American doctors have cured a girl with cancer, infected her with HIV

12/15/2012 Doctors Cancer Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (USA) made a breakthrough in medicine, learning to treat cancer with HIV. Experts conducted research in Genetic Engineering and were able to reprogram the deadly virus. So that for three weeks to cure HIV girl who had two days of life, television reported CBS. Seven Years Emily Whitehead from New Jersey for two years fighting with lymphoblastic leukemia. Doctors prescribed her sessions of radiation and chemotherapy, but there was no visible results. In the end, the girl was a little better, but just before a major operation Read more [...]
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Fundamental constant of the universe has not changed in the last 7 billion years

12/14/2012 Studying alcohol molecules located in a distant galaxy, the astronomers were able to determine that a fundamental constant of nature has not changed over the lifetime of the universe.  This constant - the ratio of the mass of the proton to electron mass - has changed just one one hundred thousandth of a percent in the last 7 billion years, has been observed.Scientists have been able to fix it, sending a 100-meter Effelsberg radio telescope at a distant galaxy that lies within 7 billion light-years away. Telescope looking for special spectral features, which should be responsible Read more [...]
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Game theory about the chances of a successful contact with aliens

The question of whether to send extraterrestrial civilizations rays of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation (or the opposite), can be expressed in the language of numbers, I'm sure a mathematician from Austria.Sending messages in open space - "active SETI» - business, strictly speaking, risky. We do not know whether the friendly people who get the message, as well as the extent to which it is they do not have enough Lebensraum. That's why some stakeholders, including milneonera Stephen Hawking, oppose such a risky game with many variables. Others, however, ask a reasonable Read more [...]
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Poisonous Monkey can kill a man found in Borneo

Monkey, which goes out to hunt at night, and its bite is poisonous enough to kill a person can - was discovered by scientists in Borneo. Beware! Scientists warn that these primates can peddle unaware that under the guise of the form "Slow Lori" they sell "toxic killer." The new species, which is one of the types of "slow loris", produces venom from glands located on the elbows. Before the attack, the monkey gathering there poison in her mouth and then biting attack victims who die from the poison. Their bite is deadly to humans because it can cause anaphylactic Read more [...]
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Modeling confirmed the tetrahedral structure of water

Tetrahedron in the structure of water. A water molecule is shown hinge model, and neighboring atoms forming hydrogen bonds - in the form of clouds of electrons.Scientists conducted a simulation of the behavior of the hydrogen bonds in water, and found that in spite of the recently discovered fluctuations, the structure can still be tetrahedral. The paper was published in the journal Nature Communication, and its website a summary of results Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.Tetrahedral local structure of water has been proposed over 100 years ago. It implies a connection to each of the Read more [...]
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Restored mental ranged weapons Gauls

16/12/2012 According to legend, as soon as he heard the sounds of battle horn Remove the Gauls, the Roman legionnaires to take flight. Gauls used karniks, traditional wind instrument, a weapon of psychic attack. Karniks - beautiful form ancient pipe, through which the Gauls frighten their enemies. Karniksa remnants were found during excavations in the construction of the shopping center in France, in Correze, and archaeologist Christophe Meniko National Institute of Archaeological Research decided to find out how much was really awful sound Gallic pipe. Ancient instrument lay among the Gauls Read more [...]
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He — a finite resource, and its lack in the future could result in big problems

Helium balloons as their favorite entertainment on Christmas should be banned as a senseless waste of a scarce resource, vital for modern medicine - a well-known scholarDr. Peter Waters, a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a member of the University of Cambridge, plans to launch the traditional Christmas lectures, discussion of "serious concerns" that await us in 30-50 years, if we continue to use helium balloons for holiday. Helium - is a non-renewable natural gas, cooling the magnets in MRI units in hospitals. When mixed with oxygen it facilitates the patient's breathing Read more [...]
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Is there a quantum biology?

A group led by Neil Lambert (Neill Lambert) from the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN, Japan) tried to find out how the current level of science allows us to talk about the use of quantum processes in biology. No, it's not about the well-known concept of quantum Darwinism. Scientists interested in what you apply specific quantum mechanisms living things in their life. Erwin Schrodinger, and had no idea that animals can serve as a quantum mechanics not only objects of the experiment, but also active operators. (Photo OSU Library.) Scientists analyzed advanced in recent years, Read more [...]
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Rat reality show: Russian scientists are going to broadcast experiment with genetically modified products

12/13/2012 After the study conducted by French scientists found that rats fed genetically modified maize Monsanto appeared malignant, Russian scientists wanted to have its own public experiment. It is expected that the unique reality show with rats help prove or disprove the harmful effects of GMOs.Russian scientists who oppose the use of genetically modified organisms in food, hoping that the experiment of one year will show whether the genetically modified organisms has such dangerous consequences, which were discovered by French explorers on 19 September.Scientists from the University Read more [...]
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Scientists told why women are freezing

Women are always complaining that they have your arms and legs. Doctors are convinced that it is a feature of the body, caused by hormonal level. Heat receptors are an inch from the surface of the skin, says Professor Michael Tipton of the University of Portsmouth.Through capillary blood skin usually maintain a comfortable temperature. But in women, depending on the level of estrogen the body temperature fluctuates, as it controls the peripheral vessels. The more of the hormone in the blood, the higher the sensitivity of blood vessels to the temperature. This writes MedDaily. When cold receptors Read more [...]
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Folk Krynki frog from the milk helped open new antibiotics

An international team of scientists led by Professor of Moscow State University to study in detail the composition of normal frog skin secretions, and came to the conclusion that the folk tradition to throw a frog in milk has a scientific basis.Having read Russian folk tales about how thrown in a can of milk frog protects the valuable product of souring, the scientists were able to identify a large group of antibacterial substances excreted through the skin, a simple grass frog. The report on the study published in the Journal of Proteome Research.The leader of the research team, Mr. Lebedev Read more [...]
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A new look at the biological time

12/13/2012 Scientists have developed a new view of biological time - it turned out that for many problems while conveniently presented not as the axis, and as a two-dimensional surface in three dimensions. The new approach now appears in the form of a two-dimensional surface, given as follows. There is a central axis, which is the usual time. Along this axis, "rides" perpendicular vector rotating with a large period of 24 hours, to which is added the periods of processes such as breathing and heartbeat. As a result of the end of the vector describes a curve in space, which can be viewed Read more [...]
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Black holes looks like properties, both liquid and solids

12/12/2012 According to the new theory, the researchers suggest that the "black holes" have properties that are similar to the dynamics of how solids and liquids. Nils Obersee, a professor of theoretical particle physics and cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, says that "black holes" can be regarded as a particle. Particles, in principle, do not have the size and can be converted to any object.According to string theory, the various battles that act as "black holes" are called black brane. Black branes are heat, that is, they have Read more [...]
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Earth's orbital cycles can trigger volcanoes

The rhythm of climate change that occurred in the last million years of Earth's history, is determined orbital cycle: Depending on the amount of sunlight that glaciers are growing, then retreating. Responds to change the entire planet - from atmospheric and ocean circulation to ecosystems and even erosion and sediment transport.New research suggests that it affects the volcanism. Scientists in the past have noticed similar correlations for limited periods of time and at a regional level, and the new work provides a broader picture.fridgeirsson). "Height =" 399 "width =" Read more [...]
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Discover ancient crustacean striking conservation

12/12/2012 British paleontologists discovered the remains of crustacean that has preserved not only the shell but the soft tissue: a body, legs, eyes, gills and digestive system. Tiny arthropod found in rocks 425 million years of age, in Herefordshire - a ceremonial county in the west of England. The animal is about 10 mm refers to the Silurian period.Skin and crustacean, named Pauline avibella, researchers have been able to recover only to destroy the very discovery. To do this, the scientists had, removing layer after layer of the sample, taking pictures of each one. As a result, based on Read more [...]
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Camera to measure the velocity of the plasma on the surface of the Sun

Perm State University scientists have made from the camera device that can measure the speed of the plasma on the sun's surface. This will help in forecasting geomagnetic Earth. Research team of the Department of Computer Systems and Telecommunications PGNIU developing new methods to identify the physical phenomena based on the use of computer vision, which, unlike a human, allows a detailed analysis of fast processes. In many ways, it helps to use high-speed camera, capable of producing 100 000 frames per second. Acquired for one million rubles, scientists have turned to the camera meter, Read more [...]
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Scientists have shown that plant growth is not dependent on gravity

The knowledge gained will be useful, if humanity will sow the fields on other planets. Researchers from the University of Florida in the United States launched into space the plant to understand the issues of development of the root system of the plants and the effect on the process of gravity. It was found that in zero gravity plant growth is determined by the direction of the incident light.Scientists back in 2010 was sent to the International Space Station two kinds of small flowering plant and for two years have seen their development in weightlessness. Over time, it turned out that in the Read more [...]
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Scientists: genetic failure as the cause of homosexuality

Geneticists have suggested that the development of homosexuality due to a violation of human DNA in a package, that is the preservation of the embryo epigenetic markers, which he inherited from the parent of the opposite sex. Scientists have presented a new hypothesis in a paper published in the journal The Quarterly Review of Biology. She was nominated member of the University of Tennessee, Sergey Gavrilets, together with its counterparts in California and the University of Uppsala. Until now it was thought that preceded the emergence of homosexuality genetic mutations, however, all attempts Read more [...]
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The sensational discovery of Russian scientists — Drug substances can be effective at very low doses

A phenomenon previously unknown in nature and do not even predicted theoretically discovered by Russian scientists. Opening, already recognized sensational promises a revolution in pharmacology and medicine. It turns out that drugs can be effective in very low doses. That means you can create effective drugs used, such as leukemia.  'Be significant transformation of our understanding of the nature"The researchers say. This was explained in a scientific report on the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the research team, Academician Alexander Konovalov. Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a gene that could guarantee immortality

Scientists have not abandoned hope that they can give to mankind immortality, experts from the Zoological Institute at Kiel University have discovered a gene FoxO, which may not guarantee immortality.FoxO gene found in the freshwater polyp Hydra, which is immortal because of the regeneration of reproduction: the hydra dies if predators eat her or she gets sick deadly disease.   The scientists decided to study the genetic make-hydra that, if they do not make a man immortal, or at least support the immune system in old age.   The researchers looked at several versions with different levels Read more [...]
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