Who are afraid of white sharks

The researchers found those who prey on the terrible and horrible white sharks — and this was a hunter Brazilian luminous shark, which is much inferior to the white in size, but that is often found in the attacks on animals greatly exceed its size.

Brazilian luminous shark — one of the most unique marine predators. If its not too impressive size (length, at best, it reaches half a meter), the Brazilian luminescent shark attack animals much larger than themselves. What is strange: usually small sharks choose small prey. However, with the victims of the heroine notes come in a very peculiar: it bites off a piece of meat and swims away, leaving a wounded prey, but alive.

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Bite marks on the body of a luminous shark seal (photo slobirdr).

Bites Brazilian luminous shark found for tuna, whales, dolphins and sea elephants. This style is reminiscent of hunting anecdote about the owner, who ran a pig in the yard on three legs: they say, do not cut from the same one all the brawn pig. The special structure of the teeth in the lower jaw can be a shark scoop pieces of meat from the body of the victim. And bites luminous shark found even on the paneling of underwater vehicles and underwater as communications. As the name implies, there is a shark photophores, presumably, it helps her to hide in a flock of luminous squid to suddenly lash out at someone who thinks of these squid attack.

Researchers from the University of Florida (USA) found someone else to be feared Brazilian luminous shark attacks. Traces of it are found near the mouth bites of white sharks, the most famous and the most terrible (according to the press) predators of the sea. That is, dolphins, whales and tuna — it's still all right, but the white shark — this is already too much. However the authors in the journal Pacific Science confident in our data. Although luminous shark lives in deep water, it constantly runs up and down, and the depth to which it rises to the level of overlap, which can be lowered white shark. Researchers made their discovery near the island of Guadeloupe.

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Brazilian luminous shark (photo Norbert Wu).

It should be emphasized that this is not about parasitism, namely the one predator hunting for another. Although unusual in itself, that the great white shark hunts the one who is several times lower. White sharks have long occupied the top of the food chain in marine ecosystems. Now, obviously, they will have to make room, make room next to a small luminous shark.

Prepared according to the University of Florida.

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