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Questions and Answers ZetaTalk for January 5, 2013

ZetaTalk for January 5, 2013

I just watched the documentary "The Secret KGB UFO Files". It spoke of a UFO crash in Russia in 1968, and how forensic experts dissected the remains of an alien. I searched on ZetaTalk, but could not find relevant material on the subject. Would the Zetas care to comment on the authenticity of this video? [And from another] [And from another] Stunning shooting UFO crash site allegedly made by the KGB in March of 1969 in the Sverdlovsk region. These frames are then put to the directors through the Russian black market, and have been published in the documentary "The Secret KGB UFO Files". Could extraterrestrial spacecraft crash landed in this remote area of Russia?

A lot of truth in a British documentary about the secret KGB documents that show evidence of Russian UFOs and alien autopsy of the body? We were asked to confirm the collapse unit in 1969, and we have stated that the story was invented in order to bolster the ego Russian. Was this an alien autopsy on these shots, supposedly derived from secret KGB documents, and if so, what are the circumstances surrounding the given body? We have repeatedly said that in addition to Roswell incident in 1947, and later the Brazilian Roswell in 1996, a person does not own any of the broken ship, and these two incidents were deliberately constructed by aliens, who were trying to make contact with the military of the countries concerned.

The ship may crash, as in the case of an incident in Shaitan Mazar in 1991, but is responsible for a group of aliens will be required to remove any and all traces. The ships that have seen swinging in the air above the Zone 51 and MJ12 are received from the STS aliens, or learn to disassemble and failed. The first sign that the autopsy was not real — linking it to a staged story of a UFO crash in Russia. The second clue is the failure of performance of procedures carried out during the autopsy. Where hair nets? Where protective clothing to prevent infection of researchers? They reveal the chest with his bare hands? Amateur attempt at best.

NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey continue to argue that the growth of the number of earthquakes is not happening, but even distorted official statistics and data are not adequate to cover the actual acceleration as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions caused by the near presence of Planet X / Nibiru. The result has been produced and distributed to new lie-establishment, designed to connect the climate (or "global warming") to earthquakes and volcanic activity. One of the quotes in the article in the journal Geology of the alleged relationship sounds particularly challenging, "" At a time of global warming is melting glaciers on continents relatively quickly. Simultaneously, the sea level is rising. Pressure mass is reduced to the continents, and the pressure on oceanic tectonic plates increases. So The change in stress in the earth's surface opens for rising magma additional routes "- says Dr. Yegen." Unwilling Zetas refute this theory? [And from another]
When ice melts, the earth spewing fire. December 19, 2012. More than ten years, the project focused on careful study of volcanoes in Central America. Among other evidence, we have samples of ash layers of the seabed, we reconstruct the history of volcanic eruptions over the past 460,000 years. Comparing these models to the climate history, the coincidence was striking. Periods of high volcanic activity followed shortly behind the global rise in temperature and the associated rapid melting of ice. In times of global warming, the glaciers are melting on the continents relatively quickly. At the same time the sea level rises. The pressure is reduced mass on the continents, and the pressure on oceanic tectonic plates increases. Thus, the voltage change in the earth's surface opens for rising magma additional routes. [And from another] Can climate change give rise to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes? May 7, 2012. British scientist says that global warming in the future may lead to more intense volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. While some consider it looks ridiculous, he refers to the results of a recent study showing a disturbing link between climate change and the most destructive geological events of Earth. The most convincing evidence of climatic influence on the geology observed at the end of the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago. In the analysis of volcanic deposits, published over the last decade by various authors concluded that the period of rapid climate change, when the ice sheets are retreating in much of the world, coincided with a sudden burst of geological activity.

Hence the need to repeatedly mention this theory now? The motion platforms for scenarios 7 of 10 in 2011 and 2012. increased volcanic activity, but clinging to conceal the presence of Planet X in a frenzy of what will follow. While earthquakes can be masked, volcanic activity can not be hidden. Increase in the frequency and strength of earthquakes is obvious despite the removal of information from databases and greatly undervalued variables. But the degree of volcanic activity can be assessed by photographs taken by tourists or flying by aircraft. This can not be hidden. How can that be? Need to think of a reason other than the passage of Planet X, of course, causing geological changes and growth of volcanic eruptions. After that Nibiru can be ignored and point to any change in climate as the reason.

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