While one, but there will be two …

"As is clear from the string sounds of wills,
The brainchild of no ending "…

This prophecy, sent to me friends, written a few centuries ago. According to researchers, refers to our time. Moreover, the prophecy connected with Russia. This is just one of dozens.

Others, no less eloquent. They can easily be found online, in published books. The events of the last days and hours, made me sit down to work on this chapter. At first glance, a bit unrelated to the potential quality of the book.

In one of the illustrations for the book of prophecies of the past centuries, the book is drawn from scratch. The explanation for this — a new era with a clean slate. In my opinion, a little explanation is not true and at the same time it is quite logical. Periodically, making analysis of his life, work … Caught a lot of matches.

Many times we have heard how the prophets warn us of the coming time. On the choice of the way. Set of predictions end in the present, where we are now. We were frightened and urged his senses. World is being destroyed and we must make a choice. Ok, we do not seem stupid people and understand the appeals and warnings. They are confused …

This is, by no means, not sarcasm. Looks like we missed one detail of all these predictions. It is not at all about the whole of humanity. The train is only one or two driver. All the rest go. This is for short, and if you look, then that's what the picture seems to me, a mere mortal. People that enter into the future, well seen and then, what will be the majority of people … Harvester, for example, heard a prophecy about the possible death of Nostradamus, do not throw your ax.

Promptly at 6 am the next day, he also wakes up, eat, drink tea, and go myself to cut down trees. Slight flashes of conscience because he had heard the prophecies and appeals to conscience, evaporate one thought about the future of his family and his salary. The trees — light the world, Well, that's life. The same story happens to the miner — mining coal for energy, with the driver — burning gasoline to deliver the goods … And so on. All of us are unlikely to take, and get over it.

This did not happen and can not happen. Then what can happen to us? If it depends on us whether the planet to live on, with or without us …

We are still in a hurry, there is a sense, time is limited. I look for the year 2012 and did not see a lack of life. It is, but modified and if nobody notices. If happens, as it were, nothing will happen. The disaster also clearly visible in the future. Many do not call it a disaster. But do not call her by those who will be lost forever. There will be enough.

They are now, by the way, there is. They were too many. They are lost completely. They do not save already. Who are these people? Now living with us. I see them every day and I know of only one way to save them, no matter what, this is our becoming. All appeals of the prophets only to those who can be born again. To those who are looking for in this life to God. Real, strong relationship with the source. To the seekers face prophecy only to them.

Knowing that all the same, the vast majority do not even scratch, you need a core of people who will be the conductor for the rest. Become saviors. Game? Perhaps the game, but you have to play this game! Who? You who are reading this right now, all of you and depends. Hi Are you in yoga, whether you're smart, good to each other, etc. Anyone who knows about it, can play this game for God's peace and do the job. It is not a duty, not in conscience, not even in the salvation of others. So should be, period.

And suddenly it all for us? For us — the ignorant creatures, not firmly established yet, do not see more …

God forbid, obsession appears to us from these appeals. Not this. We already have examples of possession "of faith and devotion." This will not do. Need real yoga is yoga, with the capital. With the most complete sense of the word. But they are, and they are many. Join them still can and should. This core can be stronger. I do not know enough of these now? So I wanted to write this today.

Starting with ourselves, we can have a significant impact on the entire space. Do not chatter, but in deed. Its formation can only do something. Do not hurt himself on the wall, are not rushing into the breach, not screaming all around … Just throw yourself from negativity to end it. And not to give a second, what else to steal your attention. Do not allow yourself to stumble over.

Fiction, but just sitting at home, we can save so many people and to pass this important milestone. Meet the new era and save so many lives. I know many of us have long been the same as it would be with all. I hear this is unfortunately often of yogis.

I'm a man now, at this moment, I'm just a man. I do not understand something. Today, I took the opportunity to leave a mark on one of the pages of this book, in which more and more I feel like a guest …

Until we have one, and not a very simple way, it looks like it in anywhere. But they will soon be two. And then nothing, is just one of them …

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