some oddities with my mobile phone — it shows that the battery is low (one division), and then, over time, has already shown that it is charged in part (two points), while the phone was in my pocket, and I did not use them. It happened twice and, despite the fact that before this happened, I decided that the problem is in the phone. But the next day my friend, with whom we have worked, said that with his phone the same thing happened, but I told no one told me. Yesterday I wrote about it on the Internet, and today received a response from the person who also happened like that — his phone itself partially charged. Could our friends to answer — I'm wrong, or with mobile phones is really going on something that has not previously been observed?

The point is not that the batteries are exhausted, and then recovered. Just an electrical current in the battery was temporarily redirected.
Electromagnetic currents are amplified in the vicinity of the Earth as Planet X envelops it with its magnetic field, or temporarily drawn into a distorted type of magnetic alignment. Electrons and magnetons often move together, and this principle is the basis of electricity through the rapid movement of wire around a magnetic core. If the area falls under the temporary effect of the magnetic flux in this period of time the electrons in the devices may deviate from its normal path is followed.

Explosions on the eastern edge of the United States? I'm curious what's going on in Montauk, East Hampton, as it seems a bit strange. East Hampton is a peninsula on the South by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east Strait Block Island Sound and Gardiners bays in the north, Napig and Fort Pond. I'm not sure whether it falls under the category of a crash, described here on the blog, but the article referred to "the explosions that occur without warning and does not leave any trace" — this has been going on for over a year, although the summer was calm (by the way, why). I understand that the bending of the arc becomes tougher every day, with adjustments in between. It seems to me that if this was the work of man, then surely there would have any proof. Perhaps there is something more to what the Zetas could tell us about? [And from another] E2% 80% 98Explosions% E2% 80% 99-Out-East January 17, 2013. Popping explosions began to hear more than a year ago, and then the sound like a fireworks professional scale. It seems that now the instigators switched to homemade bombs, but the source of disturbing noise is still a mystery. According to police East Hampton, the alleged explosives had been undermined in some areas of the city, including: Roads second-House Road and West Lake Drive, on the golf course Park Montauk Downs and several beaches. Explosions happen without warning and leave no evidence. Sound like a blast at home. Usually all happens at night, around 10 pm, but we know of a few daily incidents. In the summer of noise has stopped. Some believe that the sounds come from the local power company substation Street Industrial Road. If one of the units fails, it will emit a loud bang, which would also cause the circuit outages, but nothing similar to the message has been received. Police found no evidence, such as traces of the explosion or burned mailboxes.

Careful study of rock strata, which is based East Hampton, will reveal how they differ from the rest of the bedrock of New York. Bend of the North American continent, and the ongoing issue from time to time voltage Gulf of St. Lawrence, where he had several broken, lead to the movement of the edges of the rocks on a "round trip". As a rule, the underground base of the same nature are united and resist tearing. But along their borders, where there are different layers, this close relationship is absent. So residents of Hampton sometimes hear banging rocks — clapping, so well known in many parts of the world. Why this summer almost no? Expanding from the heat and denser layers are pressed together at the joints, so that by slip rocky ledges prevent progress.

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