Typhoon Saola in the Philippines claimed the lives of seven people

on July 31. At least seven people were killed in the Philippines in the result of a blow powerful Pacific Typhoon «Saola». It caused severe flooding on the largest island of Luzon, and in some provinces in the Central part of the archipelago. From natural disasters have affected more than 40 thousand people, 11 of thousands were evacuated. Hurricane gusts reaching 150 miles per hour, damaged hundreds of houses and buildings, some areas remained without electricity.Currently, weather forecasts, tropical cyclone shifted to Taiwan, which declared a storm warning, and by Friday he Read more [...]
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Entomologists discovered in flies unusual connection between neurons

In order for the information was passed to the brain, nervous tissue cells - neurons - to form bonds, so-called synapses. But, as it turned out, in the wild they do not need everything. Scientists at Yale (Yale University) discovered that nerve receptors in the antennae of flies can communicate with each other without any synaptic connection. The possibility of the existence of the so-called efapticheskih ties predicted Rospar Jean-Pierre (Jean-Pierre Rospars), entomologist from the French National Centre for Agricultural Research. It happened in 2004. Now, researchers working under the direction Read more [...]
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The image: how men choose women?

French scientists have found the answer to the question of what attracts a woman a man, when he sees it for the first time. Scientists have already been proven that people choose one another at the genetic level. A new study shows the principle on which men choose their partner. Looking closely to the woman, the man primarily guided by her appearance. The females believe that a man can attract a slender figure, breast size and leg length. But in reality it is not. The man initially drew attention to the girl's face and chooses his girlfriend on her similarity. But not with the mother, Read more [...]
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Guests: Warren Miller

Warren Miller: Schuss Click TycoonSound tapes and books can be logical from Warren Miller:Post your petition by send to him at this destination (and bespeak if you'd care it autographed):Warren MillerP.O. Box 2696Vail, CO 81658Television tapes and books can be consistent from the movie fellowship:Warren Miller Amusement2540 Frontier Ave., Retinue 104Bowlder, CO 80301800-523-7117303-442-3430303-442-3402 (fax)RobD@wmfilms.com (email)Ski Febrility!, Miller's Read more [...]
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Terrible flooding in North Korea

on July 30. According to the Central news Agency in North Korea after the country more weeks went by torrential rains and thunderstorms, almost the entire territory of the state in varying degrees, had been flooded. Particularly difficult conditions created bad weather in the Western province of South Piegan.Water flows destroyed more than 5 thousands of homes and pedophile about 12 thousand dwellings. Almost 62 thousand people in one week became homeless. More than 25 thousand hectares of crops were under an impressive layer of rainwater, 4 800 ha completely destroyed, which means the further Read more [...]
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Contraceptives. Slaughter Business

The benefits of hormone pills and patches are now many doctors say. These drugs reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, help easier to carry age-related changes, improve the condition of hair and even promote weight loss ... But the most important - they allow you to plan a pregnancy. When doctors recommend hormone pills, they really believe in it. But there is another point of view. Hormonal contraceptives mutilating women. They can even kill. And such cases thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, because there is no accurate statistics. This was not reported in the media, because Read more [...]
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Snowman — a hybrid of earthling and space aliens.

There are results of an extensive research and years of DNA "snowmen", - the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Igor Burtsev, Ph.D., director of the International Center hominology.  According to Igor Dmitrievich accessing the sensational reports, analyzes were conducted in the U.S. under the direction of Dr. Melba Ketch - Chapter DNA diagnostics laboratory in Texas (Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Nacogdoches, TX, USA). For five years, experts have studied the 109 biological samples collected in North America - the United States and Canada. Among them - the traces Read more [...]
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Since infections can be fought genetically

Scientists from the UK have discovered a genetic relationship between the cases of staph in different patients. This greatly facilitates the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus and other infectious diseases. First time scientists have used DNA sequencing procedure to identify, analyze and control the epidemic of resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the hospital. At the heart of this experience is the technology of rapid human genome. The technology can be used to treat many diseases. Nick Brown, who works in Addenbrukskoy Hospital (UK), together with his colleagues conducted a study on the subject. Read more [...]
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Guided expeditions south Terminal

Workweek of December 4-10, 1997About roughing it on your honeymoonGo dangers in Egypt and LibyaExceeding deals on dive vacations Guided expeditions south PuntMother-son canoeing in the EvergladesGuided expeditions south PuntDoubtfulness: I would ilk to coiffure a tripper south Terminal for me and my founder. Can you pay me the names of any commercial-grade hazard move companies that do this? I suffer already contacted Wild Jaunt and Sobek. They both Read more [...]
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What is the nature of life in the stratosphere

"Surviving on high altitude challenge our concept of limits of the biosphere," - so says David Smith of the project "Micro-organisms in the stratosphere" Kennedy Space Center. The scientist and his team are planning to establish the boundary of the biosphere by sampling Observatory "Batchelor" in central Oregon. The first found alive oragnizmami in the stratosphere were bacteria. The bacterial form of life is possible in such harsh conditions of existence through the formation of a protective shell - spores. Only thanks to her bacteria can live at? 56? C in the Read more [...]
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International On-line Archives

Exterior mag, July 1996By Patrick ClintonReduplicate rainbows are somewhat commons. But has anyone e'er renowned a three-bagger rainbow?Baxter Menzies, El Paso, Texas Thither are believable reports of all kinds of permutations on the rainbow paper: Fogbows. Sandbows. Moonbows. Infrared rainbows. But thither's ne'er been a verified sighting of a on-key triplet rainbow. As you may recognize, a rainbow appears when thesun is arse you, lustrous on a Read more [...]
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Scientists have determined the composition of the Earth's core

A group of scientists from the U.S. and China, with the help of computer simulations find an answer to an old question, what does is the core of the Earth.As shown by simulations, the Earth's core contains mostly carbon in an amount of 0.1-0.8%, as the largest reservoir of carbon on the planet. These are the information provided by the U.S. researchers from the University of California at Davis, and specialists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The study appears in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."We were known density of the nucleus, and Read more [...]
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How the brain encodes thoughts

Clearly, all our thoughts and feelings are accompanied by changes in neuronal activity, but this kind of change? As occurs, for example, switching between two possible answers to the question "to drink or not to drink?" Now we have the data in hand, allowing to present some of the neurons that accompanies the decision: researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) was able to see, thabout happens in the brain is a change in behavior (although the details and all sorts of special cases of this mechanism is still working and working.)bionerd.) "Width =" 600 Read more [...]
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Greenland glaciers can be recovered in the next ten years

on 3 August. Greenland glaciers can restore its thickness in the coming decade, because their melting cycles, the study says, Danish scientists published in the journal Science. In late July, the specialists of the National U.S. space Agency (NASA) with reference to satellite data reported that the melting covered 97% of the Greenland ice sheet, whereas the average for the last 30 years the area of the melting of the total area of the glacier does not exceed 50%. The glacier currently covers about 80% of Greenland and contains about one fifth of the world's supply of ice. According to scientists, Read more [...]
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How to put in a living cell microprism

In the Netherlands, learn to create open microprism that can be used as individual "prison" of the studied living cells.Most cell research is done "on the plane", although this is far from the natural behavior of the cells, which require sufficient space for themselves in all three dimensions. This opportunity is open to the pyramids, created by the Institute of Nanotechnology at the University of Twente (Netherlands).The report on the study published in the journal Small.Chondrocyte cell, caught in the open microprism began to talk with the neighbors. (Hereinafter, Read more [...]
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Get me in your adjacent flick!

Get me in your future pic!Q: I deprivation to recognise if you can personally get me a smirch in the "Cop Dip" (100 skiers jump off the pelmet into Bull Bowlful, on January 13) so I can secernate everyone I was in a Warren Miller picture.Chester SteerLofty occupier of Tip County, COcbullock@csn.nethttp://www.aescon.com/misc/chesterA: Cry Warren Miller Amusement at 800-729-3456. Enquire either Putz Speek or Kurt Miller.&re-create;2000, Mariah Read more [...]
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Does aliens hairspray?

Components of hairspray based on lower chlorofluorocarbons, once successfully banned on Earth, may have the widest circulation in the a number of the planets of the universe - and give it the presence of intelligent life.How would humanity be desirable for the stars, if it does not develop a way to make huge amounts of energy with almost no effort, his nearest future will be significant space terraforming Mars. Recall that in order to get to it, enough to accelerate to 1/10 000 of the light speed and then slow down - and it is unimaginably better than traveling the speed of light. After all, Read more [...]
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After 100 years, the invention of quantum computers will be compared with the discovery of fire

The universal quantum state tomography method developed at the Institute of Physics and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, in close cooperation with the Moscow State University. MV University told head of the laboratory of physics of quantum computers Physics and Technology Institute of Sciences Prof. Yuri Bogdanov. This method allows to deal with a major obstacle to the development of quantum computers - the phenomenon of decoherence.According to the famous American physicist John Archibald Wheeler (John Archibald Wheeler, 1911 - 2008), about one-third of the U.S. GDP is directly based Read more [...]
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The new quantum experiment confirmed the asymmetry of time

Time moves inexorably forward. It should scroll film's back - and you immediately suspected something was wrong. But from the point of view of a single, isolated particle over time looks the same in any direction. That, at least, it seems at first glance. For example, a film of the scattering of two particles will look reasonable, even if the scroll backwards - a concept known as the symmetry of time reversal. Now the experiment authoritative scientific collaboration (it full-time or part-time participation in the simultaneous) BaBar, working with the accelerator SLAC, found new, though Read more [...]
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Japan froze in anticipation of the impact of the two typhoons

2 August. To the South of Japan are approaching typhoons «Damrey» and «Saola». Airlines of the country on Wednesday, August 1, abolished two hundred forty-seven flights in the southern prefectures. From the southern prefectures — Kagoshima and Okinawa — already there are reports that rages strong wind with heavy rains. Forecasters predict that the Typhoon «Saola» in the next few hours can reach Okinawa, and «Damrey» pass North-West and can strike the part of the prefectures in Kyushu. It should be noted that the Typhoon Read more [...]
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