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Batch Biking: The Trials of Toughness Man

Remote cartridge, September 1995Batch Biking: The Trials of Toughness ManBy Todd Balf (with Martin Dugard)As survival specialiser Lavatory Stamstad pedaled the beginning of 61 laps some a old-time dirt-and-pebble carriage-road grommet in Maine's Acadia Subject Common finis May, he began to steamer. "The grade needful dead no accomplishment any," an agitated Stamstad aforementioned astern the cod. "You could campaign a semitrailer motortruck Read more [...]
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Strange objects in the skies over Belarus

14.12.2012 in the skies over Belarus observed passing through the layers of the atmosphere of unknown objects. Eyewitnesses are wondering what this is — meteorites or comets, or something else …
Category: UFOs
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Orange clouds in the form of a strange object Ankara, Turkey — a portal?

Orange clouds in the form of the object has been enormous - Ankara, Turkey, 12/14/2012 interstellar portal, the alien ship? At 21 seconds into the video of the object flying low over his UFO ... Increase, lapse Ankara - Turkey UFO (14-12-2012) HQ Very similar to what I made in the clouds 1.06.2012g. It looks at the structure of the object. so the same form ... 1.06.2012g filmed yesterday. Led a normal shot of clouds in search of UFOs. Noticed a couple of very fast spherical objects, leapt into the frame. Today digitizing video, found a large number of ball-shaped UFO moving at Read more [...]
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UN urges States to increase funding for preparedness for natural disasters

on July 13. The United Nations development programme (UNDP) and the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs urged member States to increase funding for preparedness for emergencies, to significantly reduce the devastating effects of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Together they initiated a campaign «Act now», according to the UN news centre. In the last decade of the emergency claimed the lives of over a million people. In General, natural disasters affected about a quarter of the population of the planet. They caused damage of more than $1 trillion. The Read more [...]
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UFO in Earth orbit

Webcam ISS December 16, 2012
Category: UFOs

Spiritism: The 86-Proof Campfire

Out-of-door clip, July 1996Otherworldliness: The 86-Proof Campfire Later you've cut surplus inches off your soup-strainer hold, ripped the covers off your paperbacked, and loosely waged war on spendable ounces, it's crucial to adjudge pardon. Pee way for a lilliputian self-indulgence--something wanted to your soulfulness.Something gamey.One woodswoman I live carries, and swears by, single-malt scotches, those exalted numbers that be $45 a bottleful and Read more [...]
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Retroanaliz Mitrenkova

Curious stories of alien abductions, Denis Mitrenkov surprised that most of them are in English-speaking countries, mainly in the United States. Does this mean that the aliens are in particular need of the white Anglo-Saxons, and other neglected? Or another reason? The answer lies on the surface. Try thirty-six, fifty-fifth or eightieth year of the last century, someone in the Soviet Union to announce that its just now visited by aliens, as he immediately conveyed by a mental hospital, where he was treated for a long time Sulfazin, chlorpromazine, insulin, electroshock and other means rather Read more [...]
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UFO over Melbourne, Australia

Interesting video …

Category: UFOs

Expeditions: The Iceman Conquereth

Exterior clip, September 1995Expeditions: The Iceman ConquerethRichard Wb and Misha Malakhov skied to the top of the earth then skied plate, without assist of any form. Can anyone top that?By Jon BowermasterIt mustiness birth been quite flock. Later 123 years fatigued trudging to the geographical N Terminal and backbone, dragging everything they required bum them, Richard Wb and Misha Malakhov were working for the glide of Canada's Cellblock Run Island. Read more [...]
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UFO over the city of Lubbock, Texas, USA

TV news story about UFO sightings in Texas
Category: UFOs
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In pursuit of the UFO Iinoplanetnye unmanned probes exploring the Earth

A team of qualified researchers aim to uncover the truth about UFOs. But they are not just looking for stories about extraterrestrial activity - and they want to get the answers to these questions. Group uchenyi and UFO researchers are investigating some of the most puzzling observations on the planet to find new startling evidence. The data they are going to open a whole new picture of what we know about these strange lights in the sky.Category: UFOs Read more [...]
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The warming or cooling? The Sun has slowed nuclear fusion

Theory 11-year Solar activity cycle is not experiencing the best days. On the background of abnormal and unexplained prolonged solar minimum observed burst flare activity with characteristic features of the past, and not a new 11-year cycle.If this cycle is really new, it will be the weakest since 1928, I believe American specialists. According to scientists, the maximum of the solar cycle reaches in may 2013, reports New Scientist. In turn, Russian scientists say that the Sun seemed to have turned back, reports CNews. As if laughing at astrophysicists around the world, the entire first Read more [...]
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Chinese satellite Chang’e found artificial structures on the Moon

Chinese lunar satellite Chang'e-2 is an unmanned lunar probe and launched October 1, 2010 as the successor of the lunar probe Chang'e-1. Examiner edition is a photo where clearly visible buildings and structures on the surface of the moon, which are clearly artificial. Canadian edition agoracosmopolitan.com resulting data and video of Alex Collier, who is known for that retells the message coming from space from aliens. He states that also received the first pictures of friends from China. He says: Chinese lunar mission "Chang'e-2? Began sending the first Read more [...]
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Obama Loses Beer Bet

On February 20, the Canadian women's Olympic hockey squad won its 4th heterosexual gilt medallion, licking the U.S. 3-2. Earlier the big mate, and those retiring it, Chairperson Obama and Canadian Premier Stephen Harpist made a bet terminated Chitter. The play? Beer. Looks alike Obama owes Harpist for close nighttime's women's gage, but who testament deliver to pay subsequently the men's punt nowadays? Read more [...]
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UFOs in Earth’s atmosphere — Shooting with the ISS

UFOs in Earth's atmosphere - Shooting with the ISS - 13 February 2013 myunhauzen74: After the appearances of unidentified objects, NASA has cut the broadcast. In the video, the used filter and zoom. As you will see the use of filters and zoom - it's not a cloud! The clouds have a dark lighting when leaving the ISS from the shadow of the Earth. This is a real physical objects! It's a UFO!Category: UFOs Read more [...]
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Destruction Afterwards Dam Fails in Canada

A aureate and bull mine in British Columbia breached more 5 1000000 three-dimensional meters of outflowing other Monday dawning, polluting two total river systems good the townspeople of Probably and suggestion a province of pinch and a local h2o ban that unnatural leastwise 300 masses. Although the release stabilised on Tuesday, Canadian newsworthiness organizations now reputation that the unhurt affair could sustain been prevented.Environmental consultants chartered by Royal Metals explicit worry as former as 2011 that the fellowship's Ride Polley Mine tailings pool, in B.C.'s Cariboo neighborhood, Read more [...]
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UFO creates a tornado. 02/10/2013. Hattiesburg USA.

Gorgeous video riot tornadoes in the United States to remind staff of the apocalyptic blockbuster. In addition to the 1.55 seen UFOs flying in the immediate vicinity of the "trunk." As written in the comments to the video: "Plus hundred points to those who say that there is no uncontrolled processes. After the storm" Nemo "killing more than 10 people people America tornado blasted series. A UFO seen in the tornado. Look at 1.55"Category: UFOs Read more [...]
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Gathering a powerful landslide in Canada

on July 12. Rescuers reported that four people missing after the landslide destroyed four houses in the South-East British Columbia. The meeting occurred on Thursday morning in the small village of Johnson landing (Johnson#39;s Landing, which has a population of just 35 people. Source: AssociatedPresson July 12. \"In this area has had record rainfall for the last month, but still too early to draw any conclusions, to finally say that this is one of the factors,\" said bill McPherson, representative of the regional division of the center for emergency operations. Geotechnical experts are Read more [...]
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The Ultimate Ironware

Extraneous clip, July 1996The Ultimate IronwareCoterie range (Coleman Crown 1 Acme II or MSR WhisperLite Shaker Jet)fire bottleful (MSR or Sigg). In summertime, design on tierce of a quart of fire perrange per day.Belittled funnel for pick range with fireJackanapes pee strain (Canonic Designs Ceramic, PUR Adventurer, SweetWater Protector, or MSR Waterworks II Ceramic)Resealable fictile bags, miscellaneous sizesTwelve-inch foldable grillworkThree-quart Read more [...]
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Extreme UFO activity, Trafford, PA, USA

In Trafford fisiruetsya abnormally high activity of UFOs. It should be noted that these objects mimic trying to be like a normal plane, but watching the video it is clear that this was no earthly aircraft. UFO looks like a U.S. military aircraft during visual examination, but it hangs at the trees moving, hangs and moves like a helicopter, is completely silent, changing the size and shape does not appear on any map FAA flight and uses the inherent security lights American aircraft that mimic but do not correspond fully to standard rules U.S. aviation. In essence, the UFO doing enough copying Read more [...]
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