The Iranian authorities have announced the interception of two U.S. drone

17/12/2012 On Monday, the Iranian authorities announced that they had managed to intercept two U.S. drones, AP reported citing local agency IRNA. According to the Navy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, U.S. drones have been intercepted before December 4 as Iran announced the capture of ScanEagle.Fadavi noted that copies of this unit has been used by Iranian military, but details were not reported.Earlier, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC elite forces Iran) reported the interception of an American drone ScanEagle.According to him, the interception was Read more [...]
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Bulgaria has requested to host the permanent U.S. military contingent

17/12/2012 Bulgaria appealed to the United States to host the permanent contingent. Sofia explains this desire that the presence of U.S. troops in the country to help improve security in the region and improve the training of Bulgarian soldiers and officers. It first is to increase the U.S. military presence on the range "New village" in the town of Sliven, wrote in his newspaper "Trud" from Sofia. Moreover, at the site may be established a permanent U.S. military commanders, said the publication with reference to the outcome of the visit of Defense Minister Anyu Angelov Read more [...]
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Floods in Florida, not retreating

on June 27. In the U.S. state of Florida for more than four days do not stop severe flooding caused by heavy rains that brought tropical storm «Debbie». Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The River Made Wilderness

Extraneous clip, January 1996The River Made TempestuousBy Todd Balf and Paul Kvinta (with Brooke DeNisco, Martin Forstenzer, and Eileen Hansen)A class ago, kayaker Scott Shipley was none too impressed when he surveyed the then-under-construction Olympic whitewater line on Tennessee's Ocoee River. "The guys in Europe asked me astir it, and I told them not to gestate practically," he remembers. But at the form's prescribed introduction, a season-ending Read more [...]
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Observers: Islamists rig the results of the referendum in Egypt

16/12/2012 Six non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to monitor the first phase of the constitutional referendum in Egypt, demanded an expression of the will again. According to observers, the vote was in the worst traditions of former dictator Hosni Mubarak. NGOs on the government to declare the Islamists of the first stage of the referendum invalid.Among the violations recorded by non-governmental organizations - insufficient number of judges who were to observe the referendum, the presence of members of the ruling party "Freedom and Justice" at the polls. In addition, it is argued Read more [...]
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Australian Parliament recognized aboriginal natives

The lower house of the Australian Parliament passed the bill on recognition of aboriginal natives of the country. It is reported by The Sudney Morning Herald.The document recognizes the "unique and special place" in the history of Aboriginal Australia. He was supported by both the ruling coalition and the opposition, writes The Australian.The bill is an important step on the way for a referendum on introducing amendments to the constitution to recognize Aboriginal natives of the country. Him in November 2008, has promised to hold the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, but his time repeatedly Read more [...]
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Published a top-secret document explains the U.S. plans nuclear strike against both Russia and China

The recently published document stamped "secret" indicates that the United States at the time created a military plan, whereby against Russia and China would begin momentarily "full-scale nuclear attack" in the case, if the U.S. was attacked by someone of them, even by accident, even by the usual methods of weapons. Published on Wednesday in Washington Archives National Defense document shows that until 1968, the U.S. had a working protocol, under which the country would conduct a full-scale nuclear attack against the two countries at the same time, no matter which country would Read more [...]
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Admission & Resources: Swingy the Albumen Celibate

Away cartridge, Butt 1995Admittance & Resources: Swinging the Whiteness CelibateBy Miles HarveyAntarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest, driest, loneliest, and arguably deadliest celibate on ground. Hence, sole astir 8,000 visitors endure their way yearly to one of the world's wildest finis gems. Because the part's frail ecosystem has begun to spirit fifty-fifty the effects of lightness dealings, notwithstanding, the Antarctica Projection, a not-for-profit Read more [...]
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In the United States to reach a compromise on the issue of fiscal cliff

16/12/2012 U.S. House Speaker John Bonaire Congress agreed to raise taxes for the rich. The parliamentarian said that this will happen if President Barack Obama is going to reduce the cost of a number of social programs. Bonaire, which is considered one of the most conservative Republicans in the House, for the first years of the speaker went against the administration and allowed the opportunity to discuss raising taxes. In the event that the parties would be flexible and complete the negotiations, the U.S. would avoid sequestration, which threatens to lower the credit rating of the country Read more [...]
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Tornado in Sri Lanka

on 12 June. Filmed in Watching the beach (Mirissa Beach, the southern district of mate (Matare).

What Are the Virtually Inspiring Ironman Courses?

The September 2013 Ironman Cairns in Queensland, Australia.     Picture: Lucas WroeIronman Cairns in Queensland, Australia.A:If you’re sledding to attend the hassle of swim 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and functional 26.2 miles, you may too plectron a gorgeous surroundings. These courses are in locales that are not just esthetically pleasing, but blotto with shipway to unbend post-race.Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman New ZealandButt 1, 2014Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman, held in Taupo, New Zealand, is one of the humankind’s nearly celebrated. This outcome provides Read more [...]
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Most of the press conference will be held on December 20 Putin

16/12/2012 The Kremlin announced the date of the big press conference of President Vladimir Putin - it will be held on December 20 at 12.00.Press Secretary of the President, Dmitry Peskov said that Putin intends to return to the practice of annual press conferences, which are held in the course of his first term (2000-2008). About the place and manner of passage for the upcoming press conference will be announced.ria.ruCategory: Political Factors Read more [...]
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North Korea threatened South Korea with cruise missiles

The armed forces of South Korea have adopted their own production cruise missiles capable of hitting any target in North Korea, said "Yonhap".Cruise missiles are placed on the South Korean Navy ships patrolling the waters around North Korea. Potential target of these missiles is the starting point of North Korean ballistic missiles, as well as objects of the nuclear industry.The South Korean government has also announced that it will continue to work on establishing a modern system for intercepting ballistic missiles, capable of neutralizing the threat from the north. It is expected Read more [...]
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Completed another phase of destruction of a secular Egypt

16/12/2012 On Saturday, December 15, was the first stage of voting on new constitution Sharia Egypt proposed "Muslim Brotherhood."Voting took place in 10 major Egyptian governorates of Egypt - Cairo, Alexandria, El-Sharqiya, Al Gharbia, Dahaliya, Assou, Sohag, Aswan, North Sinai and South Sinai. In Cairo, Alexandria and the central Delta guberantorstvah resistance to the project of Islamization of Egypt, "Muslim Brotherhood" is expressed most strongly.Despite this, the "Brotherhood" argues that the constitution was supported in these areas, although a small majority.Party Read more [...]
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Global cooling VS Global warming

Scientists predict global cooling by the end of the XXI century on March 26. The forecast of continued climate warming is not justified, says the Chairman of the joint scientific Council of Earth Sciences RAS academician Nikolay Dobretsov. According to him, evidenced by the changes in ice conditions in the Arctic. «At least the ice was in 2007, in 2008-2011 and, apparently, in 2012, the ice began to grow again, you can see for yourself on a cold winters — in the Arctic cold again. So what we are waiting for a continuous warming — it is already obvious that this is Read more [...]
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Acquiring Thither and About

Out-of-door mag, Marching 1995Acquiring Thither and RoundBy Jonathan RungeVirtually every major American airway flies to Honolulu. Joined, TWA, Delta, Northwestern, American, Continental, and Hawaiian Airlines all bear scheduled flights from the mainland, virtually with connections in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Such competitor occasionally produces fantabulous fares; at pressure clip, a do war had pushed a round-trip from Los Angeles to $198. The usualdiscounted Read more [...]
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There are more than seven thousand active nuclear warheads

12/15/2012 Cold War is long over, but the world still has more than seven thousand warheads in service, according to The Guardian, citing a report of the American magazine The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. As you know, on the number of nuclear weapons no easy solution. Least because disarmament commitments and utilization depend on the number of weapons, which recognized the state.One of the few reliable sources, said the British edition is the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists." It was created in 1945 by physicists working on the American "Manhattan Project" to develop Read more [...]
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NATO: the regime of Bashar al-Assad is approaching downfall

Regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is on the verge of falling, said Thursday in Brussels, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen."I think the regime in Damascus is close to collapse. I think that now it's just a matter of time "- said the secretary general of the Alliance," Interfax ".In addition, Rasmussen condemned the use of Scud missiles, the Syrian government against the rebels. According to him, the use of missiles showed "absolute disregard" of the Syrian people's lives.Earlier, the U.S. newspaper The New York Times, citing a source in the Read more [...]
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International mag, January 1996StargazingBy David N. Schramm Land and Sun testament close for the new yr: On the quaternary, Land testament be at perihelion, its nearest overture to the Sun, a bare 91.3 trillion miles forth. The full-of-the-moon testament seem the future day,further from World than any former full in 1996. The nighest new Lunation of the yr volition pass on the Twentieth.Venus is the eve satellite to ticker, real smart in the southwestward Read more [...]
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Israeli soldiers attacked the Reuters staff

Reuters has accused Israeli soldiers in an attack on two of its operators. According to the report the agency released on the night of Friday, December 14 attack was carried out on Wednesday night in the center of Hebron. According to Reuters, the Israeli soldiers hit operators butts and forced them to undress in the street, as well as tear gas, resulting in one of the agency's employees were hospitalized.The Israeli military has promised to take the ministry to the message about the incident with the utmost seriousness, but no explanation was forthcoming.According to the victims, Yusri al-Jamal Read more [...]
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