Sandy Hook: Provocation, lies, conspiracy, and no murders

No bodies, only a few merchandise bags

Nobody has been able to get into the primary school "Sandy Hook" to confirm there traces of bullets, blood stains, etc. on January 2, the children were transferred to another school, located at a distance of several miles: we assume that old school "Sandy Hook" will remain sealed and will be demolished. Perhaps the shooting was not there at all, and it was just an illusion.

The children heard the sound of shots — that's all they can say. The new school will be constantly guarded by security: presumably in order to keep the children in a state of sufficient emotional trauma, they do not say or did not remember anything extra.

In the online version of the Daily Mail on 6 January this signature shot reads: "a chaotic scene at the school at the time when the police take measures to protect the area, and the bodies are removed from the school." But you should look closer, there are no bodies — just a few merchandise bags — and some doubt whether it is the school parking lot.

During the attacks in London three wagon train is kept out of reach, and a year later they were destroyed, blown up bus was taken to a military site in Sevenoaks, ie could only see his military.

2. Disabling cameras

Elementary School "Sandy Hook" was in a prestigious area of Connecticut, in which the children coming from Jewish families, represented by a large majority. It was equipped with a high-security system, including CCTV cameras. We still have not shown pictures taken during the commission of a crime (extremely vague, but said that it was about 9 hours, 45 minutes on December 14 and lasted for 3 minutes). There are no images "crime scene", such as traces of bullets on the walls or in the windows. There was an interview with the wounded.

During the London bombings, as in the case of 9/11, the cameras were turned off: no pictures in the city with the most extensive network of video surveillance in the world (and even then the next 3 years, after which there were a few other quite advanced).

3. Artist (artists) — acting gratuitously stupid scapegoat — was killed with his own hands so many people that were not able to resist. The dead, they can shift the blame.

There is no reason to suppose that the 20-year-old autistic Adam Lanza had any knowledge or experience of using a firearm, not to mention the fact that his mother went to the firing range and was a member of the shooting club, which drove his son with him. Car in which he allegedly came to the school, was owned by some dark type with a criminal record and ties to the FBI. Would and could a young man shot his mother to take her car to drive her to school, which he did not go, and in black uniforms, along with several trunks, with shots to break in and hit to death almost every target, in which he aimed? How can you believe such a story? He then commits suicide — and then returned to his car, he used to put the rifle back in the trunk. For a completely physically impossible sequence of events does not exist comprehensible motives.

Four suspects in the bombing in London is not versed in chemistry, had no interest in it and did not own the necessary skills to create an explosive device. Died, they would not have to defend his name from the official legend. None of them harbored hostile feelings towards British society to have a motive for the commission of an anti-social act.

4. Endless changes made to the story

If the story was invented, various news organizations will submit it so that it will never be distinguished by a specific logical sequence. The history of "Sandy Hook" was inconsistent in that moment, when the CNN News announced that the school found four pistols: apparently it was caused by the state coroner's words to the presence of an average of seven bullet holes in each of the 28 bodies; so much it took to make the connectedness conclusion that was made two hundred shots.

The history of use rifles (the coroner said all injuries were inflicted rifle, while it was found in the trunk of a car near the school) will not go into any gate.

First we were told that she [mother killer] was a teacher at the school, and Adam went to her, and then, later, floated include former member of the school board Newtown questioned early reports that Nancy Lanza was related to primary school "Sandy Hook", sort of like as a member of the faculty. "No one had heard of it, — said Lillian Bittman, who worked in the local school board until 2011 — Teachers do not know her."

Bombings in London on 7 July 2005 were a really unstable history, the story is heavily dependent on journalistic amnesia and credulity in respect of the most recent rumors of unknown origin. Especially those relating to use explosives, which shall steadily changing.

5. Conducting counter-terrorism exercises

September 17, 2010 in the HSEEP, exercise programs to ensure internal security and its assessment by the fire of Sandy Hook, which is next to an elementary school, conducted exercises with FEMA. On the day of the event in Connecticut, near Sandy Hook, training exercises FEMA "Planning for the needs of children in emergency situations," the beginning of which was scheduled for 9 am. There are suggestions that the venue was changed, and it was held in a school than could be explained by too early, it seems, there is the emergence of the federal troops. Online there is a picture of children lined up in a chain and closed his eyes at the direction of senior — so look for children counterterrorism exercises — it's made a couple of months earlier.

"The" Sandy Hook "is organized in the background of the federal anti-terrorism exercises. Doctrine, providing staging school shooting was held in Putnam County at a distance of several miles on the same day as the event at Sandy Hook on 14 December. "

Bombings in London was preceded four major anti-terror exercises, the last of which, according to Peter Power (Director of the contractor, which organized learning; approx. Occurred in the same morning, on the same subway stations.

6. Hasty announcement culprits

No later than 10 minutes after the time that the reported shooting — in 9 hours and 53 minutes — Associated Press published a report "Representative government has information about the shooting in Connecticut school, reported 27 dead, including 18 children." Neighbors Nancy Lanza said that in 9:15 the police surrounded the house, obtyanuli belt area and asked everyone to leave the house. And yet, they presumably do not know the identity of the arrow until 11:30 am. The body of the "arrow" and his mother was identified before as a process of identification, including name, occupation, "health problems", marital status and place of residence.

In the case of 9/11 news reports hinted at Osama bin Laden in about an hour after the event. After the explosions, 7/7, Tony Blair announced that this was the work of Islamists at 5 pm the same day. The final figure killed in an amount of 52 people has been called too early, despite the fact that two of them, "is not dead", were at that time in the hospital.

7. Advance notice of the event in film

Batman movie "The Dark Knight: The Legend Continues" during an episode of training kinozlodeem one of his dirty work hints at the Gotham City district named "Sandy Hook." Earlier announcements film a year earlier did not contain (detected by Alex Jones) of the allusions. In the 2000 film "The massacre at a party at Sandy Hook" killer attack occurs after the passage of the hurricane.

In addition, the ritual sacrifice of 22 children described in the "Hunger Games," Suzanne Collins: she lives in Sandy Hook.

London bombings were previously shown in the frames of the film "V Vendetta "about bomb subway train. They were taken a few months to 7/7, so Warner Brothers
were free to use the London Underground tunnels. Output was forced to hire postponed, because the film is too reminiscent of what happened recently. So with the horror film "Descent", which was supposed to be shown on the following day, July 8, of the men who found themselves trapped underground: the premiere had to be moved. Compare this to the classic movie "The Matrix", where after 17 minutes of watching to identity Anderson sees the date September 11, 2001.

8. Families are not allowed to the bodies of their loved ones

At least one family faced with the fact that she was not even allowed to see the body of his beloved child. "They told me," You can not see (the body), "- said in an interview with Gilles Rousseau's" Radio-Canada "French-Cu-BBC. — They show only the photos.

In the tragedy of 7/7 was a strange one aspect of which is that the families were forced to wait, often more than a week, just to find out whether their loved ones were killed, and then they were not allowed to bodies — on trumped-up excuse that it can to too upset — or they were shown their embalmed under the supervision of police.

9. Families are not allowed to speak

Each of the 26 families who lost loved ones in the "Sandy Hook," Connecticut State Police pinned December 19 separate outfit. "Families [dead] asked that there was no press interviews — says on behalf of the state police — and we ask that this request was treated with respect." In fact, this is an order to keep silent. What is so horrible they could tell?

In London bombings "inconsolable parents" always rolled out to bolster the government's story line, but to get to them to at least talk to someone, no one could.

10. Distortion characteristics of the person

Adam Lanza was a vegan, because "did not want to hurt animals." Nancy Lanza "was brilliant, beautiful, elegant woman, who loved life, and most importantly, she loved her son, it was confirmed by one of Adam. They lived on the street named after the great Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda: what it means to them?

Mom was created around such a noise as if it was filled with weapons and stores of food freak, turned on the expectation of the Apocalypse (as a prelude to demonize gun owners in America, what is the key point of this action.)

Sid Khan of "four 7/7" was a rising star in Beeston (district in Leeds, approx., And after his death became the most demonized of its composition. Around him were woven tale of terrorism, without, it seems, end in sight. Sid Khan was particularly proud of its reputation as an advocate of non-violent conflict resolution. Which would not have occurred under a false flag terrorist attack, it is important to make efforts to save the name of the accused and demonized (for example, in the case of the Bali bombings in 2002, some called Amrozi very sensitive and intelligent young man.)

11. The use of actors

At least one "inconsolable parent" at Sandy Hook looks like play. People suspect the work «Crisis» («trained extras and actors give of reality"), suitable for "active exercises with shooting." They bring "intense realism of the simulated mass casualty incidents."

Why is this lady and acts as an advocate James Holmes (accused in the shooting of a movie theater, the Aurora, approx.), And as a parent of the victim in the shooting, "Sandy Hook"?

As for the London bombings, the streets in the morning there were several actors that allegedly was part assigned to him "anti-terrorism exercises." "Wounded" actors very often come across in Tavistock Square.

12. Fake death

"Even more unusual results provides familiarity with the pages of the dead in the" Facebook "created for days or even months before the shooting, which further suggests the artificiality and intent of this event. For example, on March 23, 2011 in Facebook Page has been wound up under the name "Rest in peace, Emily Parker" — for Robbie Parker's daughter, now a well-known after the monologue, spoken by him on CNN, which is preceded by [his] laughter and asked to read Whether given him the line.

In London bombings was definitely one imaginary death, namely, Miriam Hyman (but there may be others). Her name is on a plaque at Tavistock Square, but it just was not dying (considered missing, called his father after the explosion, when the damaged train rescuers evacuated, approx.).

Far cry

Usually when there is a spoof attack, the story is phony, but death — real. These dead bodies, give a feeling of gravity and seriousness that the makers of Illusion believe. For the London bombings were typical horrific scenes of carnage, seen by these witnesses.

The "Sandy Hook" There are only two known dead body of Adam and Nancy Lanza. That morning, the local hospital went incommunicado, were released four chambers trauma, but arrived only three patients, two of whom — dead children (according to the official version), and one — slightly injured adult. We saw a child's coffin covered in the service, but is that enough? The situation may be reminiscent of 9/11, when the airport that morning expecting grieving relatives, but no one came. Security Service claimed they removed the body from the school in the middle of the night, but is it true?

Children were stolen? Child slaves, as we were told, go away for the price of 200 thousand dollars.

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