Unsolved Mysteries of the Moon

NASA, the U.S. space agency, put on your site is small — two-minute film, made by space probes, more than a year working for the lunar orbit. Around the middle of recording before the eyes of the lunar landscape, and indeed there is something very similar to the ruins … large and if the man-made structures: walls plotted like a ruler, joined at right angles. A second aspect that has attracted attention for thousands of people, was something like a huge hole in the lunar soil. Call her entrance into the interior of the moon.

About lunar mysteries we asked Don reputable astrophysicist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Space Physics SFU Yuri SCHEKINOVA. As well as talking to him about the other by fascinating news related to the moon.
— For example, currently under discussion in the scientific community the opportunity to begin the colonization of the moon as early as 2050 — in which 37-something years — said Shchekina. — And in a thousand years, I think it is quite possible to be this scenario: take a "taxi" to the moon, which will be a kind of transfer stations in our solar system. And from there fly to relax, say, Uranus or Neptune.

"The world would die"

— Zhivago, more and more scientists are inclined to think that if not for the moon, life on Earth would not have arisen. Actually, it gives food talk about the moon artificially created: too much it does for our welfare.
— The origin of life is probably the most intriguing mystery of modern science. By the way, one of the motives for studying the Moon just hope to understand, how did life on Earth.
— ?
— 4 billion years ago the Earth and the Moon in full bombarded by asteroids and other external bodies. Add that the neighbors in those days there were more than two times closer than they are now. Emissions from one primitive, the Earth must have been to reach the outskirts of the moon. Therefore attempt to find some earth on the moon stuff. It would allow a lot to say about the geological processes on the Earth at the dawn of its development.
As for your question, life on Earth in the form in which there is now, without the moon would have been absolutely impossible! When the moon came, she began to stabilize the rotation of the earth, to the same rotation is slowed. Not so long ago put their faith, whose purpose was to see what life would be on the Earth, if we had not the moon.
— And what would it be?
— Very unenviable (smiles). Say, in our latitudes, would occur far more dramatic temperature changes, not every three months instead of every year or two. In general, the day the world would not have lasted 24 hours, and up to five times shorter — about 4 — 5 hours. At least people just could not sleep and in the end would have been killed.
Today, a lot of evidence theory is that "humanity came out of the water": of fish, amphibians, and so there Believe it or not — is another question. However, the evolution described by this theory, there would be (or it would occur much more slowly), do not be a moon, which causes tides. Especially because at the dawn of the Earth (3.5 — 4 billion years ago) the same tides on Earth were much more powerful! They were worse than the current tsunami waves rising to several tens of meters, carried deep into the continent, fish, algae, microorganisms.

"Signals of other civilizations"

— Nevertheless, the probability that the moon is an artificially created, science rejects. So be it. But with the Moon involves a lot of mysteries. The same sensational film made recently over the moon two U.S. probes, have you looked? I saw him. And, frankly, looking at the strange constructions strictly rectangular shape, there is a belief that they are the work of intelligence.
— You know, I also saw that movie. And totally agree, when this huge thing (and it is a mile high!) Shows the rear camera probes, it looks like a man-made construction. But believe me, it is not! This is just some of the landscape of the moon, something like ridges — piles, but not ice, and boulders. More. If in that movie back, this site shows the front of the camera. And there is that it is a tectonic or geological formation, well in sight.
With regard to "walk into the interior of the Moon" … In reality it is a deep cave, which is on Earth. Let's say, for the first time a very deep cave on the Moon (diameter and depth of about one hundred meters) found Japanese research unit "Kaguya". The current cave — the second of the very extensive found on the moon. And given that the surface of the Moon — basalt, this is not strange. When a rock cools, it often cracks, fractures. In general, the structure of the moon is already well known. Inside, it is not void, and hot and hard core. It is surrounded by a thin layer of liquid iron shell, and after — the crust.
However, I do not mean to say that the issues associated with the moon, it is now not. It is no wonder that her research continues! Let's say one of the most intriguing puzzles is an unusual optical phenomenon which, with terrestrial telescopes observe a long time.
— And what it is?
— When the moon is a month, on the tips of the crescent periodically see the flash. At one time they even ascribe artificial signals from which, as you know, can be done only intelligent civilization. However, the sensation did not happen. There are two hypotheses that natural reasons can cause such an outbreak. Although a clear answer, again, no.
Not well understood, for example, why the moon minerals considerably less than on Earth. At one time it was a mystery why the back, invisible from Earth, half of the Moon (also called black) is different than the one that we have seen. Namely, all the other side is a great spot — the South Sea. But in the end found a plausible explanation: apparently, about a billion years ago to the dark side of the moon fell down a huge asteroid. After arguments were heard: that the asteroid was so great, that the moon was lost, break up into pieces.
— The fact that she survived also a mystery?
— Relatively recently conducted detailed experiments. They still proved that even after such a blow Moon could survive.
— But remain unanswered and the strange phenomenon mentioned by some American astronauts walked on the moon. Say, five years ago, the United States made a documentary film where one of the astronauts — Edwin Aldrin admitted that on the moon, they saw something like a UFO. He said: "There was something close enough to observe a distance." Neil Armstrong is said to have mentioned that the moon he heard the music. There were other oddities. For example, led the lunar mission famous German designer Werner von Braun. Mission to the moon (in 1969 — 1972) have been found success, but von Braun was fired … One of the astronauts subsequently lost his mind.
— Alas, I can not answer all these questions. As for evidence of unusual … First, we can understand the excitation person shagnuvshego to the moon and who saw their home — the Earth in the sky. Secondly, the lunar atmosphere is sparse and thus ionized. Dynamics, the motion of the plasma is generally very difficult. It can occur configuration which, when illuminated by solar radiation, it can be perceived as real objects.
Finally revealed and a curious fact. The moon causes tides, not only in the ocean, but in the Earth's atmosphere. And the frequency of the external electromagnetic field is identical to … alpha rhythms in the brain. On the moon, there is no such field (known as the Schumann Resonance). Does the "loss" of a person in that field on his psyche? While this is also a mystery.

Space Station

— You mentioned that seriously discussed the idea of first colonization of the moon. What will it give earthlings?
— It is no secret that oil and gas are depleted. Estimated optimists terrestrial reserves of these resources will be enough humanity to 2050, according to the pessimists — only until 2020. Moon also has impressive reserves of helium-3, a material for fusion reactors, on the possibility of building that scientists scratching their heads.
In general, the problems that can be addressed on the moon, the weight! It is the perfect place for observatories. From there, you can make accurate weather forecasts, monitor Earth's climate. Everyone understands that the moon will eventually become a transportation transfer station — a such a large space station. Humanity will arrive there. And then from there, since the Moon is very weak gravity (low gravity), to go to other planets. Unfortunately, over the years, and the question will arise of overpopulation of the Earth …
— Science is still hoping to find a life outside of Earth?
— I will say more: the interest in this search is huge and still growing! Say, in the U.S. a few years ago on private donations built a modern observatory, whose sole task — search for extraterrestrial civilizations. All of the major observatories aimed, for example, on the planet "Gliese 581g», where conditions — physical properties, temperature, presence of the atmosphere very close to the earth. I think in the next few years, some results to study "Gliese 581g» give.

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