Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for January 26, 2013

Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for January 26, 2013

It seems that instead of acquiring ownership of real estate, which megabogacham quite expensive, they pay for her rent to $ 30,000 + per month. Naturally Wall Street Journal forgets to specify whether all these people know about Planet X, the expected pole shift and detained NASA announcement — maybe that's why they now want to rent rather than own. Whether there is a trend among the rich, always able to afford to move anywhere, due to the awareness of the Planet X and / or planned announcement by NASA? [And from another] New Luxury Rentals. When realtor Don Peebles moved with his family to Manhattan from Coral Gables, Florida, he decided to merge two adjacent apartment on the ninth floor to get a house of 4750 square meters. feet with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and glass walls overlooking the Hudson River in the Upper West Side. Although family Peebles seriously to spend on landscaping your home, it does not belong. Instead, they pay him $ 35,000 a month. More and more people able to afford the purchase of beautiful homes, resort to a temporary solution — renting a beautiful home. Some will argue that the way they want to avoid burdensome advances and instead invest their money in the financial markets or their own business. However, they are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month in rent to get the desired lifestyle. As a result, the most exclusive segment of the rental market has seen significant growth.

Real estate investment is considered to be, because you can expect to sell at a price higher than the purchase. Payment of rent — a waiver of such dividends. Why, then, all the more willing to rent elite? This is a sure sign of their awareness of the fact that in the near future of the city along the shores of the oceans will be flooded, and the other victims of the earthquake. Once this happens all the real estate in these areas depreciate. Seismic resistance of buildings in the heart of the continent can be strengthened, located nearby underground bunker or crashing into the side of a hill, but to high-rise buildings is not the case — the apartment on the ninth floor of the Manhattan of the above does not provide in the state.

Can a single gas leak spread to a hundred miles in all directions, so much so that the stench unabated? Is gas does not scatter? They still can not find the source of leaks? This is another episode of the stench because of stretching? [And from another] After a gas leak in Rouen, France, the stench cloud had reached the South of England. January 22, 2013. According to the majority of people yesterday smelled like rotten eggs, but less sensitive souls have used the word "napukali" — a large gas cloud covered much of southern England, the smell was so sharp and unpleasant, that the local fire department and emergency services started receiving calls from tens of thousands people. The fact that the plant in Rouen in Normandy, a gas leak mercaptan, which is added to natural gas without odor to be detected is released. On the causes of the incident is not reported.

The question to be asked of the public about the leak of gas in Rouen — how quickly dissolved mercaptan at great distances, and how he could reach London and the South of England, and Paris, and that not spread over the rest of France? The places where people suffer from headaches and nausea, that is, the signs of methane poisoning, too localized, too remote from the alleged source, and if the concentration of gas was that in London and Paris, while the population of the city of Rouen would have already died.
Gas dissolves, evaporates and rises. Where are the explosions, which would occur at such a high concentration of the volatile gas? This is clearly a convenient excuse, and collaborating corporate organization is ready to get on his hands for the sake of concealing the Earth changes caused by the presence of Planet X. close

My question relates to the video on YouTube, which I just stumbled, c speech Fox News host Neil Kavuto. At first I thought that it acts as elitists / accomplice hiding, but continued to look, then it refers to the fact that the dinosaurs died "suddenly" or "they did not have time to reconnect with loved ones," etc., and then continued confrontation making cautious side channel attacks on Fox Business. Looks like he alludes to the fact that an employer does not want people to know about what is coming. Are some of the employees of the various media reports are not what they told the boss? The title of this video, "Warning to Fox News — anomaly in the sky (well, well, something is going on 2012-2013)", published 11.12.2012 ( [And from another]
Watched this video, he's parses constant warning of solar flares, and how none of this is coming true. He then details the family spans asteroids, passing to the extinction of dinosaurs, which he attributes to the fall of the meteorite. Since this is a business report and it says that "such cosmic events are always happening," get a sense of his message — life on Earth hangs in the balance. It is an original leak, because Fox News Channel certainly aware of the impending announcement presence of Planet X. This video was posted in early December 2012, prior to the proposed date of the Mayan calendar.

Neil gave a Kavuto of Fox News about Planet X this strange recitation? It seems that it discredits NASA, saying, look suspiciously like a constant warning of solar flares, which are in fact not achieved and will not affect the Earth. The prosecution of the Sun in the Earth changes caused by Planet X, was really a ruse hiding. Then he mentions the asteroids found by NASA, by their own statements, not in the state as long as they are not swept between the Earth and the Moon. Look at the ease with which the flying boulders could destroy all life on Earth, he said. In addition to the date December 21, 2012 is not other grounds dwell on this.

Lies, such concealment is often detected incidentally by those who support it. If you expect that a lie will make lying about nervous, it can simulate an unnatural calm. If a lie is that gambling has been lost an extraordinary amount of money and lying about broke, he can buy extravagant gifts for a family in an attempt to hide the losses. If a lie for the connection on the side of the wife may suddenly get a bunch of flowers from her husband. But if a lie imposed by others, the partner can rise up and try to uncover the truth. Neal wants first to report that there was concealment of the presence of Nibiru or Planet X, a leader in this regard. He was told to wait, but he resists.

Would the Zetas care to comment on this article on EU Times, which said that the Prime Minister of Russia, Obama delivered an ultimatum regarding the disclosure of the truth about aliens, otherwise Russia will take the lead? It seems that the issues of the 5-day WEF filled with "natural X-factor" is much more than in previous years. This is the "tipping point," we have been waiting? Theme was the most comments in the beginning of the month and it does not seem a coincidence that could be safely ignored. [And from another] released this week a stunning report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the agenda of the Prime Minister Medvedev World Economic Forum says that Russia warned President Obama that "it is time" to find the world the truth about aliens, and if the United States did not take part in the announcement, the Kremlin will do it themselves.
This year, Medvedev will open forum, which will visit 50 heads of government, including Angela Merkel on behalf of Germany and David Cameron on behalf of the UK, a five-day meeting will start on January 23. [And from another] discovery of extraterrestrial life: the proof of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe can have profound psychological consequences for human belief systems. [And from another] Could extraterrestrial life turn from science fiction to fact? Given the pace of space exploration, the discovery of extraterrestrial life or other planets suitable for human habitation, is becoming more acceptable. Suppose observations point to the potential future home of mankind in orbit other stars, or the existence of life in our solar system: the poles of Mars, in the underground oceans of Europe, on the frozen moon of Jupiter, or in hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, a satellite of Saturn. Scientists immediately there will require that you send robots and even astronauts to study the life forms on the spot — and funding agencies involved in the excitement of discovery, may agree to help. If life forms (even fossils) are found in our solar system, it could mean "ease" the origin of life, that is, that it occurs anywhere in the universe where the work. This suggests that life is as much an integral and pervasive part of the universe, the stars and galaxies. Opening even simple life inflame the debate about the existence of other intelligent beings and will challenge many of the assumptions underlying human philosophy and religion.

The World Economic Forum has no plans to lead in this matter, but gets to talk about what they know is coming. Awakening to the alien presence is managed by the Board of worlds and billions of aliens arrived in the vicinity of the Earth to help in its transformation. Participants at the World Economic Forum, see how to lose its leading position as their drags people, you clearly understand that UFOs exist, that intelligent life exists elsewhere too, sending a huge Call of continuing to grow wide, wanting to know first-hand what that means.

Evidence of life elsewhere in the universe is contained in the images captured by the rover on Mars, such as a mouse or cell forms in Red rain falling near the India and Sri Lanka. But the World Economic Forum scares the gradual acceleration of mass UFO sightings, which they control can not. They can distort the evidence in the image, to declare anything fake and try to discredit the report of the scientist, but how to convince people of the whole city in nenastoyaschesti what they saw in the sky with your own eyes?

They say they fear if the official recognition of the existence of extraterrestrial life "will challenge many of the assumptions underlying human philosophy and religion." But how will this affect the economy?
It affects the control, which is believed to forum members, they have over humanity. Religion works through fear, and if people do not follow the rules it is threatened to be damned to hell, debt enslavement of mankind also acts through fear. Now, there are aliens, featuring maneuvers in the sky that human technology, fighter jets and missiles, can not influence them. For humankind, this means that its management inefficiently and void. For the elite, this means that mankind may be less likely to carry out their orders.

Why is expressed championship Medvedev during the expansion of the alien presence to educate the public? This jump makes public hearing that extraterrestrial life will be discussed at the World Economic Forum. The public interest in disclosure. Elite is interested in delay. Russia has always been more open about the alien presence and near finding Nibiru (Planet X), because their religion does not dominate the government, both in the U.S. and other Western countries. China is more open — their Ghost Towns visible and known. Concealment requires effort, work and energy, all of it is better to use in other areas. Medvedev role during the forum will be calming the nervous elite, although this is hardly affect the degree of anxiety.

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