Two sides of the Syrian war …

For almost a year and a half is a bloody war in Syria. Call it civil, as do many of the media, I do, really, is not possible. Now, is that the citizens of Syria are at war with the bandit International, represented the criminals and radical Islamists.

Affected by the war in the first place peaceful Syrians are still no sleep, no perfume on where and for what is on them before a prosperous home, fell this attack. A to attack, among other things, led to the social catastrophe. Account Syrians killed runs into tens of thousands and the number of refugees in the hundreds. Agree, few want to bearded uncle of CCA for the "right" image on the BBC and "Al-Jazz" cut off his head, and therefore runs the civilian population of Syria troubled areas in droves. This is one and, in my opinion, the most tragic aspect of the war in Syria.

On the other hand there are serious geopolitical interests of a certain group of people. There are, unfortunately, on our globe are comrades, that we are not friends, for which no human life, or even millions of lives does not mean anything. They are the ones and "â" first Libya and are now trying to turn the same thing in Syria. Who are the most mates — well known — is the Emir of Qatar, Hamad Al-Thani, the Saudi royal house, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Puppeteer is these puppets from London and Washington, and the puppeteers very competently. The fact that Al-Thani, the Saudis and Erdogan are bound hand and foot with the West. This economy, and politics … well, everything. Therefore, under the cover of the idea of "pure Islam" from Spain to Afghanistan or the restoration of the Great Port, these puppets will perform very dirty and bloody work, but have only the interests of their masters. The new Grand Arab Caliphate, the Great Port, the "pure Islam" — it's just very nice words. But along with some newly printed greenbacks to some friends it works just magically. And that we are not quite friends, grabbing a knife and the machine, go to cut the head peaceful Syrian citizens "in the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate." Circus in a word, just hurts too bloody ….

Now I'm on the ground in Syria, so I can assess the situation from the inside. It is certainly difficult. Be that as it does not broadcast the "most objective and democratic" media, like the Qatari "Al-Jazeera" (by the way, in Qatar just for criticizing the emir can without trial to fly the rest of life in prison), the Syrian army is not broken On the contrary, very well even successfully sent en masse to guriyam bearded robber of the SSA. The Syrian people, too, especially not in a hurry to take all the charm of Wahhabism like stoning adulteresses or cutting head of a petty thief in the central squares. So how would someone not want to return, but before the fall of the Assad regime in Syria is still very far away. Unless foreign patrons do not intervene. But while the fleet foreign backers as a whole carrier battle group led by the heavy aircraft carrier "Dwight Eisenhower" only a little swim off the coast of Syria, decided to turn back. Puppet Tayyip Erdogan, who probably already suffering severe hallucinations on entry into the conquered Damascus on a white horse, of course, outraged. But what can you do? In contrast, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria very long border. And, for some reason I think so, the Turks are not just once or twice and have to remember very much regret the fact why they are prepared and sent to Syria, thousands of terrorists led by officers of the Turkish army.

As for what is happening in Syria, particularly now, are heavy fighting. The terrorists tried to break through his Damascus suburbs — Darayya, Haraszti, and the Duma. Actually, now they are there and blocked the Syrian army and gradually disappear. In addition to foreign mercenaries, were trapped and Turkish army officers, which led the process. According to the latest information, some of them are willing to give up the Syrian army in Darayya. There is also information that the Syrian special forces during the advance on Damascus terrorists, dismantled a group of elite British special forces SAS. As far as Aleppo, the situation is very complicated and there just because active support for terrorists in Aleppo has Turkey. In fact, the Turks organized a corridor for terrorists from the Turkish border to areas held by rebels Aleppo. On this corridor for terrorists comes recruiting, as well as weapons, food, medicine and other related products.

Well, now is to consider another important issue — the danger of the situation in Syria, particularly in Russia. I personally believe that the current Syrian crisis — a prologue to transfer instability in the territory of our country, not only to prepare a base for an attack on Iran. Of training camps in Turkey through Georgia on our North Caucasus has gone active fighters'. It began in the summer of this year and it is due to this factor as the sharp deterioration of the situation in Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria. But let's think logically little. If we aggravate the situation where transit militants in the hundreds and it is mainly back trained in the Turkish camp came from these regions, recruited before "for jihad," or simply "to earn" Wahhabi-Salafist preachers, then what then it will be, when relatively close to our borders into chaos twenty millionth Syria? First, then turn around to our side all the flows of terrorists who are now in Syria. Well, and, secondly, to these "wars of Jihad" and joined by local Syrian inadequate, which after the robbery in their home country will not be against plunder and in the Caucasus. Therefore, to the Syrian issue Russian officials should be approached very, very seriously!

By Dmitry Yershov, correspondent of IA «ANNA-News» Syria

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