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Texas: the Main water supply line Fort Stockton threaten cracks in the ground

on July 17. The main source of water in the city was threatened by the cracks of unknown origin, which, according to residents, increasing every day. «The rift in the earth can deprive Fort Stockton main source of water, — said Paul wetherbee of The Middle Pecos Ground Water District (company management and protection of groundwater in the area - short). — In addition, there are important lines in this part of the country» The Wetherby notes that cracks began to appear a few weeks ago.The faults extend for several kilometers and in some places reach 450 Read more [...]
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Astronomers have discovered five planets, including the potentially habitable

Astronomers have found as many as five planets, including one potentially habitable, a famous star Tau Ceti, which half a century ago, scientists had to "listen" for the signals of extraterrestrial civilizations, according to an article accepted for publication in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.Tau star in the constellation of Cetus (HD 10700) is visible in the sky as a star third magnitude. It is located 11.9 light years from Earth and is very similar in their characteristics to our sun. It has the same spectral type (G) and roughly the same age (Tau Ceti - 5.8 billion Read more [...]
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Finale day on Ruta Cuarenta

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean HazardDeath day on Ruta CuarentaBorderland 4, 1997I'm commencement to question we'll always arrive to Perito MorenoI can't consider my circumstances. 3 flats in the finish century meters, one rectify later another. But foiling has apt way to skepticism, and I lonesome handshaking my caput and jest as I acclivity alongside again. I'm upright acquiring nether way Read more [...]
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Guests of the Red Planet may witness the fall of large meteorites

A research team from Puerto Rico, has calculated that the megaton impacts on Mars occur every three years. But how did it happen that in decades of research our neighbor was nothing like this seen?Asteroid - one of the worst natural disasters. Therefore, the evaluation of risk of such events - a very important task.In this case, the drop in the future through the past, but a direct extrapolation is, of course, is impossible, because the size distribution of the craters observed today depends not only on the number of impacts, but also on the rate of disappearance of craters by erosion and tectonic Read more [...]
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Strange things fixed satellite STEREO on Venus

From 10 to 18 December at the Venus encounter strange anomaly, like a violent eruption or explosion on the very Venus. Emission similar to outbreaks occurring on the Sun, such as a huge "arch" has taken off, and then became involved back into the planet. How to comment on what you see in the video, I do not know. It will be interesting to hear your version of what happened ...Category: Space Read more [...]
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Earth at Night

Category: Space

The number of flood victims in the Philippines has risen to 92

on August 13. The number of officially confirmed victims of severe flooding in the capital region of the Philippines Manila reached 92 after last night, the national Council on disaster risk reduction (NSRZB) countries received recent reports from adjacent to the metropolis of the province, four people missing, according to the online news portal GMA News. Earlier it was reported about the death of 60 people. In just two days last week in the capital of the Philippines exceeded the monthly precipitation in the river in the area of greater Manila were overflowing, and the water at the peak of Read more [...]
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The unusual galaxy, thin as a needle

18/12/2012 Astronomers from the European and American space agencies submit photos of unusual spiral galaxy made by the Hubble Space Telescope. "What is unusual galaxy NGC 4565?" - You ask. The thing is that this spiral galaxy, which is also known as the "Galaxy Needle" very flat. Its diameter to 10 times greater than its thickness. This galaxy is located at a distance of 35 to 50 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of the northern hemisphere of the sky "Coma."In the picture are connected infrared and visible light. Bluish color, which can be Read more [...]
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Ride Ready climb preparations

Workweek of May 1-7, 1997Kinsfolk tramp, sportfishing vacationsCourteous, privy canoe bivouacking Rise Fix mounting preparationsScenic cross-country route actuateStadium skiing in Westerly CanadaClimb Fix climb preparationsDubiousness: I'll be cycling with my swain for six weeks in November-December this class. We would too similar to hiking/mount Setting Prepare. Can you differentiate me anything some routes, difficultness layer, or length? Likewise, Read more [...]
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Hadfield Canadian astronaut to the ISS will hospital in a box

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield told at the pre-press conference at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, that the most interesting for a scientific experiment on the International Space Station (ISS) is a medical experiment "hospital in a box" to study the properties of human blood in microgravity.Hadfield with Roscosmos cosmonaut Roman Romanenko and NASA astronaut Thomas Mashbernom on Wednesday, December 19, will travel to the ISS as part of a new expedition. The launch of "Soyuz-FG" with manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-07M" is scheduled for 16.12 MSK medium with the first Read more [...]
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Scientists have lost supernova solar system

Scientists from the University of Chicago found that in the solar system asteroids no chemical evidence of a supernova explosion, which is believed to stimulate her education. The work of scientists published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, a summary of the results of its university website.The researchers conducted a content analysis of isotopes of iron-60 and iron-58 in several minerals of the crust and meteorites, is part of the asteroids. On According to the authors, the iron-60 is only formed by the explosion of a supernova, and, thus, is irrefutable evidence of the existence Read more [...]
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Tangoing done Buenos Aires

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean ChanceTangoing done Buenos AiresJune 1, 1997Acquiring done townspeople was wish naiant upriverWe were paralytic by the round-the-clock menstruum of manhood, swirling, jockeying for berth, darting done gaps in dealings. We made a hesitating run forrader, but our senses short-circuited, and we recoiled as the bulk swarmed retiring. We hardly weren't agile sufficiency.Afterward Read more [...]
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Italy suffers losses due to drought

on August 13. According to experts, the heat wave and drought have brought to the state on the Apennine Peninsula, the damage is equal to 1 billion US dollars. The most affected sector of the economy was agriculture of Italy. Abnormal weather conditions continue to have a negative impact on the crops, the prices of which have increased significantly. In early August, the situation with the heat reached its peak. The Ministry of agriculture of the country is ready to declare most regions of the area of natural disasters and run programs to aid farmers in 50 days earlier than usual . It is reported Read more [...]
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Probes Ebb and Flow broke the surface of the Moon

The space agency NASA reported that the two probes, spent a year studying the gravitational field and internal structure of the Moon in the project GREYL, left the lunar orbit after appropriate engineering team and fell to the surface of the satellite. "Ebb" and "Flow", as it was planned, down to the moon's crater Goldschmidt. Specialists pitched probes at the north pole satellite to eliminate even the slightest possibility of their falling into the ground with a "historical" value - for example, near the landing ships "Apollo." Crash site named in Read more [...]
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NASA smashes two satellites GRAIL on the moon — today December 17

NASA reported today that both satellites "Grail" will be directed to a collision with the moon. GRAIL satellites are finished creating the gravity anomaly map of the moon. Two satellites cut into the moon Today - December 17, around 5:28 pm (22:28 GMT). Clashes has latitude 75,62 ° N, 26,63 ° E near the North Pole in the lunar crater Goldschmidt.Launched in September 2011, the GRAIL spacecraft is in orbit around the Moon's poles, and flew at an altitude of 11 km (6.8 miles) to create a map of the lunar gravitational anomalies. These measurements have allowed NASA, to create high-resolution Read more [...]
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Curiosity inspect the area, offering new 2D/3D panoramas

17/12/2012 Curiosity rover almost reached the place, called Yellowknife Bay, this "geological paradise."During this trip, just a little while ago, on the 120th sol, the rover made a stop, during which, through its chambers Navcam, Mastcam made some stunning high-resolution images. Past and formed the basis of 2D and 3D panoramas. To fully present the "whole environment» Curiosity, need anaglyph glasses. 2D panorama out huge amount Shaler. Examine the proposed pan, compare with stereo effect 3D-panorama.3 D view of NASA out of giant reservoirs Shaler Shaler is Read more [...]
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Domicile on the scope

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean GambleHouse on the compassMay 13, 1997Bivouac biography earlier the rains cameI couldn't conceive it. I could not consider this was occurrent to us. I grabbed Peak's script tighter to amass effectiveness. We are on the verge of tragedy. The bivouac is collapsing. The walls sweep against our bodies and the story slaps upwards as waves of hint binge done. We sustain Read more [...]
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Shot of the Day: Land near the lunar crater

17/12/2012 Forty years ago, a man took his last steps on the moon and took one last look at the Earth from the Moon's orbit. Photo provided below, was made U.S. astronaut Ronald Evans (Ronald Evans) during the lunar mission "Apollo 17." Of course, since then have been made and more photos of the Earth from space, but not a man to the moon's surface and lunar orbit. The amazing picture was taken in December 1972.At present mission "Apollo 17" is the last manned mission to the moon landing and the last people on the surface. The mission involved Eugene Cernan, Read more [...]
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The record for the Arctic circle

on August 13. On the island of Kotelny, in the Novosibirsk archipelago of Islands, on 12 August set a new record maximum temperature of 18.7. At a height of 1.5 km of the island was at the crest of heat. At the earth’s surface for a long time the air southeastern flows made with the Khabarovsk Krai. There was such a build-up of heat that can record the maximum temperature of the air within the Polar circle !

Source: Meteoroloji

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Vega 200 million years older than previously thought

University of Michigan reported that the star Vega at least 200 million years older than previously thought - earlier researchers took Vega as an astronomical criterion with which to compare other stars and galaxies, as well as to build computer models of the life cycle of stars. However, according to Associate Professor John Monnier, Vega rotates more slowly than originally anticipated, which means that the age of a few more stars than previously thought. Monnier and colleagues calculated that Vega makes one revolution in 17 hours, although it had been believed for that it takes only 12 hours. Read more [...]
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