Not far from the Earth can live mysterious creatures

Near the star Fomalhaut in the constellation Pisces South, found a planet that can be populated by mysterious creatures. Mysterious exoplanet, called "planet-zombie", U.S. researchers have found using the new telescope Hubble Space Telescope, invented in NASA, writes Daily Mail. Who exactly can dwell on it, is not clear.Externally, the celestial body resembles the famous "Eye of Sauron" from the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", based on the novel Tolkien. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the gravity of the planet, apparently, formed around a unique disk Read more [...]
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Large spiral galaxy discovered by accident

A team of astronomers discovered the largest known spiral galaxies in the universe. In length, it is five times higher than the Milky Way. NGC 6872 is located in the constellation of the Peacock at a distance of 212 million light years from Earth. Its length is 522 000 light-years. The fact that it is the largest known galaxy in the universe, it was clear by accident at a time when scientists analyzed data space telescope GALEX. Astronomers have long known about the existence of NGC 6872. But to assess its true dimensions have only now, when there are new pictures of the cluster of young stars Read more [...]
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Russian scientists suggest discourage other asteroid Apophis

It is about the direction of small asteroids dangerous at large. Scientists propose disperse asteroid "shell" with gravity assist and knock Apophis with the "dangerous path."Russian scientists have developed a new method to protect the Earth from asteroid strikes - they offer to shoot down dangerous celestial bodies at an alarming trajectory strikes the other asteroids. "This is about the direction of small asteroids dangerous long. Trick is that in order to change in the desired direction, the trajectory of the asteroid" shell "is used gravity assist from Earth. Read more [...]
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The unusual orbit planet zombie shocks scientists

Unbalanced orbit so-called "zombie world", located in a dusty star system was a complete surprise to astronomers.New observations of the planet Fomalhaut b, conducted by NASA space telescope "Hubble", opened its unusual orbit, for which the closest to the parent star and most distant from her point of the orbit are separated by a great distance, in addition, during the passage through this orbit, the planet has to break through broad "minefield" of dust and debris.According to one theory put forward by astronomers to explain the strange orbit of the planet around Fomalhaut Read more [...]
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Titan may be the sea ice and the exotic life

Scientists working with the data of the spacecraft "Cassini", and concluded that the surface of lakes and seas of Titan can decorate hydrocarbon ice. The presence of the latter can explain the strange things in the reflectivity of the surface of Saturn's moon.In addition, as the study co-author Jonathan Lunin from Cornell University (USA), on the border of the liquid and solid media may proceed specific chemical reactions that open up interesting prospects for the emergence of exotic life forms. Perhaps these processes have played an important role in the emergence of life on Read more [...]
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Fomalhaut b planet still exists, but not for long

Since 2008, not silence debate about whether there is a planet in the star Fomalhaut. New data can not only answer this question in the affirmative, but to assume that in the next 20 years not be good for the planet.A team of astronomers led by Paul Kalas (Paul Kalas) University of California, Berkeley (USA) has found on the basis of a space-based telescope "Hubble" that exoplanet Fomalhaut b, located 25 light-years from Earth, has a very irregular orbit. This, as you might guess, was the cause of periodic "disappearances" of a celestial body, repeatedly makes astronomers Read more [...]
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The existence of the bone in the Milky Way

Astronomers have finally managed to satisfy itself that our galaxy, "bones" - long, ultra-thin structures that connect the spiral arms of the Milky Way.In a spiral galaxy the Milky Way around the core twisted two giant spiral arms surrounding the entire galactic disk. But precisely evaluate the structure of our galaxy from Earth hard - much better seen from a distance.Therefore, while the other spiral galaxies have long found mezhrukavnye formation of small thickness, called "bones" in the Milky Way that object until recently was only "on suspicion".Contrary Read more [...]
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Flown past Earth asteroid Apophis was significantly more

European scientists analyzed data from the Space Telescope Herschel, who on Wednesday held the first observations of Earth-threatening asteroid Apophis came to the conclusion that the mass and volume of the celestial body is 75% higher than previously reported by the European Space Agency. On Wednesday at 15.43 MSK asteroid flew 14 million 460 thousand kilometers from Earth, astronomers the opportunity to conduct observations of the asteroid from close range. Herschel Telescope made the first observations of Apophis in different zones infrared, and said its size. Whereas previous estimates Read more [...]
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Recording starts volunteers to fly to Mars

Private Dutch company Mars One published a list of basic requirements to the next flight to the Red Planet. No special skills or knowledge is not necessary.In the current half-year Mars One (Netherlands) Run the selection of candidates for the first crew of astronauts who will do the construction of the colony on the red planet.Illustration Mars One / Bryan Versteeg.Recall: every two years, Mars One with existing delivery systems (or those soon to be) is going to send to Mars team of four. To return back to Earth the colonists would not, in principle, which should significantly reduce the Read more [...]
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Weather forecast for the brown dwarf

With the help of space telescopes, "Spitzer" and "Hubble" a group of astronomers could study the turbulent atmosphere of the brown dwarf and create the most detailed "weather map" for this class of substellar objects.Brown dwarfs are formed by condensation of gas as ordinary stars, but they lack the mass to initiate fusion of hydrogen and energy production. Therefore, these objects are more like gas giants, with their complex and diverse atmosphere. The new study - a springboard towards a better understanding of not just brown dwarfs and planets outside the solar Read more [...]
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Apophis will fly away, but promised to return — in the 2029-m and 2036-m …

Earthlings, without even noticing, survived a short but dangerous meeting with a huge asteroid Apophis, which flew by the planet on Tuesday afternoon. Space Wanderer came to Earth is closest distance - 14.5 million km. This is less than one-tenth of the distance from Earth to the Sun, "Interfax" data from the European Space Agency. While Apophis flew past, scientists have had to consider it in detail. For example, the value of the asteroid was more than they expected, from 270 to 325 meters. Scientists say that it will be back again in 2029 and 2036, respectively, possibly to fall Read more [...]
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Giant asteroid Apophis will approach the Earth

Today, the giant 300-meter asteroid Apophis will approach Earth. At present this is the most serious threat to the Earth's space, which flies at about 14.5 million miles away. However, in 2029 Apophis will pass at a distance of 36 thousand kilometers - this altitude geostationary satellites.Potentially Earth-threatening asteroid (2004 MN4) flies January 9 at 15.43 MSK at a distance of 14.46 million km from the planet, RIA Novosti reported with reference to NASA. Today, Apophis is not a danger to the planet. However, in April 2029, he will fly much closer to the earth and can carry several Read more [...]
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Planet star Fomalhaut in 20 years hits the asteroid belt

Fomalhaut is among the relatively young and bright stars in the sky of the southern hemisphere, located relatively close to Earth. This star is removed from us by 25 light years, and in size it is much larger than the sun.A group of scientists working with data telescope "Hubble", found that the planet Fomalhaut star, Fomalhaut b, is highly unusual orbit that after 20 years it can lead to disaster - a collision with an asteroid belt, the press service of NASA. In 2008, the team of astronomers led by Paul Kalas (Paul Kalas) from the University of California at Berkeley (USA) announced Read more [...]
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Every sixth star system has a planet the size of Earth

Nearly one in six stars in our region of the Galaxy may have planets the size of Earth. This is the opinion of astronomers podvedshih preliminary results of observations with the Space Telescope, "Kepler". This tool was created specifically to find extrasolar planets. Although not especially large mirror, it has a very wide field of view and is equipped with a sensitive photometer, which has long been measured directly many stars shine. Similar observations have allowed scientists to detect regular fluctuations in brightness, where between us and the star were rotating around the Read more [...]
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Scientists are looking for brave explorers to Mars exploration

If you think you know the best way to explore the red planet, then you will soon have an opportunity to prove it.Based in the Netherlands, non-profit organization Mars One, which is planning to lower its first astronaut on the surface of the Red Planet by 2023, published yesterday, January 8, its requirements for candidates for the role of future astronauts, thus preparing the ground for the process of global television selection, which must begin later this year.Mars One company is going to recruit not only academics or former pilots: any ordinary person who has attained the age of majority, may Read more [...]
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Emissions from the giant black hole affects scientists

01/08/2013 Astronomers have found what appears to be a powerful release of a massive black hole that lies at the heart of a distant galaxy. This eruption was 10 times brighter than the largest explosion of a supernova, the scientists say.Possible release a huge black hole was discovered by astronomers led by Robert Minchin of Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico, in the study of the galaxy NGC 660, which is located at a distance of 44 million light-years away in the constellation Pisces. Scientists have noticed near the center of the galaxy light spot, which they at first took for a supernova explosion. Read more [...]
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Found someone on the moon mysterious footprints

01/08/2013 NASA astronomers have discovered on the moon mysterious chain of craters that even got the nickname "three friends." Craters have been taken with the camera space telescope, and now experts are trying to understand their origin. Astronomers believe that the craters were formed almost at the same time, the shape and the size of them are very similar and resemble the footprints of a giant creature, but how they were formed - is still unknown. Experts hypothesize meteorites dents on the lunar surface, apparently, a heavenly body, falling on the moon, split into three fragments.The Read more [...]
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In our galaxy 17 billion Earth-like planets

01/08/2013 Kepler mission scientists say that in our galaxy there are about 17 billion Earth-like planets. Recently, we have read the results of the study of our galaxy orbiting telescope "Kepler." Scientists have told us that our galaxy is a total of 100 billion planets. Now scientists say that the total weight of the planets that inhabit our galaxy the Milky Way about 17 billion occupy solid planets that are similar in size to our own planet Earth. According to the results of the mission "Kepler" and supporting techniques, such as "computer modeling", experts Read more [...]
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Giant cataclysm on Earth will probably in 2014!

If you believe this document, the convergence of a wandering planet Earth will occur in 2014.

Category: Space
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2012DA14 asteroid flying over Earth

Asteroid 2012DA14, flying above the Earth at a distance - 27.7 thousand kilometers. In broadcast NASA was a lot of talk, but the asteroid itself remained white spot on a dark background. Although we should be glad that he is safely on a long journey. At least today, the Russians and the Urals event enough for the eyes and the danger is not over. According to the researchers repeated the "guests" can come to us in the next 2 days. Closest approach to our planet was recorded in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. 2012DA14 diameter of 45 m, weight - 130 tons. For comparison, the Read more [...]
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