The wave structure of the DNA molecule

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences group leader Peter Garyaev worked with his group study of the wave structure of DNA. Scientists came to a stunning conclusion: DNA takes human speech.

Its "ears" a really adapted to capture sound waves. Researchers have invented a device that converts human speech into electromagnetic waves. And they are known to affect the DNA molecule of heredity. Swears man, still — and its chromosomes are broken and bent, the genes are swapped. As a result, the DNA begins to produce unnatural program.

This is how the program is passed to offspring gradually liquidation. Scientists have documented that abusive words cause mutagenic effect, similar to that which gives the power of the radiation exposure of thousands of X-rays. What is the legacy people using foul language and just angry words can convey to their offspring? What kind of information comes to us in the brain and, therefore, read our DNA when we watch movies horror movies where there is violence and depravity? Do we create it ourselves ill and disharmony of the body.

After a detailed study, it was found that the acoustic waves have a frequency of DNA to one hundred hertz, which is comparable with the frequency of the human voice. Our speech — is acoustic, biological field. DNA at its molecular level also emits acoustic and electromagnetic fields. Hermes: "All the small as great as great. And there's nothing small before God. " Radio-wave spectra of the DNA molecule and radio wave spectrum of human speech have many common characteristics. That is, speakers of DNA is like a speech. However, to identify it with human language can not. It is simply constructed by the same laws.

Molecule of heredity are acoustic, and light information: silent reading comes to the cell nucleus by electromagnetic channels. One text revitalizes heredity, and it hurts the other. Think that should be read, and that — no. Do not be omnivores.

Kind words, words evoke blessings back of the body. (Perhaps this explains some of the healing power of prayer, if they are spoken sincerely, from the heart.) Curse destroys wave programs, and thus interferes with the normal development of the organism. That's what it says in the Bible: "Do not Jabberwocky!". "Does a single source sweet water and bitter?". "And no tongue can not be tamed. Full of deadly poison. "

This group of scientists tried DNA heated to 43 degrees Celsius, the high peaks appeared oscilloscope graph curve, as if it were the signal «SOS». DNA molecules was "painful," and they seem to complain about their "pain." Incidentally, the "singing" of DNA or "cry" can be heard. The group recorded a radio wave Garyaev "voice" of DNA molecules. Hard to believe? However, the fact is reproduced. You can still hear the radio-frequency "singing" of the various minerals. And fake diamond emits a sound, a real — "sings" a completely different voice … And the stones speak.

These studies could not be fully confirmed by my article about the power of words. And not just about the power of words, but of thought. When we read about ourselves, we lose those words in his brain through thought. Words and thoughts — and have the creative force and destructive. "And in my thoughts offend." And the words and our thoughts affect our state on our body. That's what we specifically said not one of the minds.

Outrage named Providence of God. We do not live in a harmonious world. "How long this will continue?" — The words of the Bible. — "In the 2300 evenings and mornings." 2013 years have passed. I anticipated the event. I do not want humanity remained "sheep for the slaughter." You have the power to change your world now.

Your divine ideas … Seeking God in heaven, and do not understand what it within you, in your aura, in your DNA — these subtle matter that you do not wish to acknowledge. It is the light of reason and the power of the Global, which is in man and through man also affects him, through the thoughts, words, the business of the people.
"God is truth and the life." Do you understand these words? Truth — which means truth. In our DNA is a program that can not coexist with lies. When a man lies, he thinks about how to trick someone — it comes with the program in the conflict. Every cell in our body contains DNA — and the punishment is inevitable. "By God, you will not hide anywhere."

Global impact on human mind through the brain, acting on the mind, the subconscious. We're like "attached" to the energy network space — and all our thoughts, words and deeds become the property of the mind. So again: "From God you will not hide anywhere." One God — in person, in the two "faces". Antinomy. But those who have the ability to create a future reality in two ways — through a man. Through his choice. The essence of the man — Global mind (soul), the entity — the World Mind (brain). The human body — the creation of the cosmos, both co-exist in the body of the mind. Now you know everything.


And the light of truth, like the sun, cut eye
Those who abide in darkness.
Anyone who does not understand the truth now,
But very soon he will know it.
Stand before the truth — this is God:
No escape, no bustle, do not turn away.
Go through life with pure way, without lies —
Your deeds will return to you.


Live in harmony with itself
And in my heart have peace.
Consent will be — that is not news
When the conscience is at rest.

Valentina Anisimova

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