The Minoans may have been not quite so peaceful

In historical science, it was felt that the Minoan civilization was peaceful, and only recently began to emerge from the experts in this question. Archaeologist Barry Molloy, University of Sheffield (UK) goes further, suggesting that the Minoans did not think of a life without war.

"Militant ideology permeated religion, art, trade, politics and trade, and the kinds of social activities that have formed around the military traditions, have been an important part of the evolution of society and identity," — says the scientist.

Note the mural on the left. Pugilism, is not it?

The flowering of the Minoan culture peaked around the 2700? 1420's. BC. e. After the eruption of Santorini and the Achaean invasion was left only vague memories of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth, preserved in the Greek myths.

Archaeologists have rediscovered ancient Crete hundred years ago, painted a picture of a mighty civilization to stand on par with the very Egypt, but differ peaceful. Mr. Molloy was strange that the Minoans could rise to such heights, without the force of arms, so he took a targeted search in the Minoan culture of all that has to do with violence and war.

Evidence of his innocence, he found many. For example, in the Minoan sanctuaries, tombs and houses found daggers and swords. Among the men were popular fights, hunting, archery, games with the Bulls. In hunting scenes appear shields and helmets, that is equipment, which is more suitable warrior than a hunter. On seals and stone vessels also searched weapons and armed men. Also distributed images of double axes and helmets adorned with tusks.

Not even deciphered Minoan script may allude to an underlying cruelty. Among the characters are found bows, arrows, spears, and knives. Of course, it is not obvious that such designated a weapon, but, according to Mr. Molloy, this again points to the importance of this element in the civilization of ancient Crete.

In short, it is difficult to find an area of Minoan life, in which there was no reference to the war, albeit indirect.

Archaeologists believe this civilization of peace above all because of Crete almost found military fortifications. Perhaps this played a role natural topography of the island, scientists believe that in most cases, do without fortifications.

In addition, we may add on his own, in Minoan art, no scenes of military campaigns, the trial of the prisoners, etc.

The study is published in the journal Annual of the British School at Athens.

Prepared according to LiveScience.

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