Terrorists exploded a bomb on his own in Aleppo

A few days ago, the Western-backed thugs and Qatar is preparing a large terrorist attack in the city of Aleppo. But they had no luck in a large way. Unfortunately for intruders and happiness civilians, a powerful explosive device went off at all there, where would the creators, and it is not at the time. 40 terrorists flew into the air. This happened in the quarter Bustan al-Qasr.

One can only imagine the power was a blast and how much death and destruction it could cause people, if not a technical error of criminals (or dispensation!)

This is not only bad luck terrorists. In the same city they happened bloody strife. In the quarter Marjah two militant groups do not share the property stolen from civilians. 18 pseudo-revolutionaries were killed in the battle, including — and the commander of one of the gangs had an argument.

Comes to oddities. So, on the bodies of some of the militants killed in Aleppo, began to find metal pants. Then one of the attackers, who wore them, was captured. The soldiers he was asked why he bears a burden. It turned out one of the Imams advised them that, because they are waiting for the death of forty houris in paradise, and let the battle tear anything, but "there" all will be safe. And these people talk of "the struggle against dictatorship," and talk about "the future of Syria without Assad?"

Civilians Aleppo and again demonstrate the city and to the world that do not want to see these "democratizers-jihadists" in the city. First, in the Al-Kalyasa, and then — in Al-Dzhallyum. Moreover, according to the latest demonstration, as it was many times, the bandits opened fire and wounded several people. But, despite all this, they can not break the people rebellious city that does not want to see these invaders — in other words it is impossible to apply, despite the fact that there are also Syrian, wormed of mercenaries from Qatar, Jordan , Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Turkey and even Pakistan.

In Homs bandits also not lucky — they prepared a series of terrorist attacks, but the military seized car in which the terrorists were transported 200 improvised explosive devices. These bombs will not kill innocent people.

But in Damascus, unfortunately, there have been more terrorist acts. Thus, on 22 December quarter Kafr Sousse on the way to work was shot another Syrian journalist — TV operator Haidar Asmudi, 1967. He deposited the sad list of Syrian workers and foreign journalists who died at the hands of pro-Western bandits in the fight for truth and genuine freedom of speech …

Five people died as a result of the terrorists blew up a car packed with explosives into the capital Kabun quarter, next to the mosque.
On the same day there was an attack on a high-voltage tower in Maaddamiya. Expensive equipment out of action, and some areas were without power in Damascus for many hours. Electricity Minister SAR arrived on the scene and said that such attacks are intended to undermine the economy and worsen the living conditions of citizens.

This is — one of the many attacks against the power system. Suffice it to recall a major attack on December 10 to the power plant in Kabune as well as many residents of the capital were left without electricity. The attack on the infrastructure — one of the favorite activities of "freedom fighters" — because in this way they are fighting for the freedom of the Syrian people from electricity and other benefits of civilization and human rights to sit in the dark.

In the suburbs of Damascus, near the farms, the bandits tried to capture one of the most important units. Soldiers repelled the attack, but fell in battle heroically commander of the unit, protecting their fighters. Militants also trumpeted the seizure of parts, but in reality it could not last even two hours. Now the object is under the control of government forces.

Syrian Information Minister Omran Al-Zoubi December 23 held a press conference in Damascus. He stressed that it is strengthening information attack against Syria, successes militants exaggerated, but in fact they can not hold even a single checkpoint for more than 15 minutes, not to mention the rest.

Al-Zoubi said that the people and the Syrian leadership are optimistic, fighting terrorism, calling all the healthy forces of society to engage in dialogue, which should determine the future of the country. Those who reject dialogue and calls for foreign intervention — have nothing to do with patriotism, as the minimum sign of patriotism — it's dislike of any kind of extraneous interference.

Speaking of the Syrian army, the minister said that it is wrong to call it one of the parties of the conflict, because the army of the country and its people and is opposed to the terrorists. This — the duty soldiers, and he is enshrined in the Constitution of Syria. As for terrorism, there can be positive and negative terrorism, acceptable and unacceptable, whatever slogans and views it not covered.

Despite his opposition to terrorists and mercenaries, Syria does not forget about building, education, care for its citizens. And even on this holiday, as the Day of the tree — the Prime Minister Wa'el Al-Khalq took part in the traditional planting of seedlings that have grown new tree — a symbol of peace and a new life.

UAR President Bashar al-Assad signed a law on the state budget of Syria, the sum is greater than last year — and this in spite of the sanctions and the huge damage caused by bandits, mercenaries! So, the economy is able to withstand even such a terrible blow.

Another decree of the President of Syria — the establishment in the province of Hama Salam branch Homsskogo Baath University — also shows the desire of the authorities to the world and Hong edification, and not for war, they are trying to impose on the country, some foreign players, guided only by attempts to profit from the blood of innocent people, how did they do it more than once.

And more and more people in the world appreciate the resistance of Syria and its desire for peace and condemn those who are trying to break the country. Even in one of the States, which is the most aggressive in Syria — Turkey — many citizens condemn the anti-Syrian government policy.

Proof — a demonstration of women in Antakya. Thousands of people, most of them women, with slogans against the war, with the portraits of Bashar Assad and Syrian flags gathered on the square to say "No" to the evil policies of Erdogan and his government to support Syria in its struggle. Demonstration was organized on the initiative of the Turkish Workers' Party, and was, in spite of pressure from the erdoganovskih police. The participants also condemned the deployment of U.S. missiles "Patriot" in Turkey, calling them a symbol of war, it is absolutely not necessary neither Turkey nor to anyone else.

Synchronously with this action was a demonstration in the Syrian city of Latakia, on which many of the guests came from Turkey. Its participants are mostly too were women. Syrian and Turkish citizens condemned Erdogan, who became an American puppet and servitude for the U.S. to turn Turkey into a base for the "Al Qaeda", "An-Dzhebhat Nusra" and other terrorist organizations. The participants talked about the unity of the Syrian and Turkish peoples, that the fraternal relations between them and the people of both countries do not want war, no matter how used to pit them together filmmakers anti-Syrian conspiracy.

But terrorists need a war, as it is needed and those who support them. And they are planning more and more attacks. But in Aleppo they happened again a major setback. December 23 again they detonated an explosive device, not where they wanted. 15 militants in the same quarter of Bustan Al Qasr were killed by their own explosiv
es is being prepared for the other. What could be fairer when evil turns against those who would like to create?

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