Temperature measurements of space confirm the Big Bang theory

Every day scientists astronomy push more and more versions of what threatens the planet, or, on the contrary, trying to find out as there was land. The planet, which, in total, there are more than 7 billion people, and almost everyone experiences what had happened to their "native home" every day brings something new. And there was another update on the work carried out by astronomical scientists.

What results have been scientists, how did the Earth and confirm whether the theory of the Big Bang, analysts figured sections "News of the World" and "Science News" magazine investors "Market Leader".
Confirm details of the big bang

An international team of Astronomy in Germany, Sweden, France and Australia measured the temperature of the universe, they did it with the help of Australian giant telescope ATCA in Australia in New South Wales.

The results showed the following: lowering the temperature of the Universe figures is fully consistent with the Big Bang theory. Scholars have commented on his work: "In this time we have been able to make the most accurate measurements of the universe that was more precise than all previous ones. We even managed to get the temperature of the universe at the time when she was younger in half, and even when it is just born, that is, 13.77 billion years ago. "

Also astronomical experts studied how well the light passes to half the distance of the visible universe, and they have identified, and how the light passes from the center of the universe to our planet. The middle of the mark they have identified at a distance 7.2 billion light-years away. To identify and define the features of the motion of light radiation, scientists have taken the object of study of the gas-dust clouds at a specified distance and the cosmic microwave background radiation.

Recall that the Big Bang theory says that: "Soon after the birth of the temperature of the universe was very high, but over time the universe had property to deepen, and the temperature decreases."

Scientists were surprised that what they saw in practice, fully fit for the Big Bang theory: the temperature of the universe has clearly changed over time. At the age of seven billion years, the temperature of the universe was a few degrees higher, compared to our days. "This is precisely the duration of cooling and describes the Big Bang Theory" — says Sebastian Mueller from Hubble Space Surveillance Onsager, which is located in Sweden.

But contrary to the results of measurements of temperature and conclusions of scientists, Oxford University professor Roger Penrose and Armenian astronomer Waha Gurzadyan insist on the next, they have found strong evidence that the universe existed before the Big Bang, which scientists thought contingencies to have a system of galaxies.
The Big Bang Theory — Pros and Cons

While many facts about the veracity of the theory of the Big Bang, but not everyone may agree with these allegations. In recent years, scientists studying the structure of the universe, were able to make some discoveries that completely reject the probability of the Big Bang.

The first problem is not matching Bang Theory is the way in which matter is distributed in the universe. It is known that when an object explodes, its particles scatter around evenly. That is, if the matter was originally pressed, then it had to scatter in all directions equally, but we see that in reality it is not so. Our universe can not be described uniformly filled and it is a fact.

Also there is a second problem, which also says the opposite and contrary to the theory of the Big Bang. Using the latest technologies and advances in technology, scientists were able to discover in space is something that is also undermined the theory — it is a long chain of galaxies, which could not be formed in the Big Bang.

But not all scientists rejected the Big Bang, and some of them are working on the revival of the earlier theories of the universe, such as, for example, the theory of stable equilibrium. The basis of this theory is that the universe has always been and shall stand for ever. According to this version, the matter ever recreated and forms new stars, galaxies.

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