We already know what happens to a man to go in search of meaning. It was known, thanks to the seekers, who were not so much in the past. They discover the existence of some kind of intelligence, divinity,
which must have existed in their opinion. They did not see the divinity, but they quickly began to understand — a divine being.

— Seeker, who went to self-knowledge, always discovering unknown structure of its internal structure. Sometimes he could see among the people, very talented person. It could be painters, sculptors, philosophers. Seeker saw the uniqueness of people and found that he did not have any talent, but also begins to differ from the majority. Most hunters have reached a good level, became lonely.

— This is understandable, because very few people could understand — that they began to feel. They opened in itself that there is divinity and chose the path of service divinity. The lack of pure knowledge seekers often diverted to difficult, rough roads of life. Generally, this was a difficult fate. Wandering, life in solitude, illness, austerity. Serving divinity through accessory a religion, just created more favorable conditions.

Knowledge Net was not anywhere. They could only get the knowledge they did not give the seeker finally lost or frustrated. Had all the time to throw these people the different situations, many manifestations of credibility, accuracy of their way. Divinity guarded such souls and occasionally manifested in different ways. This is true today. You may have heard of many miraculous manifestations of the divine, through the miraculous rescue, recovery and so on …

— Rarely, who of these searchers saturated such manifestations of the divine world. Appeared a category of seekers who want to go beyond that. Further manifestations. They understood that the manifestation of divinity is just a reminder, the reinforcement of their faith. Divinity as a person makes it clear that he still has to hear and see the divine world. But what should follow it …

When the seeker begins to look deep, he runs into an abyss in itself. Before it opens an incomprehensible abyss into which few dare to step into. When mastered the ocean, is not easy to decide to abandon the coast and know the depth of the ocean. Doubts. Is redefining the entire distance traveled and then comes the desire to help to continue the search and becoming. However, even this is not enough, if the searcher has not appreciated in their own states.

— Searchers can often slukavit if you ask them, whether they are full now? In fact, hunters who have been a significant part of the way, have an ambivalent feeling. On the one hand, they have the right to say, based on personal experience, that they feel their own fullness. But on the other hand, each of them faces the ocean, which is not cognized them. They can not answer clearly, like any master who knows that there is no limit.

How to master a vast ocean, where to start … The outside world is now getting on so much out of place, it seems odd that it exists. When you're in front of your ocean, you can not understand why everything that surrounds you. This is because you may find that the external environment is no longer needed you. The meaning of what is happening around you completely lost and do not know why all this is when you are standing in front of something much more important and valuable ….

— At abut everything seekers who make it to the proper depth. They freeze, they stop doing anything, they forget about everything. This feeling is like the birth of consciousness. You are born, but unlike children, all well aware of. But awareness is not enough, you are still small relative to what is revealed to you. You just step into the ocean and a few more that you know about it.

This ocean is the world of the divine. He is ready to take you. You're already on the verge of it. Seems rather you take one step and you will enter into a kind of kingdom. But this step is not so easy to do. The reason is you yourself. Most often, you are the reason it can not do this one step. Usually the case that you carry with you a lot of debris. This is not just some flaws, conventions, false aspirations …

— Most often, it is not cleaned your not established before the end of quality. You have the qualities that are not fully developed. For example you are able to forgive others, but if you forgive a thousand times, and once not forgive, your quality of forgiveness misfires. Then you enter the more refined world, you screwed up in it, to bring balance.

But the world should be assured the divine in you. Before you go in, you have to reset everything to himself. You will have to lose everything. Do not expect for you, someone else will. Internally, leave all that is possible. But what does it mean — to leave everything … No need to leave home, leave their families and all that … This did not need to do.

— Now, you did not difficult to understand what I'm saying. You need to be free from what you are as a person and what may have as a person. Free, you know … Do not be afraid to lose, do not be afraid to lose the most. Inside, you have to have a vacuum, a void in which
there is nothing but joy and love. Like the best moments that you experienced in meditation or in awareness of itself. Catch that moment and Freeze it. Then it will not be hard to do.

— There is a moment, and it is now as infinity. It is very real, valuable. I understand,
it's not easy to do even for experienced yogis and seekers. Many even decide on this step is not so easy. Since it is possible to understand that he would indeed be able to lose everything. But this is a matter of faith and your willingness to follow the chosen path. There is also an element of waiting time. Those who do like to be expected. Have to wait for your being will be called upon in the opened depths of the world.

— But you will not wait for some uncertainty. You have to learn to see themselves and know a lot about themselves. The waiting period will be depend on your determination to go irrevocably
and until the end. Now you know all the features, all the flaws. You have not let ourselves into this kingdom, until you decide all your questions …

— In fact, the kingdom is found already installed in you. As such, it is in you and you in him. For what is the kingdom of the divine, it is nothing like your own state of waking and radiant spirit. When this is,
you are in the kingdom. The step at the door, in fact … You'll have to do it always, you know … This is the biggest challenge of becoming a human being. We can say this is a kind of side effect of your making. You always need to be free and ready to give up.

— This does not happen once.
As long as you people, you always have to be ready for his inner heroism. How every day you get up from the bed and start to brush your teeth, wash and go to work … Every day you have to do something to support its existence. To always be in the kingdom of God, you must be prepared to lose everything every second … You must live in a state of readiness. This is the hard part.

— Why so you need … Why not make everything easier — people deserve the blessing, let it be on it for life. This is not possible with people. You can always lose accumulated. You can deteriorate over time. Therefore, the rare true seekers, prophets, until his last days were in prayer on his knees. They realized that people do not have such privileges, which are at the Gods. Gods become very difficult. Gods be easy, but they are hard to get.

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