The scorching Australian summer 2012-2013

In the Southern Hemisphere summer only came to his middle, and air temperatures in the country koalas and kangaroos have already managed to get out for all their climatic limits. For more than three months in Australia is wasting heat, which was added to the drought, which began in the winter months, that is from June to August. In general, prolonged drought and associated wildfires — not so exotic for this continent. After all, most of the territory of Australia — almost lifeless arid zone, that is the desert and semi-desert.

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Most densely populated areas of Australia are located in the coastal area, where the local climate have a softening effect waters — seas and oceans surrounding the continent. For example, in Melbourne, located in South Australia, falls of nearly as much rainfall as in Moscow. However, with the advance inland enhanced continental climate, which in the tropical and subtropical zones of the earth leads to the formation of deserts and semi-deserts. Since Australia is in the tropics and subtropics, it is extremely dry continental areas: a year in the local deserts fall 7 times less precipitation than, for example, in Central Russia.
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Due to the arid climate of Australia wildfires, covering a huge area, it happens almost every year. In this respect, the northern regions of the continent are much more lucky, because in the summer months where the ocean comes a refreshing wet monsoon, penetrating far enough inland. During November to March in North Australia poured huge amounts of water. For example, the city of Darwin, which is located almost in the far north of Australia, gets to heaven is 7 times more moisture than Moscow for the same period of time. But this year, the arrival of the rainy season in Australia, the order was delayed. Although it seems that the atmospheric circulation, at last, begins to change a rainy mood. Most likely, the Australians not long to wait for the wet monsoon.
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The climate of Australia can not be called comfortable. In the deserts and semi-deserts of the year round there is extremely hot and dry weather. And in the monsoon regions of precipitation during the rainy season are almost every day and often cause flooding. Moreover, with the onset of the Australian summer season begins tropical cyclone with hurricane wind speeds! For first tropical vortex "Narell" formed recently in the Indian Ocean …
"Narell." © NASA
Most comfortable regions in southern Australia are, because they are furthest from the equator. The climate is very similar to the soothing Mediterranean climate. Although, of course, from time to time and in the south terrible happen in intensity and scale fires. Just this summer, South Australia struck a severe drought and unprecedented heat!
In the midst of fire was also reserved Australian island of Tasmania, south of the continent. This despite the fact that Tasmania is already in the middle latitudes, and therefore the climate there is not such a hot and dry in the tropics. Besides Tasmania lies on the path of sustainable westerly winds, which during the year are from the ocean moisture-laden air masses. And humid temperate cyclones occurring in the polar front, there are not that rare visitors. In the winter months (June-August), there generally is a branch of the Polar Front. Despite these advantages of climatic conditions in Tasmania, this year she was not able to avoid scorching and dry tropical weather.
Fire January 12, 2013, 150 km from Sydney. © Handout | Reuters
Since early January, this reserve islands with its pristine nature raging wildfires that could cause irreparable damage to some of the already endangered species of flora and fauna!
Tasmania, January 5, 2013. © POOL New | Reuters
Until now, some regions of Tasmania are at risk of fire, although the anticyclone, blocked the western transport humid air masses from the ocean, gradually weakens and disintegrates.
Anticyclone over Tasmania and southeastern Australia. © The Australian Bureau of Meteorology
A similar process was observed in the hot summer 2010 in the European part of Russia, when a vast anticyclone for many weeks blocked westerly flow from the Atlantic Ocean!
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